Video Game Addiction : Overcoming Video Game Addiction
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Video Game Addiction : Overcoming Video Game Addiction

A-Z guide to overcoming Video Game Addiction. Get your life back and the life of those you love from Video Games
3.5 (16 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
5,344 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • You will learn to recognize the signs of videogame addiction.
  • You will learn about the physical symptoms associated with videogame addiction.
  • You will learn about the psychology of videogame addiction and the types of personalities that are susceptible to it.
  • You will learn how to reduce the impact of video games on your daily life.
  • You will learn about videogames and their linked to obesity.
  • You will learn how videogames can be used, to facilitate exercise.
  • You will learn the five keys to preventing stimulus addiction.
  • You will learn how to ask for and where to find help when dealing with a videogame addiction… And so much more.
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Do you find yourself daydreaming about the next quest in your favorite online game, do you spend more than eight hours a day with your computer or favorite game console playing video games? Has virtual-reality negatively impacted your relationships in the real world? 

Some experts warn that excessive gaming can even be fatal. A tech-addiction expert in Seattle said she has known of people who have died from heart attacks and blood clots, both results of the unhealthy lifestyle many extreme gamers live.

The warning signs of video game addiction include:

  • Gaming to escape difficult life situations

  • Playing for longer periods as time goes on

  • Skipping showers and meals to play

  • Poor performance at work or school

  • Lying to others to hide gaming activities

  • Exhibiting signs of irritation when forced to stop gaming

If this sounds like you then you might be addicted to the virtual world videogame addiction can have real-world consequences for personal relationships with family and friends as well as physical symptoms such as carpal tunnel migraines and insomnia.

Are you or someone you LOVE “trading the virtual world for the real one.”?

Course will teach you all the necessary skills to deal with your videogame habit, allowing you to lead a much fuller, richer life in the real world rather than a digital one.

Is There a Cure for Video Game Addiction?

Treatment for video game addiction is similar to that for other addictions. Counseling and behavior modification are the primary means of treating addicted gamers. Together, individual and family counseling are powerful treatment tools. Some treatment facilities incorporate medication in their programs.

However, unlike drugs or alcohol, video games are tied to computers, which are a key part of life for most people. In that way, the addiction is similar to a food addiction. As a result, some treatment centers explore controlled use rather than abstinence.

By the end of this course you will have a solid foundation of knowledge to deal with this unique addiction. Our suggested strategies are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment... One of the top and Doctor recommended Therapies for Video Game Addiction.

This course could easily sell for hundreds of dollars. I personally know of Psychologists out there who are charging hundreds per hour, even thousands of dollars for a fraction of the information contained in this Udemy Course.

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PSS: Do you really want to overcome your Video Game Addiction and or Help a Family member overcome their addiction?

PSSS: It will take hard work. It will take perseverance. But if you can honestly answer “Yes" then there is no reason why you can't start Freeing yourself from this time-consuming addiction today.

This will be a truly interactive course with additional bonus routines added over the course of the first year, inspired by the feedback from students.

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Who this course is for:
  • Who this class is FOR: this class is for individuals 18 years of age (or with parents’ permission) who are interested in learning about videogame addiction and how to deal with it. This course can be used by either people dealing with the disorder or by their family members who are interested in learning more about the disorder and the psychology of video game addiction. This course is not designed to be a direct cure for video game addiction itself, but rather to be used in conjunction with other treatments such as a psychologist or counselor as a way of supplementing knowledge about the disorder. Its effects and treatments. It is suggested that before registering for this course, you confer with your psychologist or counselor to make sure that this course will not interfere with the effect of your existing treatment. If you are dealing with a video game addiction.
  • Who this course is NOT for: this course is not designed for psychology students or anyone that is not directly dealing with videogame addiction or a family member or partner that is, it is not designed to delve deep into the psychology of addiction but rather to provide students and readers with an overview of video game addiction. It’s treatments and symptoms. It is suggested that if you are interested in the psychology of addiction that you register for some intermediate psychology courses and use this course to supplement your knowledge in the specific area of video game addiction.
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+ Video Game Addiction - Enter the World of Video Game Addicts
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Recognizing the Signs of Video Game Addiction
Reducing The Impact of Video Games in Your Life
The Physical Price of Video Game Addiction
The Psychology of Addiction
Video Game Addiction and Obesity
The Five Keys to Preventing Stimulus Addiction
The Proper steps to curing your video game addiction
Five Innervation methods for game addiction
The pros and cons of a gaming addiction diagnosis
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Addiction: If I keep playing video games, what exactly do I need to replace this
Is it appropriate for my four year old daughter to play Minecraft?
Here is Your Early Birthday Gift ( A Special Thank you for Being a Student)
32 pages
What is the treatment for addiction to video games?
What are some methods for preventing video game addiction?
Are video games bad for mental health, especially for teens?
Is video game addiction a serious problem in our society?
When (and How) to Pull the Plug: Six Tips for Protecting Your Child
Taking Risks in Video Games Tied with Real-Life Risks
Top 10 Alternatives to Video Games
Increased Media Consumption Among Teens Contributing to Poor Health
The Internet May Be Causing More Harm to Your Children Than You Think
Study Documents Prevalence of Pathological Behavior among Young Video Gamers
Inspiration of the Month - Feb 2017

Recent year's people have heard stories about sudden tragic deaths of people who apparently lost control of playing video games. There has been suicides, dangerous lack of food and sleep, kids stop coming to schools, parents do not take care of their kids, all because they are trapped in a game on their computer. These stories come from USA, China and just about anywhere people are using computers to play a game.

How To Practice Responsible Video Game Use - Avoiding Video Game Addiction

Have you ever experienced the feeling that you want something? And, you need it right away without delay? Or, the feeling that you wish to eat your favorite food? And, when that food is in front of you, you would feel the excitement to put that food in your mouth and taste its sweetness.

Game Addiction? How To Play Moderately And Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Gaming addiction is a real problem. Often it affects gamers who play games on the PC, Xbox 360 or PS3 more than anything else, but it is possible to get addicted to the Nintendo 3DS, and it's a condition that requires special care, patience and a true willingness to wean yourself off your addiction.

How to Overcome Nintendo 3DS Addiction (Or Gaming Addiction in General)

A Balanced View of Games Addiction Problem or Not? We take a responsible look at Computer Game Addiction. There is Plenty of Room for Optimism

"Computer Gaming" is a generic term applicable to any gaming played on computers. It should be pointed out that there is a distinction between "Online gaming" and "Video Gaming". "Online Gaming" - also known as MMORPGs - Massively multiplayer online role-playing games - invariably involves logging into a cyber arena and competing with several others, who are quite possibly total strangers. There may even be hundreds participating at any given moment.

Computer Gaming Addiction Debunked

Very few parents would be especially surprised if you suggested to them that their child was addicted to video games or computer games. Yet the reality is that a great many children and young teenagers are addicted to video games, and that in some cases this is having a detrimental effect on them, both physically and emotionally.

Playing video games is not, for some people, an activity to which one can become addicted. Having said that though, it is only fairly recently that it has been admitted and accepted that gambling can be addictive, in the medical sense of the world, and increasingly addiction is being investigated as a consequence of a whole range of activities. It is even possible to be addicted to sport and exercise, to the extent that it can cause harm.

Endorphins and the Science of Addiction

There is a strong correlation between feelings of anxiety, panic, depersonalization/derealization, and the constant use of video games. This is a deduction based upon thorough and extensive research and study.

The facts are there and continue to prove themselves out. Doctors now believe that electromagnetic fields (EMF's) result in anxiety, depersonalization, derealization, depression, panic attacks, irritability and a long list of physically related illnesses.

Video Game Induced Depersonalization

For game enthusiasts, playing online video games is a hobby. They play video matches when they have spare times, or if there are any special occasions. But, for game addicts playing video matches for them is more of a hobby, because they incorporated this activity on their daily routines.

Playing online matches is not bad. In fact, this is a great recreational activity. This is also a great bonding activity when you are with your family and peers. Video gaming is educational too, and it can even hasten your thinking and decision making skills, as well as your alertness. However, when this activity cannot be controlled, it will eventually turn into a bad activity.

Online Video Game Addiction

Any addict that was just rehabbed has a chance to relapse if temptations were present in front of him. A lot of people have experienced relapse from something that they got into.

I was a former addict as well and I experienced relapse once. That one time experience was enough for me not to step into temptation whenever it was present in front of me.

So what was the addiction?

Reasons Why a Former Video Game Addict Relapses

In contrast to the early years of interactive electronic entertainment, video games today are a multi-billion dollar industry with revenues that regularly exceed box office receipts at the movies.

People play computer, handheld, and console games to relax, to socialize with others, and to reduce stress. When used in these ways they can be a relatively harmless and enjoyable activity. In fact, most people (children, teens, and adults) can and do play computer games in moderation and without harmful consequences.

Video Game Addiction Treatment - Five Intervention Methods

Careful research has shown that the excitement you get over video games make you more addicted to playing. Parents of preteens find this statement hardly surprising.

If you ask a preteen what they do on their spare time chances are you will get an answers about how they love to play video games. But what makes these games so lovable to these youngsters? Are they addictive? According to some research and studies, it appears that the excitement they get out of playing these video games causes the brain to release a chemical that is, in essence, addictive. This news is no surprise for any parent who has seen the fervour by which some kids play such games.

Video Game Addiction

Many of us grew up learning to play tag or hide and seek. Others of us played or still play cards with family and friends, and still others enjoyed playing board games, but very few of us ever found ourselves becoming addicted to such pastimes. The latest advancements in the game playing world present just that possibility though -- addiction.

With the creation of the game console, and then computer-based video games, we were introduced to a new world of game playing interaction. These games evolved so that soon the player was able to mold game characters after himself, create empires, and control worlds. This furthered an already present ability of video games to offer escapism, which in turn led to addiction for some players.

How to Overcome Your Video Game Addiction

Games are not very well regulated nowadays. The ESRB offers guidance on things like violence and adult content, but no videogame to date has real information about the game's future impact on your life. It is up to you to ask yourself these questions and determine if there will be an issue with game play in the future!

6 Simple Questions to Soften Video Game Addiction

Although video game addiction is not yet an official psychiatric diagnosis, it is still reasonable to conclude that some players spend far too much time engaged with online computer games and that this can have serious consequences for their lives in the "real world."

Video Game Addiction Symptoms - Ten Psychological Signs

Recently, the American Medical Association rejected a proposal to include video game addiction as an official psychiatric disorder. This decision was made for a number of reasons including the fact that well-designed research on internet and computer addiction was relatively limited. As such, the AMA took a conservative approach and held off on granting official classification to excessive internet use and computer gaming.

Although a decision was made regarding the official diagnosis of internet and computer addiction, the debate continues.

On one side are the researchers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and individuals struggling to control unhealthy gaming who argue that compulsive gaming is a real problem and should be classified as such. They often suggest that video game addiction is a disorder of impulse control similar to gambling addiction.

Video Game Addiction - Five Points For and Against the Diagnosis

Addiction can show up in many forms and is described as an obsession or compulsion towards abusing a substance such as alcohol, nicotine, drugs or even food. Psychological addictions are just as common and include addictions to video games, sex, gambling, work or pornography. People who are addicted often feel imprisoned by their obsessions and therefore unable to stop. But, there is a very effective addiction treatment known as Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT.

Overcome Addiction With Emotional Freedom Techniques

Gaming is a thriving industry and has profits in it for anyone who provides great ideas. However, like every other big business, it has its disadvantages for the consumers. Gaming itself, be it in any form whatsoever, has become an addiction for many people. We find examples of gamers setting records by playing consecutively for days on end, and there have been instances where the gamers haven't left their house for years. Mental health professionals comment that they have witnessed addicted gamers ruining their lives, careers and health in general.

Online Gaming - An Addiction

Although computer game addiction does not appear in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) excessive and unhealthy video game habits is something that has received increased attention in the past several years.

There is a movement underway to have online gaming addiction / video game addiction listed in future editions of the DSM, but for now it is not an official diagnosis. Still, it is difficult to deny that some people (whether they are children, teens, or adults) play video games far too much and that it can negatively impact their functioning and success away from the glare of the monitor.

Computer Game Addiction - Six Negative Effects to Avoid

Video games are quickly becoming an epidemic in this generation. Young children are being introduced to it from the moment they learn to push buttons. Kids and teens are constantly targeted for gaming advertisements everywhere they go. Worse yet, adults are sacrificing their lives for a fabricated reality, to escape the real world where making choices can be overwhelming and demanding. Millions are choosing this life, and are suffering the dire consequences.

First, I want to answer the question: why do people become addicted to video games?

Why Do Kids Become Addicted to Video Games?

Video games can help kids develop a lot of good skills provided they play these games in moderation. Parents focus more on the dangers of these games. What they need to do is consider the possible benefits of playing them on smartphones, PC and other platforms. As a matter of fact, video games can make kids develop certain skills that can help them a lot in their lives. Given below are some of the benefits that kids can enjoy if they play games in moderation.

7 Benefits Of Playing Video Games

The household gaming business is right now over 30 yrs old. Within that timeframe, computer know-how has increased at a non stop rate. A high-speed elevator today has a lot more computing power than the Apollo space ship which ended up on the moon. The promise of desktops and video gaming as instructors was evidently recognized in the nineteen-eighties when there was a country wide push to have PCs in the classrooms. Within the yrs that have followed, researchers identified that educative software and video games can certainly have many quite beneficial effects on kid's educational skill. Over a similar time period, video gaming furthermore shifted into kids homes. (I define video gaming broadly here, such as arcade video game titles, personal computer game titles, as well as household console online games - for example Nintendo Wii.)

The Problems of Online Games for Young Children

The fascination and the appeal of a good strategy or world-building game like Civilization is obvious. How can one resist it? I have spent hours on Civilization - too many hours, I confess. It's a beautiful game; not only a challenge but a creative thing, enabling one to build patterns around which one can imagine a rich crop of stories.

I once let sausages burn in the oven for 3 hours because I was playing Civilization. Good Waberthwaite sausages they were. I can't pay the game a greater compliment than that. But the trouble is, it's too good. So how can addiction be avoided?

How to Avoid Addiction to Computer Games

These days, there is a lot of controversy over ADHD and video games. Is it okay to let a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder play these games? Are there any potential benefits? In this article, you'll learn about the pros and cons, so you can make the best decision for your child.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and video games were the subject in a recent news story where a boy who had been playing a violent video game shot and killed his father. Did the violence in the video game worsen the aggressive urges of the boy and drive him over the edge or was it much more likely that there was an abusive element in the home and the father-son dynamic? Since the single father is dead and the boy was only ten years old, we may never fully know the truth.

ADHD and Video Games - The Pros and Cons of Electronic Gaming

Talk about video games and all heads start turning. In the present scenario where the technology is advancing rapidly, the games are gaining huge momentum. Whether kids, youngsters or even elderly people, all seem to have swayed with its addiction. These have been in existence for quite a while now and is also one of the largest source of entertainment around us. To understand it better, let us have a close overview of the types of games and the negative and positive effects it has.

Reasons Which Make Video Games the Most Addictive Interface

In 2007 the American Psychiatric Association (APA) issued a statement on the inclusion of "video game addiction" as an official disorder in the next published version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Despite acknowledging that "a child who spends excessive amount of time playing video games may be exposed to violence and may be at higher risk for behavioral and other health problems", the APA concluded that video game addiction did not warrant official diagnostic status at the time. However, the association also stated that inclusion in future editions of the DSM would be considered "if the science warrants it."

A Critical Mistake Parents Make When Trying To Help A Child Or Teen

Have you ever experienced anxiety, headaches, insomnia, frequent nightmares, weakness in legs, disturbing thoughts or high heart rate? If you have at least 3 of these symptoms simultaneously, it means that you've been captured by stress. According to American Psychological Association survey, more than 75 % of Americans live under stress.

It's not a problem if this state is temporary and you feel better soon, but if the tension refuses to go - it's bad news meaning that the problem is complex and you need to consult your physician. Doctors and medications - we all know that they help.But since we are not big fans of clinics and hospitals, it would be great to have a better option to fight stress in our modern world. The alternative already exists. In this article we are going to talk about games as one of the tools that might assist in fighting stress.

Video Games Fighting Stress: Illusion or Truth?

Video games are very popular among children of all the ages. And, due to our tech pace world, it is continuing to grow even more. Children and even the adults find video games as their mode of entertainment. They play these games whenever they are getting bored or want to take a short break from their work and studies.

These games try to change the mind and mood of individuals and they feel much relaxed than before. Due to its ever-growing demand, scientists have researched to find out the effects of video games on human brains.

How Video Games Can Affect the Brain

First off, I will admit that I was once a video game addict. It first starts when you buy your first console. A person, especially children, will play their game systems for hours on end when they first acquire a gaming system. At first, this seems like no big deal, but this 'game binging' develops into something far worse.

As new gamers progress, they begin to make time for video games. An example of this would be setting a time to finish homework so that a game could be played. Tip number one is: NEVER make time to play a video game. Let down time be time to play video games. If you let the game create its own time in your life, you are in essence allowing it to take over.

How to Play Video Games Responsibly

Games have become part of our daily lives, and admit it or not, your day won't be complete without playing your favorite diversion However, parents need to keep an eye on their children while playing games. Yes, game addiction may not be as harmful as alcohol or drug addiction but game addiction is still a type of addiction.

Disadvantages Of Playing Video Games

For decades parents and the media have worried about the effects of video game violence on children and teens (even when the in-game graphics for blood amounted to little more than pixilated red squares).

Although concerns about the effects of violent video games remain, it is possible that parents today should be more concerned about video game addiction than the portrayal of violence in the games.

Children Addicted to Video Games - Ten Critical Points Parents Need to Know

While video games are seen as a good alternative to keep kids occupied when parents are working, a new study is suggesting these very video games may cause a type of behavioral addiction. In what may parents will relate to, the study says "addicted" kids miss homework, avoid household chores and even take to games as an escape route from their little worries.

Video Game Addiction - A New Worry For Many Parents

There is no denying that social media is a boon. Right from keeping in touch with long- lost friends and relatives to doing business in a better and brisker way, it's all possible on Facebook today. But the biggest thing that makes this social media platform so popular today is that it offers many games. The games on Facebook are just so addictive that people are making big money on just promoting games on this platform. The gaming experience for people is getting more and more exciting by the day!

How To Handle Your Spouse's Facebook Game Addiction

New disorders have been named to accommodate the growing number of people addicted to specific technologies; World of Warcraft and other video games, Facebook, Smartphones at dinner, Candy Crush, and more. Anyone remember the craze of the most addicting Facebook game of them all, Farmville?! Most Americans can say they would like to be less glued to their technology. Screen time has been known to cause sleep disturbance, and with work becoming more mobile, it becomes more and more invasive of our personal time. You can set boundaries, and a priming technology cleanse might be just what the doctor ordered to begin living in the real world and online with balance. Follow the following suggestions to have a successful technology cleanse.

Do Yourself This Favor: Technology Cleanse