VMware Basics - Graphics and GPUs

An introduction to VM graphics, GPU acceleration and GPU Passthrough
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How to use the various graphics options in VMware vSphere ESXi
The different types of Graphics cards used in VMware Virtual Machines (VMs)
The basic concepts of GPU Pass-though
The basic concepts of NVIDIA GRID


  • A basic understanding of VMware and Virtualization
  • A basic understanding of computer graphics and graphics cards


In this course you will learn about basic VMware SVGA Graphics in a Virtual Machine

We then cover GPU acceleration using physical GPUs in the server

We then show a graphical comparison of various types of software and hardware cards with gaming benchmark software

Lastly, a more advanced section that walks you though the step required to provide a VM with access to a physical GPU in the server for native graphics performance for Games, CAD/CAM or AI and Machine Learning.

Who this course is for:

  • VMware Engineers working with vSphere ESXi 7
  • VMware Horizon Administrators
  • Citrix Administrators


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Jason Meers
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I Just joined Google as a Customer Engineer (August 2021)

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