Vocabulary and Grammar used for Eating out

Advice about you have to use the vocabulary and grammar.
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Acquire restaurant language through the use of specific vocabulary, possessives and questions.
Identify words and appropriate phrases to accept or refuse invitations to eat out.
Classify the uses of possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives.
Formulate questions about eating out.


  • Be student of English Laguage


This Course is about vocabulary and Grammar used when you are going to a restaurant. This course is divided in 10 interesting section:

  • First section: Introduction
  • Second section: Language use to order or refuse invitations in the restaurant.
  • Third section: Review of expressions to make, accept or refuse invitations.
  • Forth section: Tipping.
  • Fifth section: Count and mass nouns with: another, some more.
  • Sixth section: The common questions most used in a restaurant.
  • Seventh section: Possessive pronouns used in a restaurant.
  • Eighth section: Possessive adjectives used in a restaurant.
  • Ninth section: Conclusion.
  • Tenth section: Annexed.

In each section there are a video, a PDF, link for more practice and quiz.

We want you to feel safe when you have to express yourself in a restaurant.

Good Luck!


Who this course is for:

  • High School Students


Fidel Rosa
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I started my higher education at Universidad Católica de El Salvador in 2009 but in 2010 I was transferred to Universidad Don Bosco and manage to graduate in 2013 as an Pastoral Theology Teacher. Then, in 2014 I continued the career in Bachelor of Science in Education.  Since 2006 to 2014 I was studying at a training home to become a priest where I studied courses about Pedagogy, Psychology, Philosophy, Theology, Bible and Ethics.

Currently, I study Bachelor Degree in English at Universidad Gerardo Barrios and I am studying a course on Educational Technology where we are learning to use thechnology in education. 

B.A. in English Language Teaching
Jeany Argueta
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Idle from the platform since 2018...

The internet is a basic necessity nowadays, MOOCs provide access to all kinds of information more than ever.I have been involved in the educational field for over 15 years and I find Higher Education to be a passion of mine. There are so many bright students in each class that can help shape the future of our nation, El Salvador. In this course, my students have tried to put their best foot forward and create an interesting course based on the corresponding English class syllabus. I hope you take the time to engage with each activity carefully thought out for you. 

Evelyn Vigil
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In 2015 I started my higher education at the Universidad Gerardo Barrios. Since 2015 I am studying Bachelor degree in English at the Universidad Gerardo Barrios, San Miguel, El Salvador. Currently I am studying some subjects but within them there is a subject called Educational Technology. As a future teacher, I am interested in learning and knowing how to use technology as a tool in education, at the same time improving my educational quality, as well as that of my future students.

Lisset Vigil
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Actually i´am study English at University Gerardo Barrios in San MIguel i like so much English and i hope learn much more this is my VI cycle and my subjets are Grammar, Basic English. Grammar for my is a little dificult because is a little extensive but at the same time is very interesting.

Alicia Nohemy Argueta Hernandez
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hello, my name is Alicia Argueta, I was born on July 28, 1994 in Meanguera Morazan, my basic studies are in Centro Escolar Maria Paz Cristina Montes,Meanguera Morazan, and later my high school in Institute National Segundo Montes, in 2013 I studied a diploma in English at (ITCA FEPADE) San Miguel, in 2015 I Started my undergraduate studies in English Language at the Gerardo Barrios University, currently a third year study, in this semester we are carrying out educational Technology subject taught by the bachelor Jeany Argueta, we are carrying out the UDEMY project.

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