Advanced Upwork Proposals: Tips to 10X Client Responses Fast
4.7 (719 ratings)
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Advanced Upwork Proposals: Tips to 10X Client Responses Fast

Secrets to Write Better Upwork Proposals and Get a Response Even When 20-30 People Already Applied!
4.7 (719 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,833 students enrolled
Created by Lex DeVille
Last updated 5/2020
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What you'll learn
  • After taking this course you will be able to write better Upwork proposals that get more responses in less time.
  • You will stop sending templates and wasting money on extra Upwork connects.
  • You will know how to implement a variety of psychological tactics and techniques to help you get hired more often.
  • You will make your proposals stand out from everyone else even when tons of people have already applied.
  • You should have a freelance account with Upwork or another platform.
  • You should bring a positive attitude and be ready to learn something awesome!
  • You should be someone who cares about helping other people.
  • You should be someone with a rational mind who can really help your clients.

WARNING: This course is not for everyone. If you are looking for a bunch of spammy proposal templates to copy and paste, then this course isn't for you. If you have a history of action-faking, time-wasting, procrastinating, and generally not following through in life, then this isn't for you. If you don't intend to use the techniques in this course to help other people, then this isn't for you. This course is only for those who are ready to take action, apply the material, help clients and get serious results. This course is for winners only. Are you a winner? Keep reading.

Do you struggle to get Upwork clients to respond? Does it feel impossible to land interviews? Do you know 100% for sure you're qualified for the job...yet still you get ignored? If so this course might help.

Freelancing is hard work. Especially when it comes to attracting high-paying Upwork clients. Just when you find a good one, you're up against 20 to 30 proposals. So how do you get ahead, and how do you get stand out?

Do you:

  • Send proposals every day but clients just won't give you a chance?

  • Have relevant experience, even a degree, but nobody cares?

  • Feel sick of getting passed over for other, less-qualified freelancers?

These exact problems lead many freelancers to give up or quit. They send templates to be faster - to try to get their proposal in first, and they still don't get a response. They talk about their experience but it's crickets.

The real problem? It's not the effort you're putting in. It's your process. Because clients are looking for something VERY specific from you. It's not a template. It's not your experience. It's DEFINITELY not your degree. Instead, clients want to know that you are someone who can really help them. They want to know that you can get the job done, and done right!

Okay, so I need to prove I'm the best, but how do I do that? Simple, you have to change your process. You have to approach proposals differently from everyone else. You have to show you care about the client, and prove you're someone competent and trustworthy.

In short, you have to:

  • Prove you can get the job done quickly, well and without a lot of instruction

  • Show clients you are a credible authority without talking about your experience or degrees

  • Help clients see that you are competent, so they feel comfortable hiring you

Inside, you will discover how to:

  • Stop making the same instant-reject mistakes as every other freelancer

  • Craft proposals that ONLY give clients exactly what they need from you

  • Improve your process to boost proposal responses fast!

In this course I'll show you a simple, repeatable process that continues to work to this day! Once you learn this method, and properly apply it, your results will change.

Instead of burning connects faster than a blowtorch burns gasoline you'll send way less proposals and get way more responses. You'll stop spamming clients and come across authentic and useful.  Plus, you'll show clients you really care, and make yourself stand out even when there are already 50 proposals and 10 interviews lined up.

This is the EXACT system my students who broke six-figures use. It's the EXACT system I used to go from $0.00 to $100.00 an hour in my first month freelancing. It's also the system I used to build a second Upwork account to full-time income levels in less than a month from scratch with NO DEGREE, NO PORTFOLIO, AND NO EXPERIENCE LISTED. Thousands of my students use this system to get results every single day. And when you learn to properly apply it you will get results too.

ONE QUICK NOTE To really stand out, you MUST go beyond templates. You must ACTUALLY CARE about helping clients get the results they want. You need to want to go the extra mile to show them that difference. That means customizing each and every proposal. It means trying harder and taking your time on each one. As a result, you will spend LESS time applying overall.

That's what I'm going to teach you here. How to prove your worth in words. How to grab attention like a gun to the forehead. How to give clients a clear, direct path to view you as the best person for the job.

Let other freelancers blab about their skills and experience. When you take this course, you can beat every one of them, even when a ton already applied. Because inside this course I will show you a better way. A proven system that teaches you:

  • How to send fewer proposals than ever and get way more responses in less time

  • A simple technique I use to attract high-pay clients even when 20-30 people already applied

  • Profound psychological techniques to get noticed and stand out like a beacon in the night

  • Useful NLP tactics that help you bypass client objections and compel them to respond

  • How to prove you care about your clients and that you can help them better than anyone else!

There ARE templates in this course, but this ISN'T a template course!!!!!!! Do NOT expect to win gigs by copying templates!!!!!!!! Instead, I'll show you what works for me, and how you can apply it to your own proposals to get better results. If that makes sense for you, scroll up and enroll now!


Lex DeVille

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn to write better Upwork proposals that get results fast.
  • Anyone who wants to stop sending a ton of template proposals for bottom dollar gigs.
  • Anyone who wants to stop wasting money on more Upwork connects each month.
  • Anyone who wants to earn clients at the highest possible rates.
Course content
Expand all 48 lectures 03:49:45
+ Introduction
6 lectures 32:35

An introduction to advanced Upwork proposals and to the course to get you started down the right track.

Preview 03:48
How to Get Support Fast!

What is the purpose of a proposal? It goes deeper than you realize and in this lesson we'll discuss it.

Purpose Of The Proposal

In this lesson I'll show you how most people write proposals (the wrong way) and why it doesn't work.

How Most People Write Proposals (The Wrong Way)

In this lesson we'll cover a shift in mindset that will allow you to write proposals that are 10 times better than those you wrote in the past. Mindset is everything and once you get that part down, you'll write proposals that get results.

Proper Proposal Mindset

In this lesson you'll learn what clients want and need from your proposal if you want them to respond.

What Clients Need From Your Proposal
Test Your Learning
3 questions
+ Influence & Persuasion Tactics
21 lectures 02:00:41

This lesson is an in-depth look at YOU Focused proposals and how to write them.

Preview 08:35
YOU Focus Proposals Expanded
Getting In Sync Through Rapport Building
Rapport Building Expanded

In this lesson I'll show you how I gather as much secret squirrel info as possible on the client before writing the proposal. Who are they, how do they think, what do they need to read from you, and what do their words tell you? All of that is in this lesson.

Secret Squirrel Spy Tactics For Information Gathering
Spy Tactics Expanded

In this lesson I'll show you ways to get the client in agreement with you even though you've never talked to them before. This will help you prove the two of you see eye-to-eye right from the start.

Gaining Agreement From The Client
Gaining Agreement Expanded

In this lesson we'll cover the uses of Vague and Specific language in your proposals. When should you use each one and how are they used in the first place?

Vague & Specific Language Patterns

In this lesson we'll discuss some different kinds of social proof and credibility markers you can add to prove your authority status to the client. We'll also cover where and how to add these into your proposals for maximum effect.

A Pinch Of Social Proof And Credibility
Helpful Practice Activity: Social Proof & Credibility

In this lesson I'll teach you different kinds of clarity questions I use to attract clients. These questions break through barriers, and help them get interested in what you have to say.

Clarity Questions To Attract Clients Like Cats To Tuna
Clarity Questions Expanded

In this lesson I'll teach you about future pacing and presuppositions. Then I'll explain how to use them in your proposals to bypass client hesitations so you can skip straight to working together.

Future Pacing And The Role Of Presuppositions
Future Pacing & Presuppositions Expanded

In this lesson you'll learn basic storytelling concepts and when and how to use them to help clients suspend their disbelief and engage your proposal deeper than ever before.

The Role Of Storytelling In Proposals
Storytelling Expanded

In this lesson I'll cover when and how I use guarantees and promises, and also things I never use or say no matter who the client is or what the situation.

Guarantees And Promises
Promises & Guarantees Expanded

In this lesson I'll show you how to apply scarcity and limited time influence tactics to help you get clients to respond as quickly as possible.

Scarcity And Limited Time Offers
Scarcity, Limited-Time Offers Expanded
Quiz 2
3 questions
+ Writing A Great Proposal
16 lectures 01:07:49
Length Of A Great Upwork Proposal

In this section we'll look at the different sections of a well-written proposal from a bird's eye view.

Sections Of A Great Upwork Proposal

In this lesson we'll talk headlines, when to use them, and how to write one that grabs attention fast.

How To Write An Attention Grabbing Headline
Helpful Practice Activity - Attention-Grabbing Headlines

In this lesson I'll show you different ways I greet clients depending on the kind of person I think they are.

The Best Way To Greet The Client

In this lesson I'll show you ways to craft a powerful first sentence so you don't lose the client before they have the chance to read your whole proposal.

How To Write Your First Sentence For Attention And Interest
First Sentence Expanded

In this lesson we'll cover the rest of what goes in a solid first paragraph to keep them hanging on your every word.

How To Write Your First Paragraph?
First Paragraph Expanded

In this lesson I'll show you how I write my second paragraph in a way that connects my services with their needs to prove my value and authority in their eyes.

How To Write Your Second Paragraph?
Second Paragraph Expanded

In this section I'll show you how I bring it all to a close and what kinds of things I might say in a closing paragraph.

How To Write Your Closing Paragraph
Closing Paragraph Expanded

In this lesson I'll show you subtle techniques I use in my signature and how they influence clients to respond.

How To Influence Clients With Your Signature

In this lesson I'll show you how to write a great P.S. statement that leaves subliminal bread crumbs that might get you hired later if not right now.

How To Write A Great P.S. Statement
P.S. Statement Expanded
Quiz 3
3 questions
+ Conclusion
5 lectures 08:38

Final thoughts before you start writing awesome proposals.

Conclusion & Additional Resources
2019 Case Study: How I Write Proposals for Vague Job Posts
How to Answer Those Tricky Screening Questions...

Your next steps to help you reach entirely new heights as a freelancer.

Your Next Steps...
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