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Building User Interface with Vue


  • Basics of HTML/CSS
  • Basics of JavaScript


Welcome to the beginners course of Vue.js. Vue - is one of most popular JS frameworks that using for building user interfaces. This framework have easy syntax and structure. So you will not have problems with learning this technology. In this course you will learn how to build your own UI by using this framework.

First we gonna create our first Vue instance, after this we gonna learn what is events in Vue and how we can use. Also here in this course we gonna talk about Vue CLI, and create Vue apps by npm. This is really cool feature from Vue. Because after this we can build Vue apps and host it - on Node.js server. Maybe many people know that this framework have also cool plugins that can help you to get some features when you developing your app. In this course we gonna install Vue router plugin to make routing in our app. Here also is full plan of course:

1. Installing of Vue.js

2. Hello world - Example

3. Directivies in Vue.js

4. Conditions and v-if

5. Loops and v-for

6. Components in Vue instance

7. Refs

8. Events

9. Event Modifiers

10. Keyboard Events

11. Dynamic CSS classes

12. Templating

13. Forms

14. Vue CLI

15. Vue CLI Project structure

16. Working with other instances

17. Nested components

18. Component Props

19. Events (from parent to child)

20. Lifecycle hooks

21. Slots

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in JavaScript
  • Beginners in Vue


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