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Has the thought of cancer haunted you? Does it seem like the disease is becoming more common amongst the people you know? Is the chance of cancer random or can everyone actually prevent its development? What if I told you that you could understand what cancer really is to inactivate the fear of the mystery? You could learn the basics of the latest discoveries about cancer to know what a cancerous cell really is, and you can reduce your risk by 65% with 2 lifestyle choices.

According to the American Cancer Society, in the overall US population: Males have a 1 in 2 risk of developing cancer while Females have a 1 in 3 risk of developing cancer. Both females and males have a 1 in 5 risk of dying from cancer. Isn’t that crazy? Depending on your gender, you either have a 50/50 or 33% “chance” of developing cancer, and EVERYONE regardless of gender has a 20% “chance” to die from it in the United States. Cancer is becoming an epidemic in America. Are we doomed as a population? Does it seem like things are going in the wrong direction when it comes to health even in the great country of America?

In an era of incredible technological advances, the global population is developing increasing rates of PREVENTABLE diseases. This is the stone-cold truth about health --- the health of people is determined by LIFESTYLE more than genetics. The epidemics that we are witnessing in the world today are unnecessary and each person can greatly reduce their risk of disease through education and application of knowledge. Not many of us understand cancer, so many may feel powerless to the “chance” of its development in their own life or in the life of somebody that they love. With a lack of understanding, people might think their choices won’t affect their chances but that could not be further from the truth.

I believe that people improve themselves through learning in order to improve others through teaching in order to better the world. For this desired result, I created this course on understanding the latest research on cancer and how people can reduce their risk of cancer by 65% with 2 lifestyle choices. Those being #1 Don’t Smoke & #2 Avoid Hyperinsulinemia.

In this short course, I teach an efficient summary of the science in an easily digestible curriculum to demystify the disease of cancer and to help people reduce their fears and their risks. This educational resource will take away the fear of the unknown so that you can realize the control you have in preventing cancerous growth. The course is very straight-forward with the essential knowledge to see cancer for what it is in an easy-to-understand way.

You will transform any anxiety you have regarding the medical mystery into a genuine understanding of how to prevent the outcome for yourself and for the people you care about. The course is supplemented with a guided worksheet. You will learn the skills of how to explain what cancer is and how to greatly reduce cancer risk through important lifestyle choices.

Who this course is for:

  • Health-minded individuals who want a better future for humanity

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  • Introduction to Understanding Cancer
  • Guided Worksheet


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First and foremost, I am an educator at heart. After years of steadfast personal education, I now create purposeful learning courses to teach others.

I am certified through the University of Cambridge as a CELTA Instructor. Additionally, I am certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainer. Lastly, I graduated cum laude with a Bachelor's of Science in Environmental Management, minoring in both Psychology & Ethnic Studies from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

I have had teaching experiences in Mexico, Japan, and California before now moving online to positively impact as many people as possible globally.