Clean video reveal project in After Effects

Create a real-life After Effects project and use it for your videos! Learn After Effects basics along the way!
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Create a video reveal transition in After Effects
Know a little about Adobe After Effects
Learn a real life project, complete a full workflow


  • A working version of Adobe After Effects (CS6, CC, CC2015, CC2017, any will work!)
  • No prior knowledge of After Effects is mandatory, but it will be helpful to know your way around






I prepared this short course to show you a complete Adobe After Effects workflow, from selecting the footage (or having a video prepared) to completing your video transition reveal. You will learn a few basics about the software and definately have fun creating the project itself.

This is why I prepared this, project based course - to both teach you the tools & software and let you create real-life after effects projects right away together with me. It doesn't require any prior deep knowledge of After Effects at all - but it will be helpful if you know a little about Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects in general.





Don't get me wrong, learning After effects cc or even the newest after effects cc 2017 version from scratch, tool by tool, handle by handle, element by element is an amazing journey and I also have recorded a comprehensive After Effects course in that fashion, but some of you who are already a bit familiar with video editing, animation or motion graphics (fade in, fade out, trimming, keyframes) would like to start right away. 

This course is perfect for students, who want to start learning a little bit about After Effects right away, from the animation / motion graphics side to include it in your videos. This course will  be optimal for people who just want to get a basic grasp of the video editing possibilities After Effects provides!

What are the biggest benefits of this after effects course?

  • You learn on a real-life example
  • You get additional design tips & tricks on motion graphics
  • Your instructor is an experienced after effects designer & user
  • You will know if you are interested in After Effects after completing the project

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to learn a little about After Effects
  • Video creators, content producers, youtubers, online marketers
  • Someone who wants to improve the quality nad appearance of his videos

Course content

3 sections13 lectures35m total length
  • Introduction & Set-Up


Engaged and Passionate PowerPoint & After Effects instructor
Andrew Pach
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Hi! My name is Andrzej Pach, also known as Nigel, and I spend my daily time with graphic design, presentations, motion & animation, typography, video editing and online teaching. Most of my work is done in Adobe After Effects & Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 / 2019 / 365, so naturally, this is the software I want to teach about and share my experience with you. I have completed more than 4000 graphic projects for clients, mostly including video animations like intros, outros and transitions for various YouTube channels & marketers. On Fiverr alone, I have more than 3500 reviews. I would like to share with you the knowledge that I was able to "stack up" during the process. I am always willing to help people out by enhancing their brand and Internet media projects. 

  Who am I ? 

I am a 32-year-old (born 1989) University Graduate (July 2014). A few years back, after shifting from one hobby to another and getting hired to prepare a website, flyer, and business card for a local business in my area, I finally "felt it." Since then (2011), I have expanded my skills in this area by completing various graphic design and design-related projects. Places like the Warrior Forum, freelancing websites, ad graphic contests across the web caught my interest and have never let me go. I run my own company since April 2015.

  What is the next step? 

I've gathered experience by working for several years as a freelancer with a keen focus on handling various creative projects ranging from very small businesses to brands and YouTube channels with over 500k subscribers. Now I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge by creating exciting courses that are easy to follow - and most important - USEFUL to you. I am looking to work with forward-thinking people who seek to create something original and catchy that will reinforce their brand and follow their vibe. I’m always committed to providing value while giving away random tips to make your workflow easier, no matter what we work on. 


What is my mission and passion?

I believe in making the Web Business and Internet Marketing world a better place, because my actions will affect my followers, friends, family and future children. Since I live in a small village where people work in agriculture or do physical labor work, I set the goal for me to be a sort of pioneer in the web-based business field, growing myself as a designer every single day.  

You can always contact me, as I don't mind talking to anyone about how I might help your business or about what course topics I might record if you like my teaching style.      

To your success, Andrew (Andrzej in Polish ;)