Unity: MySQL Database Management

Create a Login & Registration system for your game in 1 hour!
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Make a fully functional Login & Registration system for your game
Host your database online for free


  • Basic knowledge of Unity Game Engine
  • Basic knowledge of C#


Game Development is becoming a growing trend in the modern world. With the rise of Indie developers, this is finally becoming a viable career choice for many young people (What a time to be alive!). If you are constantly looking to learn something new which will help you advance on the game developer journey - Then you are at the right place.

Build a User Login & Registration system for your game in 1 hour!

  • Learn about databases on real examples
  • Use database management tools
  • Connect Unity with a MySQL database
  • Master CRUD operations with Unity
  • Create local and public databases
  • Host your database online for free

The problem with learning about game development without formal education is that the fields, which it covers, are ranging from simple IF statements to complicated topics such as networking, databases, etc. Without someone to guide you through this process and tell you exactly what's important, you could be stuck learning useless concepts for years. That's exactly the mistake that I did, and that's the reason I'm here now - to prevent other people from wasting their precious time!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Unity game developers who want to connect their game with a database
  • Database experts who don't know how Unity works with databases


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Armin Sarajlic
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Hi, I'm Armin, a Senior Software Engineer with a passion for web and mobile application development. My love for coding started at a very young age, beginning with game development and exploring the different career paths that programming had to offer. Currently, I specialize in Frontend Development using primarily React and React Native, along with other associated frameworks such as Next.js and Gatsby. Lately I've also been working with Svelte and SvelteKit a lot.

In 2017, I started teaching online and have been on Udemy for more than 6 years. I have developed a process to ensure my students receive the best possible value for their money. This includes professionally recorded and edited audio/video, engaging animations and illustrations, and most importantly, clear explanations. Additionally, all my students can reach me through various platforms and have access to lesson-specific source code.

My approach to teaching programming is practical and real-world focused. My goal is to help you become a confident developer who is ready to take on any challenge. I believe that programming and the IT industry offer amazing benefits such as remote work, flexible hours, and great work-life balance, making it a great career path for anyone who is interested.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, I'm here to help you reach your goals. So, what are you waiting for? Join my courses today and start your journey to becoming a skilled and successful developer.

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