Unit 3 Feeling Homesick

Feeling Homesick for Studens of 10th grade in El Salvador
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1,939 students
Make a good personal biographical information
Learn many things about families ties
Know about costumes and traditions in our country and the importance of this
Learn about the use of can and could for make polite request
Build a telephone conversation


  • Access to Internet
  • Basic English Level
  • Available Time
  • Basic Knowledge about English Grammar


This course is about some topics about situations in real life what is useful in your life because is important to know about interesting things about English language, you can read the lectures for learn a lot of things in every section there is a lecture and video you can find quizzes about the topics and can share with your classmates, this course can help you to learn a lot of new things and you can read and search more information about the topic for learn more, we hope you learn something new in every topic in the course and you spend a good time learning and sharing our content. 

Who this course is for:

  • High School Students In El Salvador

Course content

8 sections16 lectures50m total length
  • Introduction


Omar Alexi Rodriguez Coreas
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My name is Omar Alexi Rodriguez Coreas and I am 19 years old, I am a student. I am studying bachelor degree in English at Gerardo Barrios University, I am single and live with my family, my favorites hobbies are listen to music, reading and write about my life, I enjoy spend time with my family and friends.

Karen Vanessa Cruz Gonzalez
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My name is Karen Vanessa Cruz Gonzalez

Study English language at the University Gerardo Barrios
I like to dance, I like reading a lot, it's my favorite time, and I like to sing. I think that in the future, I'll be a great singer.

I love spend time with my family and friends it makes me so happy in the future I wanna be very happy and make good things in my life.

Xenia Robles Portillo
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My name is Xenia Mayensy Robles Portillo.

I study Gerardo Barrios University.

I study bachelor degree in  English .

I am twenty years old.

I live in Chinameca.

I like listen to music, i like play basketball, i like to read and paint.

I am a cheerful and dynamic person.

I will like to travel a different country and work in a company.

I like k-pop music and k-dramas.

B.A. in English Language Teaching
Jeany Argueta
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Idle from the platform since 2018...

The internet is a basic necessity nowadays, MOOCs provide access to all kinds of information more than ever.I have been involved in the educational field for over 15 years and I find Higher Education to be a passion of mine. There are so many bright students in each class that can help shape the future of our nation, El Salvador. In this course, my students have tried to put their best foot forward and create an interesting course based on the corresponding English class syllabus. I hope you take the time to engage with each activity carefully thought out for you. 

Gilma Martinez
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Hello everyone 

My name is Gilma Argueta, I am 25 years old

I study bachelor degree in  English at Gerardo Barrios University, I like so much English language, I hope when I finish my University studies teacher other to learn

I live in  Chapeltique

I like to dance I like to sing I like to be friendly I do not like to speak in public

kevin Guerrero
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My name is Kevin Geovanni Guillen Guerrero

I study Gerardo Barrios University .

i study bachelor degree English. 

I live in bolivar, La Union .

I am twenty one years old.

I like listen pop rock music,  i  really love play electric guitar, i like play soccer.

I would like to  travel around the world and get a good job.