Upwork Saved My Life - Earn 6 Figures or more on Upwork
4.4 (44 ratings)
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Upwork Saved My Life - Earn 6 Figures or more on Upwork

Learn to go from zero to six figures using my proven technique which helped me get top ranked on Upwork and earn 500/hr
4.4 (44 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
244 students enrolled
Created by Adam Palmer
Last updated 4/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Learn how to Earn through Upwork with digital marketing. This is something ALL businesses are looking for right now.
  • Increase your hourly rate through Upwork and increase your value by increasing your skillset and experience.
  • Learn to know EXACTLY what to say to clients to get them to hire you instead of others applying for the job.
  • Turn your Upwork account into a revenue generating machine that can be accessed in any part of the world.
  • You will know how to find the right gigs and jobs that are best suited for you in order to leverage you skillset and increase your expertise.
  • You will know how to get noticed by high paying clients on Upwork
  • You will learn new lucrative skills that most companies need in 2020 and beyond.
  • Bonus - Learn how to get approved on the system if you are having issues - EVERY TIME - something people are having a tougher and tougher time with.
  • You'll need an Upwork Account
  • You'll need a laptop or computer so you can work
  • You'll need to know how to work with software platforms on the internet
  • You'll need to be able to skype or video chat clients

There are opportunities being generated EVERY second on Upwork. 

Thousands of businesses per day are in need of your help to help them grow their businesses.

Are you interested in being able to use Upwork to work with businesses all around the world? Upwork allows you to work from home, Rome or anywhere in the world.  It has allowed me to live a type of lifestyle I never would have imagined. I've been using Upwork consistently over the years and have turned it into a business. 

Not just a gig here and there, but something that you can rely on.

And working virtually is just getting started. Even before the pandemic we're in the middle of, companies were starting to realize they can just hire virtual freelancers, but now that practice has been fueled at an accelerated pace.

So where do you fit in?  What skills do you have? Most likely, they're in demand.  And you can leverage them right now with companies that are in search for a person like you.

And from what I've found in my experience, you're also going to learn so much more as you work with more and more companies.

You are in the middle of an opportunity of a lifetime.  Because since you were able to find Udemy, you basically understand how big the industry of online content can be. Many of my clients know this too, and they're hiring many people to help them.

I'm usually one of those people! If you're willing to learn the ropes of working online, you can find your niche and start making money online today with Upwork, if you can show that you're capable of helping the business with their issue.

This course is goes through exactly what you need to do to get your career jump started on Upwork so you can start earning and learning.

For those that don't know my story, Upwork Saved My Life and helped me turn my entire around.

I was completely broke from two failed restaurants and an iPhone App and I decided one day I wouldn't be a victim anymore.  I made the determination to be one of the highest paid freelancers on Upwork and I worked everyday to achieve it.

Now that I'm at the level that I worked so hard to achieve, I want to pay it forward and educate the masses on exactly what I do and how I got started so you can breakthrough on Upwork on an accelerated path.

I started with just a small $45 project and that morphed into me regular charging my long term clients $250 - $500/hr.  Yes! PER HOUR.

With the techniques I outline in this course, I'll show you exactly how I do this and what you can start doing today to start earning real money by this weekend.

These are some of the things I'm going to cover.

  • How to create a profile that will be respectable and get you hired.

  • What skills you need in order to get a yes from Clients everytime with very little commitment on both sides which gives your relationship time to grow.

  • How to increase your hourly rate so your time is more valuable by increasing your skillset.

  • How to negotiate on Upwork and the right pricing strategy that puts you in the position to NEVER have to haggle.

  • Getting started with the right types of contracts so you're set up from the beginning.

  • How to position yourself to not just get paid for your time, but passively through ongoing dividends that your clients gladly hook you up with.

Who is this course for:

In this course you'll see that that there are always niches on Upwork that you can get your foot in the door.

If you're looking to change up your career or are looking to get started with providing your services online, check out this course.  If you don't get an amazing amount of value out of it I will gladly refund you.  

I'm more interested in getting people onto Upwork, so they can figure out how to leverage their skills and start earning an income online. In this time of uncertainty, I think it's truly important to be able to earn an income, even if you're first to stay home.

When is the right time:

At the time of me writing this, I'm in quarantine, so I would have to say there's probably no better time to learn different skills online that you can monetize than now.  Or maybe you want to start your business of course, and then you would want to hire some of the people taking this course :) Hopefully you're doing something though that's productive.

In this course, you'll see is that a lot of what I do is work with software platforms that can most likely be learned in a couple days.

This is something I would assume you DEFINITELY have the time for right now and will pay off dividends later.

Who this course is for:
  • People that want to work remotely on Upwork by freelancing.
  • People that want freedom from their typical 9-5 job
  • People want to learn new ideas and systems
  • People that want significantly increase their hourly wage
  • People that want to earn income through Upwork
Course content
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+ Introduction
4 lectures 03:47

Brief Intro on how Upwork Saved My Life and how it can save your life too.

Upwork Saved My life Introduction

Items that you will DEFINITELY need to move forward.

What You Need To Start Earning
Setting Goals and Expectations
Earn to Learn
+ **Bonus** Getting approved in 2020 and beyond.
3 lectures 53:07

OK first things first.

So many people have told me about the difficulties they've been having with getting approved on the system.  Obviously, if you can't get on there's no way you can actually make this a business so I wanted to devote the first bonus lessons to making sure you get approved.

Preview 11:22
Getting Approved On Upwork in 2020 and beyond 2
Getting Approved On Upwork in 2020 and beyond 3
+ Making your Profile
2 lectures 22:58
Making Your Profile Help

Making your profile


Making your profile requires a little bit of finesse I think if you want to resonate with clients.  

What I find most of the time is that clients either fall into 2 brackets.

A. Ones that know what they want.

B. Ones that are confused and don't know what they want.

Typically B's are where you want to be at the end of the day -- because they will be bigger and more profitable gigs.

A's you want to do more in the beginning so you can get reviews on the board.

With that said, you want to really be focused on tailoring your profile towards the audience of the type of person that wants to hire you.

In my case, it's always "Internet Marketing".  

Because this is in my wheelhouse, I know that one of the key issues with hiring for a position like mine, is that many people lack the necessary skill-set that fully understands all of the intricate pieces necessary to completing a converting funnel.

Now for people out of the business, this may not be something that would resonate, but because I know that when people are going to check out my profile, they'll like what they see, I'll more likely get an interview with a client that is right for me.

I say "right" for me, because I don't want to ever pursuit anything that isn't a right fit. So that's the first thing to pay attention to with your profile: Make your target stand out to the right target audience:

  • Target the right audience

  • Come off as a human being - let your personality shine

  • Make a video!

List out everything you know: When it comes to profile building, I never worry about not having enough information, so long as it's relevant.  What I typically do here is literally blast off all the different software and coding languages I know.

This is because when clients are doing their searches, you want to pop up hire on the relevancy search.

Make a video:

This is basically your automatic selling machine.  We'll get into this a little more in our next lesson, but for now I want you to realize how important this piece is to the puzzle.

In internet marketing, Video Sales Letters are among some of the highest converting mechanisms for making a sale through automated means.

Fortunately Upwork is able to allow you to use this mechanism and present it to super hot leads that are looking to hire you. The greatest thing about Upwork is that everyone on there is ready to spend money.  Very rarely are there tire kickers, so the goal is to get them enamored in your profile immediately.  And the best way to do this is by making a friendly video so they can get to know you.

By doing this, you are creating a bond that no words on a can resist.

Come off as a human being: When it comes to profile building, I never worry about not having enough information, so long as it's relevant.  What I typically do here is literally blast off all the different software and coding languages I know.

This is because when clients are doing their searches, you want to pop up hire on the relevancy search.

Sounds professional and have certainty:

One of the greatest issues with hiring on Upwork and from what I hear from almost every client who has hired out previous to me, is that the freelancers duck out with the jobs.

Making your profile
+ Making Your Profile Video
2 lectures 06:31
Making your profile video intro

Making a video

Making a video is probably the most important thing I ever did on my profile. This is the best way to introduce yourself to a potential client.

Watch the video to see exactly what I did.

If you do this correctly YOU WONT have to awkwardly talk about yourself during the first interview.

What's preventing you from making a video?

Making a video
+ Software I like to put on my profile
2 lectures 03:29
Software I like to put on my profile notes

Software I like to put on there


You want to be super specific in your profile with the software that you constantly are working with.

Since these software platforms serve a specific purpose, the client will have an understanding of what you know based on what software you know.

This is why I like to basically list out all of the software I love and work with all of the time.

Also, this is great with search and also pushing your profile to the top if a client posts a relevant job.

Software I like to put on my profile to get noticed
+ Keywords
2 lectures 04:03

Keywords to get noticed


You really want to treat Upwork like every other online marketplace.

If you have experience with online marketplaces like Amazon and and Ebay, you know how important keywords are.

Because if you can't be found, you can't be hired!

So what you want to do is consider an SEO strategy for your profile, so you're positioning yourself to get seen by the right buyers more frequently.

Keywords to get noticed on your profile
Keyword Notes
+ Finding Jobs
2 lectures 06:43

How to find the jobs that suit you

Finding the right jobs is a pretty simple task on Upwork, but the devil is in the detail because you want to accurately search for the right ones that you're best suited for.

The best way to do this is through keyword search.

I like to search by software.

If you went through the previous lesson with the software I love, these can act as very powerful keywords to find the right jobs for you.

Make separate searches for all of the different software you know.

Create your own job board.

This is what we did here. Check it out an see how easy it is to get a constant stream of jobs that are most suited for you.

How to find the jobs that suit you
How to find jobs notes
+ Types of contracts to take and when to take them
2 lectures 13:51

Fixed Contracts Vs. Hourly


Watch my video. 

Basically, we want to structure this in a way that makes sense for your expertise.

At first, you'll want to just fixed that are small that you can bang out very quickly.

DON'T TRY AND GET A HUGE PROJECT!!! This will pin you down and prevent you from learning.

Try and take on projects that you can deliver small tasks. 

It's all good if they take the small fixed contract and change it to hourly later.


Because you get the review and you also get an entire new contract out Upwork. This does wonders for you score and also gets you those needed reviews that are going to help push you to the top when your looking for gigs.

Hourly gigs at any rate are all good in the beginning as long as your hourly rate in on an upward trajectory.

This way it looks like you are charging more as your time erodes vs. making deals with people.

If you're seen as someone that makes deals with people, potential clients will haggle more.

This is the last thing you want to start dealing with on a regular basis.

Your story should just be that it keeps increasing with every job (remember your raise) so that helps them understand that they should hire you now vs. waiting for an increase. 

This also helps some of your original clients feel hooked up as they see your hourly rate climbing for other clients.

Remember my first contract was only a $30 fixed and that turned into a huge project at not too high of an hourly rate.

Fixed Contracts Vs. Hourly
Contract Differences Notes
+ Things you SHOULD NEVER Do or you'll get booted.
2 lectures 03:14

How to get booted from the site

Getting booted from Upwork is simple!

Here are some great ways of doing this:

1. Try and take the job off the platform.

2. Don't communicate with the client and leave them hanging.

3. Don't do what you say you're going to do.

4. Be arrogant

5. Don't fix your mistakes

6. Don't listen to the cient

7. Get emotional

8. Blame others

9. Refuse to learn

10. Give up

How to get booted from the site
Getting Booted Notes
+ Early Goals
2 lectures 04:06

Goals of your first jobs


1. Get an easy milestone gig.

2. Get Reviews

3. Increase Rate

You have some easy clear goals in the beginning and that's basically to show that you're a real person and that you do what you say you're going to do.

This is by far the biggest issue clients have over Upwork. So many freelancers duck out on projects and it completely ruins the experience for everyone involved.

That's why at first it's important to pad the stats so you can go against the grain as soon as possible.

Sure nothing says social proof like tons of paying clients, but reviews DEFINITELY help. Especially when there aren't any other figures to really go from.

This part is just a stepping stone into a more lucrative position for a couple months down the road.

Goals of your first jobs
Goals Notes