Beginner's insights into Situation of Street Children

Unlisted and Voiceless: A glance into the vulnerabilities, neglect, exploitation and exclusion of street children
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i) Assess the vulnerability levels of disadvantaged children by using the parameters described in the session.
ii) The reasons behind children landing on the streets
iii) The impact of street life on the development and well being of children
iv) How the government has responded to this issue of such great magnitude.


  • A basic understanding of English language and a keen interest in understanding the lives of street children. are the only prerequisites.


This short yet comprehensive course gives the learners a chance to peek into the lives of children living in street situations. It is spread over 5 sessions, each of an average of 15 to 18 minutes with the overall course time less than 100 minutes. Each session covers an important aspect of street life and what it means for children to be out there.

The first session tries to establish the concept of vulnerability in children, It demonstrates a live comparison of 6 children in different disadvantaged situation to arrive at the fact that street children are the most vulnerable among disadvantaged children as they are vulnerable in almost all aspects that are required for the overall development and well-being of a child.

The second session focuses on the prevalence of the phenomenon of street children and the hurdles in arriving at an exact count of these children in any city, place or country. The session also throws light on how a lack of knowledge leads to lack of effective policies and interventions for them.

The third session delineates the pull and push factors that bring children to the streets, whether they arrive there with their families, or are left there by their families or they themselves have abandoned their families to make a life of their own on the mean streets.

The fourth session details out the effects of street life on children in terms of food, nutrition, health and hygiene, water and sanitation, shelter, safety and security, abuse and neglect, substance abuse, education and the compulsion to work or beg for their survival.

The last session depicts the various laws, policies and schemes that exist in India for children to bring home the point that they are not sufficient to address the issues of children in street situation. The course also briefly talks about the effects of the recent pandemic that will predictably force more and more families to land on the streets and force many more children to get into the work force.

The course has some interesting statistics, real life stories and a lot of in-depth narration that comes from the organization's cumulative experience of several years of working on the ground with these children.

All participants who have successfully completed the course will receive a Certificate from the Rainbow Homes Program!

Who this course is for:

  • a. Students of Social Work, Psychology, Sociology
  • b. Practitioners working with disadvantaged children, lawyers, police personnel, Social Workers, Child Development professionals
  • c. All concerned citizens whose hearts reach out to the most vulnerable children in our society.


Leading Rights based Care Program for vulnerable children
Rainbow Homes Program
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The course is being offered by ARUN- Rainbow Homes Program, which has over 12 years of experience in running open, voluntary, non-custodial homes for children formerly living in street situations. The organization has attempted to retain the free spirits of these children while subtly allowing them to settle in a routine of disciplined life.  The program is enriched by the experiences gained through operating it in 8 cities of the country with 51 homes for both girls and boys. The organization continuously strives to excel in providing quality care to children in its care through a rights based approach. Children themselves have brought in a lot of native knowledge, further enriching the program.

The instructors who have designed the course have several years of experience in working directly with children as well as documenting the learnings of running such a huge program.



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