Foundational Techniques for Watercolor

Learn how to create fresh and vibrant watercolor paintings
Free tutorial
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32min of on-demand video

Learn techniques used to create fresh and vibrant pictures.
Knowledge on how to mix and match colors
Painting hard and soft edges in watercolor
Understand the order of applying colors
Understand how to use the whiteness of the page to create highlights
Learn how to create a warm mood
How to experiment and have fun with watercolor painting
Paint with more confidence


  • A watercolor paint set
  • A paint brush
  • A palette with wells for mixing paints with water
  • A4 or Letter size sheet of watercolor paper
  • tissue paper
  • water


Do you want to create powerful and vibrant watercolor paintings? I will show you!

I have been painting watercolor since I was a child and for the past 20 year I have been teaching students of all levels. The primary reason I see people struggle with it is because they mix too many colors together, producing dull and muddy pictures. With watercolor, less is more. Brightness comes from the whiteness of the paper, and to preserve it you must use nice clear colors sparingly and effectively.

In this course I will show you easy step-by-step techniques for mixing colors, directing water and paint and creating textures. By the end of this short course you will be able to convey a sense of transparency, delicacy and subtlety. We will go over these techniques in real time as you see me paint a picture of my cat from start to finish, explaining each step along the way. These techniques can be applied to any other living creatures too.

As well as learning from the lecture materials, I will reply to all messages and will give feedback for any of your artwork in order to help you improve!

All of my videos have captions. Enjoy! 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to paint with watercolor


Watercolor Artist
Shizue Takahashi
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Anybody can learn how to draw. Through many years of teaching, I have developed a simple method based on three key principles: Proportion, Angle and Tone. By understanding these principles, and a bit of practice, you will be able draw pictures which will convey a sense of light, space and depth. Drawing and painting has given me so much joy that I now enjoy teaching and passing on the techniques I have learned over my lifetime. My aim is to create online courses which I can share with a wider audience, to help anyone who wants to learn how to draw!

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