VMware Basics - vCenter Server Appliance VCSA

VCSA - vCenter Server Appliance for beginners
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How to use the vCenter Server Appliance VCSA in vSphere 7
Linked Mode
Clone VM to VM
Clone VM to Template
Customization Specifications
Cold Migration
Live Migration (vMotion)


  • A basic understanding of VMware and Virtualization
  • A basic understanding of vSphere ESXi


This course will teach you about managing Virtual Machines with the vCenter Server Appliance or VCSA.

We will cover:

- Installation of the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA)

- Linked Mode and the Platform Services Controller (PSC)

- How to Add an ESXi Host to a vCenter DataCenter and Cluster

- VM Cold Migration

- VM Live Migration (vMotion)

- Clone a VM to another VM

- Clone a VM to a VM Template

- Create a Customization Spec for a Linux VM

- Create a Customization Spec for a Windows VM

- Create a new VM from a Template and Customization Spec

Once you have completed this course please see my other courses on

- VMware vSphere Host Client

- Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE)

- The History of the DataCenter - Mainframes to Virtualization

- NVIDIA GRID for Shared GPU and CUDA on VMware vSphere ESXi

Who this course is for:

  • VMware Engineers working with vSphere ESXi 7
  • VMware Administrators working with vSphere ESXi 7
  • Developers working with vSphere ESXi 7
  • Network Engineers working with vSphere ESXi 7
  • Storage Administrators working with vSphere ESXi 7


Customer Engineer @ Google Cloud (Ex VMware)
Jason Meers
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I Just joined Google as a Customer Engineer (August 2021)

I was previously a Lead Architect and CTO Ambassador at VMware, covering all VMware technologies, Tanzu, Docker and Kubernetes, VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC-on-AWS), Google Cloud VMware Engine and Google Cloud Platform.

I've been a VMware Consultant, Advisor, Trainer or Employee for almost 20 Years, and currently work in the Enterprise Accounts team at VMware UK.

I also have an interest in A.I. & Machine Learning, ARM & RISC-V, DevOps/Agile/Infrastructure-as-code and LEAN manufacturing.

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