Watercolor Layering for Beginners: Painting cherry tutorial

Painting Cherries in watercolor using a layering technique for more vibrancy of the subject
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Watercolor layering techniques
How to paint cherries in watercolor


  • Watercolors, watercolor paper, pencil, eraser, drawing board, watercolor brush


The course is for watercolor beginners to understand how layering works in watercolor with a demonstration. We would be covering the basics of the materials that are essential for watercolor paintings.

The classes would assist you go through the basics and create your own painting in a easier fashion.

This class would be beneficial for budding watercolor artists who want to learn how to paint perfect.

The materials that are required for this tutorial are as follows

1. Watercolor paper, 100% cotton would be a great option

2. Watercolors, pick any watercolor you have, they need not be artist grade if you are a beginner, just make sure that they are not chalky

3. Pencil

4. Eraser.

5. Watercolor board

6. Water and Watercolor brushes(Using round and pointed brushes would help you reach the finer details easily)

If you are interested to learn how to paint some cherries, hope this class helps you

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner watercolor artists

Course content

1 section8 lectures47m total length
  • Introduction
  • Requirement for the class
  • Color mixing for the cherries
  • Adding initial layer to first cherry
  • Adding initial layer to second cherry
  • Adding final layer to first cherry
  • Adding final layer to second cherry
  • Painting the Stem


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Hello All

My name is Jaya, I have been practicing watercolor.

I love adding detail to my art work.I have been an instructor for a while now and would love to assist beginners to overcome their watercolor fears.

Being a watercolor artist I pick up different subjects from nature to paint and enjoy demonstrating my observation to my students.