Viola for Beginners: Part 1: Introduction to straight bowing

Chapter 1: Introduction and straight bowing exercises
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Students will learn basic rhythms, straight bowing with a beautiful sound, patience


  • Have a passion for music.


In this chapter we will start with learning to make a beautiful sound.  Straight bowing, as it is called, can be tricky to master, so I edited and recorded 7 progressive exercises by Nicolas Laoureux for you to practice along with. 

Along the way you will learn:

  • How to hold a violin and bow in a relaxed manner

  • How to tune your violin

  • How to use a shoulder rest

  • Right hand flexibility and strength

  • The names of all four strings

  • How to create a beautiful sound on all four strings

  • From easy to complex string crossings

  • Several different rhythms

  • Slurring strings

  • Double stopping

After the third exercise, you can continue working parallel with Chapter 2: The finger patterns

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner violists

Course content

2 sections13 lectures1h 46m total length
  • My education project
  • How to hold the bow
  • How to look after the bow
  • The shoulder rest
  • How to hold a viola
  • How to tune a viola
  • Strength and Flexibility in the Right Hand


Professional Violinist, Violist and luthier
Mark Pedus
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Mark began his musical journey at the age of 3.  From a young age he performed both as soloist and chamber musician.  He continued his professional studies at Maastricht Conservatorium (The Netherlands), Royal Northern College of Music (UK) and Tilburg.

I enjoy a diverse professional career that include solo recitals, chamber music, orchestra musician and management and string instrument restoration.

I am passionate about teaching and helping children learn a relaxed controlled technique from the start.  This requires a little extra discipline but it will avoid bad habits that will slow down your progress relatively soon and can easily injure wrists, shoulders and back.

Having suffered from that myself from a young age, I have worked hard fine tuning solutions and selecting logically progressing exercises and repertoire that will make you a musician sooner than you would expect!