UNIX/LINUX Command For Beginners

Step By Step Unix Command For Beginner Level
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (35 ratings)
2,294 students
UNIX/LINUX Command For Beginners
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (35 ratings)
2,294 students
What is Unix
Know How to use basic unix command
Know How to list the files and directory in Unix | Linux
Know How to create the directory in Unix | Linux
Know How to move from one directory to another directory in Unix
Know How to open a file in Unix
Know How to read the content of a file in Unix
Know How to append data to a file in Unix
Know How to copy data from a file to another
Know How to Sort the data in a file
Know How to filter duplicate lines from a file


  • Internet Access with PC/Laptop

This is a beginners course in unix .

Anybody who wants to work in IT needs to learn this course .

The course gives you brief introduction about various commands in Unix .

The only prerequisites for the course is you should have good INTERNET connection.

The course is structure in the following way :

Introduction to Unix | Linux:

Basic Unix Commands:

ls command in unix

cat command in unix

mkdir and cd command in unix

cp command in unix

sort command in unix

uniq command in unix

sed command in unix

Unix was originally developed in 1969 by a group of AT&T employees Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, Douglas McIlroy and Joe Ossanna at Bell Labs.

Unix is an operating system that is known for multi user and multitasking.

Some of the popular variants of Unix operating system available include Solaris, Red Hat, Fedora ,Ubuntu,and Linux. There are several more this is just a brief mention of the varieties available. some of these variants can be installed both on servers and desktops or workstations.

Taking this course will give you a basic Unix skill that you can develop further.

Keep learning and Keep Growing.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who wants to Learn Unix Command
  • Anybody who wants to start career in IT industry
  • DataWareHouse Engineer, DevOps Engineer and BigData Developer
Course content
2 sections • 8 lectures • 1h 38m total length
  • Introduction
  • ls command in Unix |Linux
  • cat command in Unix |Linux
  • mkdir and cd command in Unix |Linux
  • cp command in Unix |Linux
  • sort command in Unix |Linux
  • uniq command in Unix |Linux
  • sed command in Unix | Linux

Keep Learning , Keep Growing
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  • 2,294 Students
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