VHDL Programming with Intel Quartus Prime Tool

Learn VHDL Programming from the scratch with Intel Quartus Prime tool
Rating: 3.7 out of 5 (26 ratings)
2,556 students
VHDL Programming with Intel Quartus Prime Tool
Rating: 3.7 out of 5 (26 ratings)
2,556 students
VHDL Programming Methodology
Digital design with Intel-Altera Quartus Tool
Designing Combinatorial / Sequential Circuits & State Machines
Simulating the VHDL design with Modelsim and Vector Waveform Generator


  • Basic of Digital Design & Logic Gates

This course covers the VHDL Programming Language from the basic to the intermediate level. We have presented basics of VHDL Language, its syntax/semantics, conditional statements, process statement with example project on Quartus prime tool. We also have Lab session on Combinatorial circuit design, sequential circuit design and state machine design.

This course also have sessions on writing the testbench module and simulating it with Modelsim. Another method of simulation and verification of VHDL design, Vector Waveform Generator is also presented in this course with Example.

Another Important part of this course is "Structural Design Methodology" in VHDL, we showed the design of "Full Adder" using the "Half Adder" module with Structural Design Method.

Who this course is for:
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science
7 sections • 9 lectures • 2h 2m total length
  • Introduction to VHDL and Overview of Quartus Prime Tool
  • Simulation of NAND Gate with Quartus Prime & Modelsim
  • Simulation of VHDL Design with Vector Waveform Generator: Overview
  • Basic Logic Gate [AND+OR] Design & Simulation with VWF
  • Conditional Statements in VHDL and Decoder Design Lab
  • Combinatorial Circuit Design
  • Structural Modeling: Design of Full adder using half adder
  • Sequential Circuit Design in VHDL
  • Finite State Machine Design

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