VR in Unity: A Beginner's Guide

Go from "I've no idea what I'm doing" to "I've very little idea what I'm doing", for FREE.
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Make a VR App to throw objects into a hole in a board. In the country, we call it "Corn Hole".
Isolate yourself from your friends!
You will be ready to make other fantastic games like "Drop the Microphone" and "Toss the Salad".


  • Unity - Beginner Skill Set: You should at least be familiar with the interface, including using panels like Hierarchy, Inspector, Project, Console, Scene, and Game. To familiarize, try Googling "Unity Roll-a-ball" and following that beginner project, even if you don't understand the scripting.
  • VR setup like the HTC Vive (Optional, but this course uses the Vive for examples)



Intended for absolute beginners, this is a guerrilla-style approach to getting a VR app up and running quickly, with very little peripheral teaching of WHY were doing any of it. Sections 1 + 2 don't involve any actual coding, and get you started quickly. Coding takes place in the (in development...my students co-producing with me left for summer break! The nerve!) section 3 and beyond.

I teach a high school "Intro to Programming" class, and I'm making this to help them, and maybe others at the same time. This is all recorded in my classroom, March, April, May of 2018.

I planned to resume adding to this course in Sept 2018 and Spring 2019 with more Graphical User Interface (GUI) development and some beginner level coding, but have shifted effort into making a more polished version of this course for Unity itself. It will also be free, and published on the Unity site around May 2019.

You should dabble in Unity beforehand, maybe try the "Roll-a-Ball" tutorial on Unity's website just to familiarize yourself with the Unity interface.

I will be using Unity software, version 2017.3.

Who this course is for:

  • Those that have dabbled/struggled/cried with Unity and are curious about virtual reality.

Course content

2 sections8 lectures58m total length
  • Introduction
  • Intro Quiz
    2 questions
  • (optional) Cornhole Downloads


High School Teacher
Mark Suter
  • 3.7 Instructor Rating
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  • 17,928 Students
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A computer science, game design, and entrepreneurship teacher for 11 years, Mark’s classroom is a hybrid of a mad-scientist’s laboratory and a traveling circus. Mistakes are encouraged, iteration is frequent, and expectations are high.

Mark is director of a student-run business (Grit9.com) that provides web design services for area businesses. Students learn what they need in a “just in time” manner rather than a “just in case” one. Real world consequences, both positive and negative, are a part of the everyday experience to provide relevance and urgency.

Other fun oddities: His students develop VR apps for the HTC Vive using Unity as part fo an “Intro to Programming” course. Students deploy games they designed to a full-size arcade machine made by students.

Mark won the 2018 District 1 Ohio Teacher of the Year Award, The 2015 Henry Ford Innovation Nation Innovative Teacher award, and is an Adobe Certified Associate Educator and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert.