Watercolor realistic orchid painting: step by step workshop

Watch me creating realistic botanical illustration in watercolor. I'll show you my secrets and provide with comments.
Rating: 3.8 out of 5 (160 ratings)
7,372 students
Watercolor realistic orchid painting: step by step workshop
Rating: 3.8 out of 5 (160 ratings)
7,373 students
Learn how to paint realistically;
Get to know techniques I use in watercolor botanical illustration;
Learn how to work with watercolor layers so that they stay transparent and clear;
Start noticing mistakes and learn how to fix them;
Make a flat painting look realistic and 3-dimentional;
Learn how to make catchlights and shades;
Start enjoying the process and painting confidently;
Learn how to control water and pigment movement;
11 practical video workshops of total 1.5 hours.


  • Watercolor paints, 2 brushes (middle size and small), middle texture watercolor paper, pencil and erazer, paper towel, water, inspiration and muse:)

This course is for those who love watercolor and botanical illustration, want to create beautiful floristic patterns and fashion prints, or just adore painting flowers.

It has interesting information for those who already work with watercolor as well as for beginners.

I share the techniques I'm working with, the secrets how to paint realistically and turn the painting from flat to 3-dimensional.

Let's create beauty together!

Who this course is for:
  • People who already work in watercolor and wand to get different techniques;
  • Beginners, as it is very easy to follow me painting, listen to my comments and repeat all my actions step by step;
  • Clothes desiners who want to create floristic paterns for fabric;
  • Interior designer who create digital prints from watercolor paintings;
  • Stockers who sell vector made from watercolor on vector stocks.
4 sections • 11 lectures • 1h 25m total length
  • First watercolor layer of green part
  • Second watercolor layer of green part
  • Third and fourth watercolor layers of green part
  • Painting petals
  • Painting central part of flower (lips and throat)
  • Painting petals' veins
  • Painting shadows on flower petals
  • Painting details in the center of flower
  • Contour
  • Making petals look curvy
  • Making flower look 3-deminsional

Watercolor artist
Tetiana Khalazii
  • 3.8 Instructor Rating
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My name is Tetiana Khalazii. I am a watercolor artist from Ukraine. I am self-taught. I have never attended any art school or course. I have been painting since 2010 and now I already sell my original work and participate in exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. My preferred medium is watercolor. I paint portraits, nu, botanical and fashion illustration.