Venture Capital (VC) Pitch Due Diligence Qs w Sramana Mitra

Learn How to Develop Your Startup Strategy and Pitch Before Going to Angel and Venture Capital (VC) Investors
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How to develop your startup strategy before going to Venture Capital and Angel investors.
Case studies of how investors dissect startup pitches.
Case studies of how investors poke holes in startup pitches.
How to prepare for a Venture Capitalist meeting
Due Diligence frameworks for investor-entrepreneur fit for raising Venture Capital.
How VCs think about funding companies.


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Let me start with a quote from Marc Andreessen:

“At our venture capital firm we only invest in a sort of Silicon Valley–style tech. We see 3,000 inbound deals a year. And those are inbound and coming through our referral network, so those are sort of prequalified. We can do maybe 15 or 20 investments out of the 3,000 a year. So I like to say our day job is crushing entrepreneurs’ hopes and dreams. Our main skill is saying no, and getting people to not hate us.”
Source: Inside the mind of Marc Andreessen – Fortune Magazine

It pains me to see how many entrepreneurs have no idea what makes a startup fundable. Over 99% of the entrepreneurs who seek financing are rejected.

If you get rejected by Accelerators, Angels or VCs, and they don’t tell you why, you need to understand the objections and the analysis that led them to their decision. Most good investors take the time to explain. Also, there are some fairly standard reasons why entrepreneurs get rejected by investors.

So, my humble advice to all entrepreneurs: please learn to assess your own probability of getting funded. This course is a very good start if you need a crash course in fundability.

This is also an excellent preparatory tool for building your investor pitch.

In the course, you will find sample pitches with feedback sessions.

Who this course is for:

  • Technology entrepreneurs.
  • Startup founders.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs and startup founders.


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