Unity from Zero to Proficiency (Foundations)

A step-by-step guide to creating your first game with Unity
Free tutorial
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Become familiar with the interface and discover useful shortcuts and functionalities that can save them time.
Create a functional 3D environment from scratch using Unity built-in objects.
Combine primitives (e.g., boxes) to rapidly build a maze.
Import and apply textures.
Create an outdoor environment with Unity's built-in terrain generator.
Know how to search for and organize assets in your game efficiently.
Work with textures, lights and shadows to add more realism.
Add and control First- and Third-person Controllers.
Export a scene created in Unity so that it can be displayed on a web page.
Apply colors to objects.
Find objects and assets easily in your project.
Include and control vehicles such as cars or planes.


  • No prior material is required. We will learn how to install and launch the software in the first lessons.
  • No prior programming experience or knowledge of Unity is required.
  • You just need to be able to perform common computer tasks such as downloading items, opening and saving files, and be comfortable with dragging and dropping items and typing.


Unity is a great software to create video games; however, it includes so many options and features that getting started can feel overwhelming.

Without my course, most people spend too long trying to learn how to use Unity the hard way. This course is the only one that will get you to learn Unity fast without wasting so much time. This course is the first course in the series "Unity from Zero to Proficiency" where you will learn to code fast and be able to create your own video games with Unity in no time.

What you will learn

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Know and master the features that you need to create 2D and 3D environments for your games.

  • Quickly create (and navigate through) realistic 3D indoors and outdoors environments.

  • Create a 3D Maze with lights, walls, and textures.

  • Use ProBuilder to create a house.

  • Create an island with trees, sandy beaches, mountains, and water.

  • Include and control a car and a plane.

  • Create a 2D platform game (with no scripting needed).

  • Export your games to the web.

Who this course is for

This course is for:

  • Hobbyists who need a book that gets them started with Unity and game development easily.

  • Parents looking for a course that introduces their children to game programming painlessly.

  • Teachers looking for a complete and clear resource on programming through the creation of games.

  • Aspiring indie game developers.

How this course is different

This is the only course that you need to get started with Unity fast and to enjoy the journey without frustration. This course includes tutorials that painlessly guide you through the necessary skills to master Unity's interface, use its core features, and create and navigate through realistic 2D and 3D environments. It assumes no prior knowledge on your part and ensures that you have all the information and explanations that you need every step of the way.

What this course offers

This book includes all the features that you need to get started with Unity and game development:

  • Learn without the headaches: This course assumes that you can't be expected to learn everything at once; this is why you will build all your skills incrementally.

  • Make your dream of creating your own games come true: This course ensures that you stay motivated by giving you the right amount of information and challenge in each chapter; we all know that it's hard to keep motivated when learning a new skill, so this course always contextualizes the knowledge with an example (so that you feel it's relevant), and also makes sure that you get to challenge yourself, if you need to, with optional challenges present at the end of each chapter.

  • Progress and feel confident in your skills: You will have the opportunity to learn and to use Unity at your own pace and to become comfortable with its interface. This is because every single new concept introduced will be explained in great detail so that you never feel lost. All the concepts are introduced progressively so that you don't feel overwhelmed.

  • Create your own games and feel awesome: With this course, you will build your own 2D and 3D environments and you will spend more time creating than reading, to ensure that you can apply the concepts covered in each section. All chapters include step-by-step instructions with examples that you can use straight-away

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring game developer with no experience in game development.
  • Total beginner in Unity.
  • Anyone who would like to become familiar with Unity and use some of the most commonly-used built-in features.
  • Experinced C# coder who would like to start creating games but with no experience of Unity.
  • Anyone who want to become proficient in the core functionalities offered by Unity.


Lecturer and Researcher
Patrick Felicia
  • 4.7 Instructor Rating
  • 146 Reviews
  • 10,734 Students
  • 3 Courses

Patrick Felicia, PhD, is a lecturer,  and researcher at Waterford Institute of Technology, where he teaches and supervises undergraduate and postgraduate students. He obtained his MSc in Multimedia Technology in 2003 and PhD in Computer Science in 2009 from University College Cork, Ireland.
Patrick has a keen interest in the design and development of engaging educational multimedia-based application for secondary and third level. He is specialized in Game-Based Learning, Multimedia, Educational Psychology, and Instructional Design. he has been teaching Game Development (high-level 2D/3D Game Development) at both graduate and post-graduate levels for the past 8 years using game engines (Unity3D or Game Maker), 3D development libraries (e.g., Java3D or X3D).
He is Editor-In-Chief of the International Journal of Game-Based Learning (IJGBL)  and has also served on program committees for international Game-Based Learning and Technology-Enhanced Learning conferences and journals. 

Patrick has published more than 10 books on Unity Game Development, C# and JavaScript, including the series "Unity from Zero To Proficiency"

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