Web Analytics Consultant (WAC) in English ~ Part 2 ~

Basic learning of web analytics
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Web marketing knowledges and skills


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The goal of this course is to acquire a basic knowledge of web analytics. You may study each category of Web Analytics Consultants Exam and acquire the knowledge of passing the exam.

It consists of two parts which are part 1 and part 2. You will understand the important points of the text if you see both parts. This course is part 2, so we recommend studying part 1 first if you have not yet taken it.

Nowadays, digital media has been becoming the most familiar media to uses. And these users' actions in digital media would be saved as data. You will be able to analyze users in more detail and lower cost than ever before by combining such quantitative data with qualitative research.

You mainly analyze the user's action history. The meaning of "Analysis" here is to quantify various events and data to promotes understanding. You will understand the user's feelings by utilizing data through analysis so that you can contribute to the sales of clients.

The results of user analysis can be used to improve user usability. In addition, you will know what users want to know and what they want based on the user's action and input information. It can be used for services or products.

In this way, the role required for web analytics is expanding.

Let's take this opportunity to acquire the knowledge!

The course is as follows.

10. Planning (E-Commerce / Lead Generation)

11. What are the Required Indicators?

12. Planning (Lead Generation)

13. KPI and Planning

14. Ads Effectiveness Measurement

15. Impression Analysis

16. Search Ads Analysis

17. ROI/ROAS Calculation

18. Engagement Analysis  / Indirect Effect

19. Attribution Analysis

20. Analyzing Owned Media

21. Understanding the Types of Traffic part 1

22. Understanding the Types of Traffic part 2

23. Important Factors for Each Business Strategy

24. Reporting

25. Focus on the Goal

26. Congratulations

Who this course is for:

  • People who are interested in web marketing

Course content

1 section17 lectures1h 54m total length
  • Planning (E-Commerce / Lead Generation)
  • What are the Required Indicators?
  • Planning (Lead Generation)
  • KPI and Planning
  • Ads Effectiveness Measurement
  • Impression Analysis
  • Search Ads Analysis
  • ROI/ROAS Calculation
  • Engagement Analysis / Indirect Effect
  • Attribution Analysis
  • Analyzing Owned Media
  • Understanding the Types of Traffic ①
  • Understanding the Types of Traffic ②
  • Important Factors for Each Business Strategy
  • Reporting
  • Focus on the Goal
  • Congratulations


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We are WACA (Web Analytics Consultant Association) based in Singapore. We provide courses for web analytics and digital marketing. 

A Web Analytics Consultant's role is to track and archive customer's business goal which is the foundational to marketing through web analytics tools.

To stay relevant with current development this 2016 first edition has included and enhanced many definitions like web analytics's terminology, analytics tools, business analysis and determination of KPI and many more.