ALLAH Controls Weather System

Witness Miracles of Allah for Controlling Weather System and Showing Divine Signatures During this Course Creation
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Belief in the existence of Allah
Belief in the Allah's last and true messenger Muhammadﷺ
Belief in the truth of religion Islam
Belief that Quran is the true Word of God
Observing Allah's Practical Miracles
Demonstrations of Allah's control over nature


  • Ability to listen and understand
  • Ability to use common sense
  • Ability to think with open mindset


The weather system of the physical world is under control of Allah the God of Islam and there is a reason why I have said it because I have practical demonstrations with help of Allah regarding transformation of the weather systems for proving His existence and powers over weathers.

This subject is highly debatable but through practical evidence and irrefutable miracles, I have proved forever that there is no God except Allah who is the Sole Sovereignty Authority of the Universe.

Thus, even in this crash course, you will see how Allah transformed the weather system of Lahore city of Pakistan and how media reports suddenly changed against their own forecasts done by the Pakistan Meteorological Department.

Not only this, the God of Nature, Allah brought his clouds and transformed them into His personal name in Arabic اللہ and the name of his last Prophet Muhammadﷺ in Arabic محمد during creation of this crash course regarding the existence of Allah and His authority over weather systems.

Therefore, this is one of its kind of unique crash courses that you’ll ever study and listen to in search of God and specially on the existence of Allah the God of Islam.

Feel free to watch it anytime since it is absolutely FREE and there is no cost to pay but please make sure that you listen it with full attention in your spare time when you don’t have distraction otherwise Satan will force you not to listen and watch this crash course completely because his mission is to misguide mankind and force them keep living in astray condition to die as infidel.

Who this course is for:

  • Muslims who are doubtful about existence of Allah
  • Atheists who are seeking proof on existence of Allah
  • Truth seekers who are finding proof on truth of Islam
  • Spiritualists who are looking for upgrading themselves in spirituality


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