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Aquafaba and vegan meringue is one of the top ingredients in vegan cuisine, especially in vegan baking. At Ivan Vegan online school we teach our students how to work with aquafaba and meringue. For 2 years they've asked thousands of questions on this topic. In this course we gathered all the answers to every question and shorten it in only 30 minutes!

At first: learn to cook aquafaba! We will show you the way to cook the best aquafaba by yourself. And also very cheap!

A lot of people who begin to work with aquafaba find it difficult to whip it and get meringue... NO MORE! You will learn to choose the right load for your blender and see the whole process in details. The difference in only 30 grams (!) of aquafaba can ruin everything! Then you will learn the ideal timings, types of sweeteners and a lot of tricks from our chef about whipping aquafaba.

We will discuss natural and artificial colorings, both dry and liquid. Our chef Mariya Bogomolova will show you the best utensils, and how to load whipped meringue into piping bag. The last lesson is about piping techniques. You will learn to make it like a pro!

With this course you will get 3 recipes to work with!

Who this course is for:

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Chef
  • Pastry chef
  • Everyone who want to make meringues without eggs


Mariya Bogomolova
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Ivan Vegan is a vegan bakery and online school. Established in 2015, our project has a mission to increase popularity of organic vegan patisserie and cakes.

I'm the brand chef and one of the founders of Ivan Vegan School. We invented a number of impressive techniques and always are looking forward to implement and promote any new vegan ingredient that appear nowadays.

Vegan is the future of every thinking person in this world. In our lessons we will give you the passion and love for vegan bakery!

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