User Interviewing Basic Essentials

Basic Essentials of conducting a good User Interview
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In this class, you will be learning the essential basis of conducting a User Interview.

We be covering:

  • Recruiting Participants

  • How to ask Questions

  • what to avoid in an interview

  • Tips and Tricks in a Conversation

  • Questions samples

A Simple Project for you to test out what you learn here

Look up these apps on google play or the App store

  • Clubhouse

  • Instagram

  • Fiton

  • Uber

Or any other application you use on day to day basis.

Look at their features and select something that you wish to explore. Could be something you like, hate or simply think it can be improved.

Create questions based on that and try to recruit 2 or 3 of your friends to and genuinely try to interview them for 5 to 10 minutes and record those interviews.

If you seek to push this even further, contact online communities and attempt the same thing.

Should the Interviewees Consent, you can either upload the recording of the interview (audio or video) or you can submit the transcript of the talk along with the full description of the issue you have based it on and the questions you seek to ask.

And lastly... Remember to enjoy the process and allow yourself to make mistakes. By not doing anything, you will not know which area you need to improve, so learn and try out what you can.


Who this course is for:

  • Ux Designer
  • User Researchers
  • Product managment
  • Product Designers


Ux Researcher
Ardavan Hp
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Hi there

My name is Ardavan and i am a Senior Ux Researcher and UI Designer

I have rich experience in conducting User Research and working on products from, Fitness apps to Cryptocurrency and Finance applications

I hope to be able to provide you with the essential courses one would need, in order to have a smooth experience with Product design and UX.


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