Wagara Decorative Painting for Beginners

Wagara is Japanese classic patterns. I teach you my original technique to make WAGARA decorative painting.
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33min of on-demand video

Course goal is to get the impression of WAGARA decorative painting.
You will learn how to make WAGARA Decorative painting.


  • You will need to buy some brushes and acrylic paints and tools to complete the project.


This is the introduction course to WAGARA decorative painting. WAGARA is Japanese design patterns which were originally used for Japanese classic clothes, kimono. My original method is the combination of decorative painting and stencil.

Besides the movies, you can download the patterns and directions to make the projects. They will guide you and help you to make the projects. You can also apply the designs to your house interior or accessories.

The goal of this course is to master the techniques of Wagara decorative painting and complete the project of 'Rocking Sheep'.

Course summary :


・What is Wagara?

・Stencil Technique

・Necessary tools and paints

・Side-loading technique of decorative painting

・Making project 'Rocking Sheep' Part 1 & 2

This course includes 5 movies and 2 pdf files.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who wants to start craft and love oriental designs.
  • Decorative painters who have already learned techniques and want to learn some other designs.
  • Designers who look for something oriental.


Wagara Decorative Painter/和柄トールペイント講師
Michiko Ozawa
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        I started to take American Decorative Painting lesson in 1992 in Tokyo, Japan.  After I finished the one-year course, I took an acrylic painting course for two years to study making original paintings. 

        From 1996 to 2001, I had a chance to live in Ohio, America on my husband's business.  I was impressed with American Decorative Painting again, and I took some lessons from a local painter and also gave lessons to my friends in Ohio.  Now some of my students at that time are working as teachers. 

        I came back to Japan in 2001.  I have been teaching American Decorative Painting for more than 10 years.  I have a studio in Tokyo to teach and make originals.  Now I realized WAGARA Decorative Painting, the Japanese classic pattern painting.  WAGARA is originally used for Japanese classic clothes, kimono.  WAGARA is not only classic, but also modern if you apply it to your house interior or accessories.  In Tokyo, I made a WAGARA team and there I teach how to make original WAGARA painting. 

こんにちは。私はもう20年以上トールペイント を教えてきました。数年前から、西洋のトールペイントと日本の和柄を合わせた、「和柄トールペイント」というのを発案し、教え始めました。トールペイントの集中するところ、色を扱うところ、表現するところが、大きく人の精神に影響すると感じています。今回この講座で教える「マンダラペインティング」は、美しい絵が描ける他に、あなたのストレスを軽くして、心に癒しを与えます。どうぞ新しいトールペイントの世界をお楽しみください。

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