Udemy Online Course Creation MasterClass - Unofficial
4.4 (168 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Udemy Online Course Creation MasterClass - Unofficial

Online Course Creation - Create Your Online Business and Financial Freedom - Passive Income with Online Courses
4.4 (168 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,979 students enrolled
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  • 20 hours on-demand video
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  • 5 articles
  • 164 downloadable resources
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What you'll learn
  • Discover how to replicate my success as a best selling online course instructor - I share all my detailed knowledge from my experience of selling on Udemy for seven years
  • Select the ideal topic to match your passion and expertise
  • Step by Step identify the best topic for you that matches student demand and will sell
  • Use a clear framework for creating your online course - that you can use again and again for any course
  • Understand how to communicate the benefits of your course to your audience and their challenges and struggles
  • Launch successfully and grow your income from Online Courses here on Udemy and elsewhere
  • Earn passive income - money while you sleep (or go to the beach!)
  • And So Much More...
  • You do not need any experience in creating Online Courses - Together we will discover everything you need from planning your course, producing it, publishing and promoting your Online Course
  • No experience of training, teaching or digital marketing
  • A computer, tablet or smartphone, a basic mic and an internet connection

Udemy Online Course Creation MasterClass - Unofficial


Update for 2020 - Bonus Courses Added!  See Below!

Are you a Digital Entrepreneur or aspire to be one?

Are you a Stay-At-Home Mom looking to generate extra income?

Are you a Freelancer, Coach, Consultant or Author who has been struggling to earn extra income from your expertise with online courses?

In this course I show you the easiest solution to over come these challenges - creating and selling online courses!

Do you hate your job?

Do you dream of making a passive income from Online Courses but just don't know where to start?

Do you have a course you just know will sell but cannot get it off the blocks?

Have you launched a course but its sales are disappointing?

It took me six months to create my first online course

My first attempt at creating an online course failed - the audio was terrible

For my second attempt which also failed, I realised I had to get an HD camera and improve the lighting

On my third attempt, good audio and HD video my course made me $1,000 in the first month

Too many courses tell you what to do but keep the best parts of how to do it for their follow up course

Together we will discover how to:

  • Plan a course that will sell

  • Produce high quality, engaging and informative course content

  • Publish your course with a launch strategy

  • Promote to grow your sales

  • Profit from all your hard work

We are going to do this together- step by step.

Plan. Produce. Publish. Promote. Profit.

It’s all here and when I learn new tactics and strategies. So do you.

I want you to stop and think what you would do with $1,000 if you could make it from an online course -even if it took several months to earn it?

Now think of two good ways to spend some of that money investing in yourself!

This Course is not like any other and 149,065 enrolments in my courses with an overall instructor rating of 4.40 is the proof!

In the past seven years I have built a consistent 5 figure income from my online courses. Last year we moved house and I did little or no work for six months and my income went up!

Why takes THIS course creation course?

This course has been designed to be comprehensive - for all levels taking you from beginner to advanced!.

Bestselling course A has 3.5 hours of video and 4 downloadable resources.

Best selling course B has 6 hours of video, 10 articles and 4 downloadable resources.

My course has 20 hours of on demand video, 3,5 hours of on demand audio, 5 articles and 164 downloadable resources.

Which will be better for you?

Why the difference? Because I am putting everything into this masterclass. I am not keeping back the best bits for a later advanced classes.

Ask yourself which will help you more?

Is mine the best class you can take? Probably!

What are you waiting for? Enroll today!


Now Including the following additional Bonus Courses:

Planning: Using Udemy Insights to Help With Course Topic Selection

Publication: Udemy SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Promotion: Online Course Marketing Blueprint

Promotion - Master Promotional Emails


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Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who has a passion from which you want to create a passive online income from Online Course Creation, making money while you sleep
  • Anyone with or without teaching experience seeking freedom to live and work anywhere in the world, on your own time
  • Anyone who really really wants to create an Online Course but does not know where to start
  • Anyone whose Online Course has not delivered the results you wanted
  • Anyone who is an Expert or Authority in their field and wants to monetise that expertise with Online Courses
Course content
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+ Master Udemy Course Creation - Introduction
3 lectures 19:59

I have extensively revised and reorganised this course to keep it up to date with changes on the Udemy platform itself and to bring you the benefit of my experience of creating courses on the Udemy Platform. I hope it offers you even more value and to help you, I have made a significant portion of the course previewable. Please leave a rating and a review for this course if you enjoy it.

Preview 04:43

I asked a question recently in the Udemy Studio to find out what other instructors were struggling with during the course creation process. The response fascinated me and inspired me to turn many of the issues into a video so that you can discover what other instructors are struggling with - realise you are not alone - and I also suggest some solutions and remedies to the issues raised.

Preview 13:39

It would be great if you would introduce yourself in the discussions. Where are you from? what are your objectives for the course? What challenges are you facing? Join in with the community here and lets all work together for our mutual success.

Do welcome new members and answer questions if you can!

Please Introduce Yourself
+ Student Q&A - Answers to Questions which might interest all Students
2 lectures 21:26

I was asked by a Student in my Online Course Creation Masterclass "Are there best practices for Section and Lecture structuring?". This prompted me to set out my thoughts in a new lecture to cover the point which I share with you here.

A PDF of the Slide Deck is available to download with this lecture.

Preview 12:49

A student asked me for my opinion on the best Mic for creating online courses - in my opinion.  Here is an overview of my experience with Mics as well as a mini tutorial on how to get the best sound from your Mic using Audacity (free programme).

What is the best >$50 Mic?
+ PLANNING: Positioning Yourself As An Expert
10 lectures 29:29

In this lecture, I briefly introduce what you can expect to discover in this section.

Expert Positioning Section Overview

The starting point for every instructor has to be getting a clear idea of his or her own expertise. This section is all about getting that focus before you start. 

Preview 02:58

Download the attached PDF and complete the Activity by brainstorming your personal areas of Expertise following the headings given in the document. These follow the previous lecture.

ACTIVITY; Brainstorm Your Expertise

When choosing your area of expertise/authority, it really helps if you are passionate about the subject. Malcolm Gladwell speaks about the 10,000 hour rule as time required to study a subject to become an expert - thats a long time to be doing something if you don't like it! 

Find Something You Are Passionate About

Who is your Audience? This lecture does not talk about Avatars and how to construct them. This is about knowing who your audience are and where you can find them online. Once you know that, you can go and listen to them moaning and complaining! That information is pure gold!

Who is your Audience?

Understanding what students want in a course can be the difference between creating a great course and a poor course. Its not so much about the topic or content but the approach that you take to the subject matter. All is explained here. 

What do Students want?

Focus on identifying problems. Pain sells. Prevention does not sell! I explain in this lecture the importance of this focus and you should have this in mind when designing your course.

Problem Identification

You can save a lot of time and trouble by not making these common Topic Selection Mistakes so don't miss this lecture out!

Avoiding Subjects - What NOT to Teach

You need to find ways to differentiate yourself and your courses from your competition.  You can do this by assessing your competitors and working out their strengths and weaknesses. You can also design this into your course and I share some ways to do this in this lecture.

How are you going stand out?

Congratulations, you are now in a great position to understand how to position yourself as an Expert. Next up, we are going to take a closer look at Udemy! 

Expert Positioning - Section Summary
+ PLANNING - What do you know about Udemy?
10 lectures 01:11:03

In this section I want to introduce you to Udemy and give you some clear strategic guidance on how to become a successful instructor. This lecture introduces what you can expect to discover in this section.

What do you know about Udemy - Section Overview

If you need any convincing, let me share some real benefits of online courses. If you are going to create a serious course for your audience, then I want you to be convinced of its benefits.

Brief lecture notes are included with this lecture which you can down load for reference.

The Benefits of an Online Course

Timing is everything and I am completely convinced this is a great time to be starting as a Udemy Instructor. I explain why in this lecture!

Brief lecture notes are included with this lecture which you can down load for reference.

Why it makes sense NOW to become an Online Instructor

Turn your expertise into cash - join the 21st Century Gold Rush (and sell the picks and shovels)! This lecture explains why you can make a huge difference to your life by becoming a Udemy Online Instructor

Why Online Courses Can Change Your Life Part 1

Turn your expertise into cash - join the 21st Century Gold Rush (and sell the picks and shovels)! This lecture explains why you can make a huge difference to your life by becoming a Udemy Online Instructor

Why Online Courses Can Change Your Life Part 2

This explains my three key reasons for using the Udemy platform and why I think its a great place to start your online courses business.

Brief lecture notes are included with this lecture which you can down load for reference.

Three Reasons to Publish on Udemy

Here I want to highlight six specific habits of successful Udemy instructors that will have a positive impact on both your students and your standing with Udemy.

Brief lecture notes are included with this lecture which you can down load for reference.

Six Habits of Successful Udemy Instructors

One of the best ways to learn how to market your courses is to see what other instructors are doing. This is not just relevant to how they market their courses on the internet, but how they create and present them in Udemy. Adopt and adapt from the best instructors to lift the effectiveness of your in-Udemy marketing. Brief lecture notes have been attached to Additional Resources to help you with this topic.

Why You Should Watch Courses By Other Udemy Instructors

This lecture is a walk through the Course production process, delivering lots of detail about the production process. Its a long video but I think as your introduction to Online Course production its helpful to have this content in one place!

How to Produce a Great Online Course

Congratulations on completing this Section! Now you have completed the Micro and Macro Competitive Analysis you should have a good understanding about how you can create a unique course and where some major opportunities may exist for you in the Udemy Market Place!

What do you know about Udemy Section Summary
1 lecture 00:00

This PDF contains a structured list of equipment and resources which may provide a helpful guide to an instructor seeking to set up. This includes:

  • Microphones
  • POP Filters and Cables
  • Software
  • Cameras
  • Lighting Equipment

For the record I use;

  • iMac (High Spec: 32MB RAM, 3GB HD)
  • Blue Yeti + Pop Filter USB
  • Logitech C920 Webcam/iPhone 5s
  • 2 Desk Lamps (Quick & Simple)
  • Logitech Wireless Presenter
  • Screenflow
  • Audacity/Garage Band
    Many of these items are recommended by other instructors but I have not used them all myself. Prices may vary and I have tried to quote both US and UK Prices as a guide.
Equipment and Resources Checklist
44 pages
+ PLANNING: Topic Selection
8 lectures 23:34

Choosing your topic is something that should be done carefully. Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted. This lecture introduces this section and shares some guidance on this subject! 

Topic Selection Overview

Before you create your course, you need to make sure that you are creating a course that will sell in the Online Courses Marketplace? How you do this is explained in this lecture. Watch this before you start your next course and save yourself a lot of time, trouble and missed sales!

Brief lecture notes are included as additional resources to this lecture and may be downloaded.

Topic Selection is a Science Not an Art - Whats in it for me?

Every Operation has to have a mission statement, every course must have an objective. It is really important that you set this out right at the beginning of your course and deliver on the stated aim for your students!

What is the Single Objective of your Course?

This is a critical lecture. Which Courses do well on Udemy? Well, I am not going to take a guess!

I am going to look at the data using the information from my Udemy Course Directory and take a look at which courses actually do well. You can see in the pie charts in this lecture which Categories and Sub Categories have the most courses in them.

But I have gone further. I have taken a look at the top 300 courses, in my current dataset, by numbers of students. The pie charts in the lecture show the results for these 300 hundred courses both by Category and Sub Category. The PDF of these slides are downloadable

But I have gone further. You will find a zipped .iok file attached to this lecture. Unzip it and go to my free Udemy Course Directory (Lite) to discover how to download and use the Visokio Omniscope Viewer, there is a link to this course in the resources.

Then you can see for yourself which 300 courses are the most successful and you can do your own search and analysis to take a look at the topic areas of most interest to you.

Which Topics do well in Udemy?

Creating courses on evergreen topics, for which there is continued sustainable demand is a smart strategy and this lecture gives you some inspiration. I have used data from my Udemy Course Directory to prove the demand for these topics. You can enroll in the course and explore the data yourself using the Visokio Omniscope Viewer. Just check out my course page.

Evergreen Topics

This Activity will take you through a process for logically selecting a group of Course topics which meet the two key criteria of matching your competences to the demand for courses on Udemy!

Activity: Nine Step Topic Selection Exercise

This Topic Selection Checklist will help you to work through in a logical way the selection of your course topic.  You can download it from the resources section in this lecture.

Topic Selection Checklist

Topic Selection is the key to great courses. Make sure that there is demand in Udemy, that you address your audiences pains and problems and that, ideally, you create evergreen content. You will discover all this when you work through my Nine Step Topic Selection Exercise which you should do before going any further in this course.

Topic Selection Section Summary and Wrap Up
+ PLANNING: BONUS COURSE -Using Udemy Insights to Help With Course Topic Selection
32 lectures 02:02:15

Udemy provides instructors with an Insight Function in their Course Management Page.  

This is a very powerful tool and effectively Udemy is saying - this is what you need to know to create competitive and effective courses that your students are going to want to buy.

You can discover for any Udemy Topic (read keyword):

  • Student Demand
  • Number of Competing Courses
  • Median Revenue
  • Earnings of theTop Course
  • The Search Volume and Trends over time
  • Similar Top Keyword searches
  • Similar Udemy Topics
  • Sources of Enrollments  - how much is organically from Udemy?
  • The number of courses for which the selected topic is the primary topic
  • The % of these courses rated 4.5 or higher
  • The % of enrollments going to these courses
  • The Top 5 Earning Courses for this Topic

This tool enables you to do some strategic planning for any new course and it is also a great tool for improving your existing courses to give you the opportunity to compete with the top earning courses.

Don't forget that Udemy is a classic 80:20 market place and 80% of the rewards go to the top 20% of instructors.

Definitely watch this lecture first and use it as your foundation for your Udemy business.

You can find the PDF for this lecture as a downloadable resource for your reference.

Preview 14:50

When you first enter your Topic into Udemy Insights you are going to be presented with the Opportunity Overview which "sets the scene" for the opportunity this Topic represents. I explain the six key pieices of information this presents you with so you will be able to quickly assess the quality of the the opportunity when you look at the overview for your topic.

A PDF of the Slide Deck is available to download with this lecture

Udemy Marketplace Insights - what is the Opportunity?

Udemy's Insights section is the MOST Valuable part of the Udemy Instructor Dashboard.  If you are not looking at this every day you are leaving money on the table. I want to fire you up, to make you passionate about using the INFORMATION - the MARKET INTELLIGENCE and showing you how to INTERPRET this to your advantage.  I want to show you how you can teach yourself to be a better instructor on Udemy.

The PDF of the Slide Deck is available for you to download.

Marketplace Insights Initial Analysis - Information Intelligence Interpretation

I was conducting a review of my Course rankings for Topic Keywords which I do regularly  (and note them in a spreadsheet of course!) and wanted to check if this course was making an impact in the rankings for the "Online Course Creation" Keyword.  Well, I have to admit I was a little (but very pleasantly surprised) to find 5 of my Courses ranking in the Top 8 for this Keyword and here is the proof.

A PDF of the Slide Deck and a JPEG of the Screenshot can be downloaded from the resouces section of this lecture.

Course Ranking Results - Look What You Could Achieve!

Udemy Topics are a third tier of course classification but one which is probably the most significant to your course and your Udemy course sales - so you need to understand what they are.  I explain this in this lecture and why they are important.

The PDF of the Slide Deck is available to download from this lecture.

Udemy Marketplace Insights - What are Topics?

Udemy Insights should be at the centre of your course creation process and I explain three reasons why you absolutely MUST be using Udemy Insights on a regular basis and why, if you are not, it is costing you money.

The PDF of the Slide Deck is available to down load from this lecture.

Udemy Marketplace Insights - Why Should You Use Udemy Marketplace Insights?

This lecture explains how you can find Udemy Insights and how to get started searching for the topic which is most applicable to your potential (or existing) course.

A PDF of the Slide Deck is available to download for this lecture

Udemy Marketplace Insights - How to Get Started with Udemy Insights

These are the four spreadsheets which you will need for the Course.  I have assembled them all here so that you can download them easily.  They are also downloadable from their respective lectures.

The PDF of the Slide Deck to this Lecture is available to download from the Resources Section too.

Before You Get Started - Download the Spreadsheet Template

This lecture starts by showing you where you can find Udemy Insights and introducing an Overview of the Topic opportunity.

We discuss the 5 summary messages and have an initial discussion about the balance of Course Supply and Student Demand and how this ties into the Opportunity Overview.

A Copy of this Slide Deck is available as a PDF to download.

How to Find Marketplace Insights and Opportunity Overview

Its time now for you to roll up your sleeves.  I would like you to create an initial list of Topics which are applicable to the next course you are planning.  We are going to work with this list of Topics in the remainder of the course.  You can enter the list in the left hand column of the Udemy Insights Blank Template spreadsheet which you can down load from the Resources Section of this lecture.

ACTIVITY: Create an Initial List of the Topics

For the next series of Lectures I am going to be working you through the data collated on the Udemy Insights Analysis Spreadsheet.  It is attached to this lecture.  You need to download it and open it in Excel.  You can use the data I have prepared for you to compare and contrast with the data you collect on your topics.

The Udemy Insights Analysis spreadsheet can be downloaded from the resources section of this lecture.

A PDF of the Slide Deck can also be downloaded from this lecture.

Now Open the Udemy Marketplace Insights Analysis Spreadsheet

Insights provides data for your topic which tells you about the level of demand for the topic, the number of courses on this topic and the search percentile for that topic. Given that a significant majority of Udemy sales are organic, this is very valuable data. This lecture explains what you can learn from this information and what it tells you about the Supply/Demand equation for this Topic on the Udemy Platform

A PDF of the Slide Deck is available for Download with this lecture.

The Course Supply Demand Equation in a Topic

Now its your turn. If you don't have your list of Topics and Keywords, start compiling it and then follow what I have done in Insights and go and collect the data on Course Supply and Demand - keep the spreadsheet, there is more data collection ahead of you.

A PDF of the Slide Deck is available to download.

ACTIVITY: The Course Supply Demand Equation Data Collection

Understanding the Size of the Prize is easy with the information provided by Insights. Udemy tell you the average sales per course for the Topic and the revenues of the Top selling course. This is really helpful when evaluating your own courses or deciding which course topic you might tackle next.

The Activity in this Lecture is to collect your own data for the Average Sales and the Top Selling Courses Sales for the Topics in which you are interested.

The PDF of this lecture is available to download.

Course Sales Revenues

This is an important clarification as point out to me by one of the students in the course.  Worth making a video about!

The Slide Deck can be downloaded as a PDF from the Resources Section of this Lecture.

Median or Average Monthly Earnings?

Now I would like you to collect the Revenue data for your Topics and add them to your Template Spreadsheet.

A PDF of the Slide Deck is available to download with this lecture.

ACTIVITY: Collect the Course Sales Revenue Data for your Topics

Understanding where the enrolments to courses comes from is important and the information in Udemy Insights is very revealing. Udemy shows you where the enrolments come from and the relevant percentage for each topic. This enables you to make informed decisions about your marketing. The results will not be what you expect.

The PDF of the Slide Deck is available to download.

Enrollments by Channel

Udemy measures how effective Course Landing Pages are by measuring the conversion rate of students enrolling in the course up to 3 months after visiting the landing page. The data suggests that this is a massive area of opportunity for many Topics as I reveal in this lecture.

The PDF of the Slide Deck is available to download.

Conversion Rates

Now its time to add the Channel Enrollments and Course Conversion Data to your Spreadsheet. Think about what this data is telling you about Organic search, about Instructor promotions.  What is the conversion data telling you about opportunities to create courses?

A PDF of the Slide Deck is available to download with this lecture.

ACTIVITY: Add the Channel Enrollments and Conversion Data to your Template

Insights provides very interesting data about the number of courses who have that Topic as the Primary Topic, the number of courses rated over 4.5 and the % of Enrolments which go to highly rated courses. This tells you who you have to out compete and by how much in order to get your course sales accelerating. Do the analysis and take action!

Use the data you have collated in the Course so far to evaluate the level of Competition for your Topic.

The PDF of the Slide Deck is available to download from this Lecture.

Course Competition

Now I would like you to complete the columns in your spreadsheet and work out the number of courses with ratings over 4.5 and how this relates to the Conversion factor.  By doing this you are continuing to evaluate the data and to work out which Topics might be the most attractive for your course.

A PDF of the Slide Deck is available for download from this lecture.

ACTIVITY: Use Your Data to Evaluate the Relative Competition For Each Topic

It is possible to use the Insights data to interpret the potential market opportunity for a Topic which helps you to make an informed decision about which Topic to create your next course in.  I show you how easy this is to do in this lecture.

Now its your turn - where is the best Market Opportunity for your selection of Topics?

The PDF of the Spreadsheet is available to download.

Market Opportunity

Now take a look at the Market Opportunity for your Topic using the data in your spreadsheet.  This is an evaluative judgement based on the information that Udemy is giving you.

The PDF of the Spread Sheet is attached for download with this lecture.

ACTIVITY: Evaluate the Market Opportunity for Your Topics

Once you have identified your primary and secondary Keywords, this lecture explains how you put them to best use in your Course.

A PDF of the Slide Deck is available for download

How to Find Keywords in Marketplace Insights

Once you have identified your primary and secondary Keywords, this lecture explains how you put them to best use in your Course.

A PDF of the Slide Deck is available for download.

How to use Keywords from Marketplace Insights in your Course to maximum effect

Now follow the steps outlined in the Keywords lecture to compile your own list of Keywords for your Topic.  Use the Template sheet in the Insights Keywords spreadsheet - attached to this lecture for your convenience.

Don't forget to check related Topics for their keywords too.  Then follow the instructions in the How to Use Keywords lecture to plan your implementation

A PDF of the Slide Deck is also available for you to download.

ACTIVITY: Collect and Collate the Keywords for Your Primary Topic

Insights provides you with the links to the Topics which are most closely related to the Topic whose page you are looking at. In this lecture I show how you can use this information strategically and potentially to your financial advantage.

Activity: Once you have watched the lecture, go and do your own Related Topic Research as I show you in this lecture.

A copy of the spreadsheet mentioned in the Lecture is included with this lecture.

A PDF of the Slide Deck is included to download.

Why are Related Topics Helpful?

Udemy Insights shows you the Top Earning Courses in each Topic and these top rated and top earning courses have a lot to teach you, particularly if your ambition is to displace one of them with your own course.  This lecture explains what you can learn.

Your Activity after this lecture is to go and study the Top Earning Courses in your Topic and plan how you are going to out compete them.

A PDF of the Slide Deck is included with this lecture.

What Can you learn from the Top Earning Courses in Insights?

Now collect the information for the Top Courses in your Topic and add them to your Template Spreadsheet.  What can you learn from them?

A PDF of the Slide Deck is available to download with this lecture.

ACTIVITY: Collect the information on the Top Courses in Your Topic

Udemy has made some changes to the Rating and Review system as part of the campaign to make this part of their system even more effective and this lecture explains these changes.

A PDF of this lecture is available to download from the resources section of this lecture.

Udemy Updates the Rating and Review System

Udemy has added language filters to Marketplace Insights which makes filtering by English, Spanish, Portugese, French and German now possible.  This opens up some interesting opportunities as I explain in this lecture.

A PDF of the Slide Deck is available to download from the Resources Section

Udemy Marketplace Insights Adds Language Filters

Thank you for completing the Course.  It has been a pleasure for me to work through this course with you and I hope you have enjoyed the experience as well.

A PDF of the Slide Deck for this lecture is available to download.

Market Place Insight Summary
+ PLANNING - Getting the Details Right First Time
4 lectures 13:42

Prior Planning and Preparation Prevent Poor Performance! What this means in the world of online courses, is that you need to plan your course portfolio strategy from the outset to make sure that you have a coherent group of courses which relate to one another. The reasons for doing this are explained in the lecture.

Brief lecture notes are included as additional resources to this lecture and may be downloaded.

Why you need a Road Map for Your Course from Day One

Your course title is extremely important to both your potential student and the search engines. In this lecture I explain why course titles are vital and what you can do about them.

Brief lecture notes are included as additional resources to this lecture and may be downloaded.

Why Your Course Title is Vital and How To Get It Right

A course image should be eye catching and is part of your selling process. Don't let other course instructors win sales from you because their images are more striking than yours. This lecture explains the pit falls and also helps you to understand what you can do to create images which grab attention.

Brief lecture notes are included as additional resources to this lecture and may be downloaded.

How to Make Your Course Images Stand Out

This is Episode 121 of my Online Learning Podcast - which is available free as a Udemy course. In this Episode, Kristen Palana and I discuss the Psychology of Colour. Don't be put off. Kristen has some amazing insights in to how to use colour to stand out in Udemy.

Discover What Professor Kristen Palana can teach you about Course Images
+ PRODUCTION: Create Lectures in under 30 min
7 lectures 02:00:29

The secret to producing good quality courses in quick time is all about creating systems and standardisation. In this section, I will show you how I set up my presentations, the equipment that I use, the structure of my presentations, walk you through the Screenflow editing process I follow and show you the Keynote process as well.

This is not the ultimate answer but I now produced over 250 lectures and I am honing my process all the time.

Preview 02:59

This lecture covers some of the main principles and settings that I use when creating my Lectures.

I show you the outline structure for all my presentations and provide you with an example of my standard presentation template.

I explain the key settings I use for my recording in Screenflow and the settings I use when exporting from Screenflow.

There is also a brief discussion of microphone technique.

How to Create a Udemy Course Lecture in Under 30 Minutes - Overview

Good equipment is the key to productivity. I have reinvested a significant proportion of my online earnings into making sure I have good, but not necessarily the best or most expensive, equipment to work with

I explain how I combine my iMac with a Logitech Webcam, a Blue Yeti Microphone and Keynote and Screenflow. You can use Powerpoint and Camtasia if you use a PC.

How to Create a Udemy Course Lecture in Under 30 Minutes - Equipment

Editing can be a real challenge but if you can master the basics of Screenflow/Camtasia, you should not find it too daunting.

When I started it took me forever to edit a video. Now I am much faster and just try to keep things as standardised as possible.

One trick, not mentioned in the video, is that it is fine to do several takes of a slide if you are not happy with the result but just keep the recording going and then cut out the stuff you don’t want.

I walk you through how I edited the introduction to this lecture group and hopefully this will help you to get more acquainted with the simple way to do things with Screenflow.

How to Create a Udemy Course Lecture in Under 30 Minutes - Editing Process

This video summarises what is covered.

I explained the key processes that need to be systematised

In the Overview, I explained the key principles and settings I use

The Equipment lecture walks you through my simple equipment set up

Finally the Editing lecture shows you step by step how I actually put it all together.

How to Create a Udemy Course Lecture in Under 30 Minutes - Summary

In today's Episode of the Online Learning Podcast, Film Maker and Online Instructor, Paul Jenkins returns to the Online Learning Podcast to share his Time Management Strategies for Udemy Instructors. He applies all his film making experience to producing high quality courses which provide real benefits and value to his students and he explains many of the techniques and tricks he uses to produce these courses very fast! I nearly call this episode the Paul Jenkins guide to creating really great courses really quickly! Time Management Strategies seemed to have a better ring to it!

In this Episode we discuss:

  • What Paul thinks of Udemy's current competitive position
  • Why Udemy can be compared to Amazon and why Udemy Courses can be compared to the Kindle
  • What is a Minimum Viable Course?
  • The importance of delivering insights that jump start students learning experience
  • Why its important to retain the student perspective when creating courses
  • What is an expert?
  • Why a new instructor has to understand the market place
  • How Paul uses the Amazon Kindle Best Seller list when making his Udemy Courses
  • How Paul sells Udemy Courses off Udemy
  • Pauls approach to Time Management Strategies when creating Udemy Courses
  • Paul's technique for rapidly outlining valuable courses
  • How Paul uses mindmaps when creating his courses
  • Why Paul thinks the Hero's Journey can be adapted to course creation
  • The importance of creating systems and processes for as part of his Time Management Strategies
  • Why Paul takes an organic approach to his course creation and why he does not believe in publishing complete courses to start with
  • Paul's perspective on the Udemy search algorithm
  • Why Paul believes in the KISS principle when making courses
  • Paul's recommendations for simple promotion strategies

These are just the highlights of the interview. This is one of my longest episodes but it was so full of great thinking and ideas I did not want to cut him short. I am sure this is going to be one of my most listened to episodes! Find out for yourself!

OLP Bonus: Time Management Strategies for Udemy Course Instructors

In today's Episode of the Online Learning Podcast, James Burchill shares his perceptive advice on Course Creation, Email Signups and List Building. A self confessed, lazy marketer, James likes to find quick and efficient way of working. In this fascinating interview he shares his tips and tactics on the fast way to create courses, the effective way to get high converting sign ups to his email lists and how to convert your prospects with autoresponder sequences.

Bonus: Udemy Course Creation, eMail Signups & List Building with James Burchill
+ PRODUCTION: Key Production Steps For Your Udemy Course
11 lectures 43:29
In this Lecture, I consider Course Structure and some of the alternatives.  I want to encourage you to look at the successful competitors to your Lecture to see what they are doing and what you can learn from them.

0:00 Introduction
0:12: Number of Lectures does not take into account Lecture Format
0.26: Time in minutes is only from the Video Format
0:32: The average length of each lecture is at best an approximation
0:45: Reviews and Stars: an important part of the Udemy algorithm
1:15: Omniscope Data: A sample of all Udemy Courses only: 159 Courses.  Some long courses with large numbers of lectures: Some long courses have few lectures.  Depends on the style of the Course. You need to work out which style works best for you and your Course material
3:35: Summarise: when you design your Course, take a look at the approach taken by your Competitors and work out how to make a better Course
4:22: Next Lecture...
Udemy Course Length and Number of Lectures

While Udemy provides guidelines for course structure and length, I have interviewed over 70 other instructors and been making teaching videos for over a year. These recommendations are based on my conclusions and the current set of Udemy rules

In this lecture I cover my recommendations for free and paid courses, debunk the myth that there is any connection between course length and price, reiterate my belief in a progressive pricing strategy, discuss ideal lecture length and encourage you to interact with your students.

Udemy Course Structural Recommendations

Download this PDF to keep as a handy aide memoire of these recommendations.

Udemy Course Structural Recommendations - Notes for Download
9 pages

Course length is a difficult subject. Too short and you do not offer value or solutions to your students. Too long and you end up selling your course at a huge discount and not earning value for money from your point of view. This lecture shares with you my current thinking on optimising your course length.

Brief lecture notes are included as additional resources to this lecture and may be downloaded.

Getting Your Course Length Right - Don't Wast Time and Effort

This little tip will save you time and money. It is not intuitive but follow the sequence I recommend here for the most efficient way to make your courses.

Brief lecture notes are included as additional resources to this lecture and may be downloaded.

Lecture Creation Sequence is Simple - Don't put the cart before the horse!

Lecture Titles and Descriptions are important for two reasons; informing your students and Search Engine Optimisation - discover what this is all about and how to get the most out of your titles and descriptions, thereby avoiding another pitfall of the inexperienced instructor.

Brief lecture notes are included as additional resources to this lecture and may be downloaded.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Lecture Titles and Descriptions

Your course description is your opportunity to communicate the value and benefits of your course to a prospective student. There is a right way and a wrong way to write these. In this lecture I provide you with the process you need to follow so that you can write engaging course descriptions that will captivate potential new students for your course.

If you want to take a look at an example, look no further than the course description for this course!

Brief lecture notes are included as additional resources to this lecture and may be downloaded.

Why Your Course Description has to Sell Your Course and How to Do it
12 Elements of a Highly Effective Outline

Personal photos which accompany your biography are a vital part of making a connection with your students. Don't mess them up. Here I give your clear guide lines for the sort of image you must use.

Don't Mess Up Your Personal Image

Your personal biography is your chance to set out your credentials, show case your experience and establish your authority. This needs to be prepared with care and should not be just two sentences.

What Does Your Personal Biography Say About You?

If you want to create a transcript of your lecture to improve SEO and make it easier for students to follow your lectures and digest and learn their contents, then a lecture transcript may be the answer. This lecture shows how you can do this using Dragon Dictate (which is a paid application). The finished transcript of the lecture shown is provided as additional resources so that you can see the result.

How to Create a Transcript of Your Lecture using Dragon Dictate