UNIX for Testers-Automate UNIX in Test Automation (Selenium)

Unix Knowledge required for Software Testers - Manual and Automate the various UNIX / LINUX processes.
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All Manual Unix Concepts required for Software Testers
How to Automate the various Unix Processes, so as to achieve end to end test automation.
Learn about Putty, winScp
Learn about Java SSH library (Jsch) - To do automation of Unix processes


  • Good to have Basic Java knowledge


Unix Knowledge required for Software Testers - Manual and Automate the various UNIX / LINUX processes, So that you can achieve end to end test automation (If you have any Unix processes in your application).

This course will teach you (To very absolute beginner to Unix / Linux) All about various Unix / Linux commands, processes, scripts along with Unix architecture.

Also this course mainly covers about automation of various Unix processes like executing shell scripts / sending or receiving files to / from  Unix or Linux server, so that you can incorporate this in your test automation framework and achieve end to end test automation.

Who this course is for:

  • All Manual Testers
  • Automation testers who wish to learn how to automate Unix processes
  • Anyone who wish to start there career as software tester


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