Uncovering Happiness Symposium with Elisha Goldstein
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Uncovering Happiness Symposium with Elisha Goldstein

Learn how to harness your brain’s own natural anti-depressants and uncover real lasting happiness
4.5 (93 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,502 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Unlock your potential for lasting happiness
  • Know how to use your mind to change your brain and your life
  • Apply top mindfulness, compassion and self-confidence techniques that will practically bring more happiness into your daily life
  • Learn the importance of engaging the playful and self -compassionate sides of ourselves
  • Uncover your own natural anti-depressant and stress management capabilities
  • Understand how our food and lifestyle choices affect our happiness and lead to unhelpful behaviours
  • Understand why a learning mindset helps you achieve more and engage in life with a greater sense of ease
  • Develop a greater tool kit and an inner wise guide to uncover the happiness that is right here in everyday life
  • Just the Udemy platform; no additional materials needed.
  • No prerequisite knowledge needed.

In the past 15 years cutting-edge innovations in neuroscience have led to one of the most powerful insights in human history…that within each and every one of us there are natural biological potentials for real happiness. In this course, you will learn how to harness your brain's own natural anti-depressants and uncover your true potential for joy!

About Your Instructor

I'm Elisha Goldstein, author of The Now Effect and most recently Uncovering Happiness: Overcoming Depression with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion. For over 15 years I've been studying and teaching the psychology, neuroscience and practice of uncovering happiness in everyday life.

Along the way I've dug deep into a variety of disciplines and discovered some key natural anti-depressants that:

  1. turn the volume down on our negative thinking,
  2. lower our stress,
  3. heighten states of joy and
  4. wire in the balance and confidence that we can all learn and attain.

This has been my experience, the experience of thousands of people I've worked with and is also backed by the latest science.

About The Symposium

The Uncovering Happiness Symposium is a very personal project for me. It's been my life's work to uncover the potential in each and every one of us for uncovering happiness and I couldn't be more thrilled to bring it to you right now.

In this Symposium you'll learn:

· The key ingredients of lasting happiness

· How to practically bring them into your daily life

· And how to do it so you change your brain for the better

Ultimately you will learn how to take back control of your mind, your mood and your life, sewing the seeds for real lasting happiness.

About Our Interviews

I've interviewed some of the top scientists, neuroscientists, researchers and practitioners in the field of happiness and well-being for this Symposium. You'll hear from Byron Katie, Tara Brach, Kelly McGonigal, Sharon Salzberg, Dan Harris, Jack Kornfield and others - check out the curriculum below

These are people from Harvard, UCLA and many of whom have written New York Times bestselling titles on the topics of happiness. Plus, as a bonus to you I've asked each speaker to give you a practice that makes happiness practical right now. You'll get over 20 practices to use at home and work. These are practices that help you:

  • create a naturally anti-depressant brain,
  • reduce stress and anxiety,
  • have better relationships,
  • overcome negative habits with eating and
  • create confidence at home and at work.

Enrol today and learn how to harness your brain's own natural anti-depressants and uncover a real lasting happiness in your life.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in being happy
  • Anyone who is curious about what they can do to improve their well-being
  • Anyone who wants to expand their tool kit with simple and reliable exercises that increase happiness in every day life
Course content
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+ Welcome to the Uncovering Happiness Symposium
1 lecture 02:16

Welcome to the Uncovering Happiness Symposium. Thank you so much for joining us. My most recent book is called "Uncovering Happiness." Before you get started you might have a few questions:

1) Is this the right course for me? If you want to uncover a more enduring happiness, the answer is absolutely.

2) Is this going to cover the right stuff? For over 10 years I've been researching the science and practice of breaking bad habits, mindfulness, self-compassion, compassion, meaning, and purpose. And also the science of play and even how we can get good at stress.

The intention behind the symposium is how we make all these scientific findings around happiness real in our lives and that is why I brought the leading people to not only define happiness, but to give us ways to actually make it come alive.

3) Finally, is this going to be a good use of my time? Is this going to be fun? Well, I've had an incredible time interviewing these experts and have learned so much more than I even expected to learn and I expect the same for you.

Thanks again for joining and now let's get started!

Preview 02:16
+ Compassion
6 lectures 01:36:10

Sharon Salzberg is the author of so many wonderful books, Real Happiness and Lovingkindness being near the top of the list. She is known as a matriarch in the field of Compassion. Look for how she talks about:

* The natural capacity we all have for happiness

* The misconceptions many of us have around mindfulness and compassion

* How we can bring compassion into the small moments of our lives at home and at work to nurture real happiness.

I love it when she says, "Lovingkindness is like gift giving."


Sharon Salzberg Part 1 “Finding Real Happiness”
Sharon Salzberg Part 2 “Finding Real Happiness”

Rick Hanson is one of my favorite teachers (and friends). He travels globally speaking about the important factors that make up our Foundations of Well-Being. There are so many things I love about this interview, but a few to look out for are:

* How Rick defines happiness and what he means by "lasting happiness."

* What our 3 core needs are for happiness.

* See how he responds to the tough question, "if we had a tough childhood, can we still earn security back through personal work?"

* How the strengths of happiness are found in the little moments of life.


Rick Hanson Part 1 “Making Happiness Last”
Rick Hanson Part 2 “Making Happiness Last”

This is a fantastic interview! I love Jack... when watching this look for the key elements in the way he defines happiness. Also see what Jack means by:

* The part of compassion most of us miss that completes the circle of compassion.

* The obstacles to practice, no one else in the symposium talks about this so specifically.

* Listen to the two or three things that he says can ignite compassion and generosity in us right way.


Jack Kornfield Part 1 "Compassion, Altruism & Igniting Joy"
Jack Kornfield Part 2 "Compassion, Altruism & Igniting Joy"
+ Self Compassion
6 lectures 01:39:03

You're in for a wonderful interview. Tara Brach is a key luminary in the fields of mindfulness and compassion. She is author of some wonderful books including Radical Acceptance and True Refuge. In this interview be on the lookout for:

* That happiness is already here within each of us.

* How she embodies the natural anti-depressants of mindfulness and self-compassion and gives us simple ways we can implement these into our daily lives.

* The importance of not striving too hard, but cultivating a more relaxed awareness.

* What she means by "The Lion's Roar" and how we can all tap into it for more enduring confidence.

Soak it in and enjoy!

Tara Brach Part 1 “The Power of Vulnerability”
Tara Brach Part 2 “The Power of Vulnerability”

Kristin Neff is the foremost researcher in the field of Self-Compassion (she actually wrote the book 'Self-Compassion'). Self-compassion is one of the key pillars of Uncovering Happiness. In this interview look for:

* How Kristin defines self-compassion.

* The science and outcomes of self-compassion.

* The confusion between self-compassion and self-indulgence.

* A special practice she leads us through to experience self-compassion.

Sit back, take notes and enjoy!

Kristin Neff Part 1 “The Power of Self-Compassion"
Kristin Neff Part 2 “The Power of Self-Compassion"

A key factor in Uncovering Happiness is growing the inner strength of compassion toward ourselves and others. Jim Doty is at the forefront of helping us understand the science and practice of this. He explains:

what compassion is

the secret sauce to happiness (spoiler alert: has something to do with connection)

Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

James Doty Part 1 " Secrets of the Heart
James Doty Part 2 "Secrets of the Heart"
+ Mindfulness
8 lectures 02:18:04

I had a lot of fun with Dan Harris in this interview. He is co-anchor of Good Morning America and also author of 10% Happier. Aside how witty and funny Dan is in this interview, be on the look out for:

* How Dan talks about mindfulness having a PR problem.

* His three step process for training mindfulness in the Type A personality

* How compassion can make a radical difference in helping us uncovering happiness.


Dan Harris Part 1 “Self-Help that Actually Works”
Dan Harris Part 2 “Self-Help that Actually Works”

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is one of the more powerful programs in helping with relapse prevention in depression and Zindel Segal is one of the key creators of that program. He is also co-creator of an online program called Mindful Noggin. In this interview look for:

* What MBCT is all about and how it interrupts our unhealthy patterns in life

* What the brain science is behind MBCT.

* A simple and short, yet effective practice that Zindel guides us through to break our unhealthy loops.

A bit more wisdom here to bring into your life.

Zindel Segal Part 1 “The Power of MBCT”
Zindel Segal Part 2 “The Power of MBCT”

We all experience the digital space in daily life and it would behoove us to create a wiser relationship with it. Alex Tew founded Calm.com and in this interview he talks about:

*The future of mindfulness in the app space.

*How to we use apps to create positive habits.

*Simple practices to encourage a happier day.


Alex Tew Part 1 “Mindfulness in the Digital World” (Mindfulness)
Alex Tew Part 2 “Mindfulness in the Digital World” (Mindfulness)

This is a fantastic interview with Christiane. We talk a lot about pain - pain as a part of everyday life. We explore:

* Can pain and happiness co-exist?

* How kindness trumps everything and what to do if we recoil at the thought of kindness

* How we can find happiness THROUGH our pain


Christiane Wolf Part 1 "Can Happiness and Pain Co-exist?" Part 2
Christiane Wolf Part 2 "Can Happiness and Pain Co-exist?" Part 2
+ Play
8 lectures 02:12:36

We could all use a manual for saner living. Ruby Wax is a truly inspiring woman who travels globally with her one woman show - Sane New World . She is a role model for many, in this interview watch for her talking about:

* How she's been able to use mindfulness to strengthen her early warning system for stress and depression.

* The importance of MBCT.

* Tips from personal experience for resiliency.


Ruby Wax Part 1 "A Manual for Saner Living"
Ruby Wax Part 2 "A Manual for Saner Living"

You're about to watch one of my favorite interviews. Christine Carter has fantastic energy, she's a great storyteller and helps us understand:

* Why negative emotions get a bad wrap.

* How do we find our groove in life even in the midst of adversity.

* The science and practical nature of gratitude.

* The natural anti-depressant of play and how to create our own playlist for life.


Christine Carter Part 1 “Find Your Groove at Home and Work”
Christine Carter Part 2 “Find Your Groove at Home and Work”

Stepping into the play of life and building confidence are key aspects of Uncovering Happiness. ImprovHQ helps thousands of people do just that. In this interview watch:

* The importance of their use "yes...and."

* How we can learn to celebrate failures and change the way our brain perceives them.

* The importance of intentional listening.

* The natural anti-depressant of laughing.


ImprovHQ Part 1 “Playing with Confidence”
ImprovHQ Part 2 “Playing with Confidence”

A key factor in Uncovering Happiness is engaging life with a sense of novelty. Ellen Langer is one of the leaders in our culture who integrates real science that explores how we find the fountain of youth. Listen to Ellen as she explains:

* The science behind finding the fountain of youth.

* What the secret and simplicity of happiness is.

* What our expectations and beliefs have to do with unhappiness and happiness.

* The power of certainty, why we get stressed and so much more.

Soak in her wisdom about how to create real happiness.


Ellen Langer Part 1“Finding Our Fountain of Youth”
Ellen Langer Part 2“Finding Our Fountain of Youth”
+ Purpose, Meaning and Healthy Habits
11 lectures 03:04:39

You're about to step into an interview with Byron Katie, one of the leading thinkers and teachers about how to relate to our story and thoughts differently and open up to a state of true freedom. Listen to how she explains:

* The real nature of thoughts and stories

* Four questions to happiness

* The importance of applying mindfulness to question number three in particular.

Get ready to expand your mind and step into a deeper level of consciousness.


Byron Katie Part 1 "Four Questions to Happiness"
Byron Katie Part 2 "Four Questions to Happiness"

When it comes to happiness, what does stress have to do with it? Stanford faculty Kelly McGonigal shows us:

* How stress can actually be good for us.

* How we can turn stress into inner strengths that are connected to a more enduring happiness.

* The nuance of stressful experiences that also include a sense of purpose and meaning.

* What we can do immediately today to turn our stress into strengths.


Kelly McGonigal Part 1 "Why Stress is Good and How to Get Good At It"
Kelly McGonigal Part 2 "Why Stress is Good and How to Get Good At It"

Pilar Gerasimo, the founder of Experience Life Magazine and RevolutionaryAct.com is passionate about food and happiness. In my interview with her we talk about:

* a range of different foods and how they affect our system - from cellular inflammation to our overall feeling of well-being

* the importance of reclaiming healthy pleasures

* why saturated fats are actually GOOD

* how she transformed her personal relationship with food

* how a three minute practice can start your day right

Pilar Gerasimo Part 1“The Art of Being Healthy”
Pilar Gerasimo Part 2 “The Art of Being Healthy”
Pilar Gerasimo Part 3 “The Art of Being Healthy”

Tristan Harris is a design thinker, philosopher and entrepreneur. He is developing a framework at Google to help product designers facilitate conscious choices for users so our technology can support our happiness and well-being. In this interview you will hear us discuss:

* how technology can enhance our relationships, build a sense of connection and well-being rather than the opposite!

* the attention economy and

*life hacks for time well spent

* his meeting with inspirational Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk Thích Nhất Hạnh and the discussion they had about technology

Tristan Harris Part 1 “Becoming Aware of Time Well Spent”
Tristan Harris Part 2 “Becoming Aware of Time Well Spent”

This interview with the legendary Dr Dan Siegel is an interview of hope. You will hear Dr Siegel talk about:

* the natural anti-depressants of connection, purpose and compassion

* the absolute importance of relationships to our happiness

*the importance of early relationships and how even if those relationships have been difficult, how we can regain the security we need to be happy

* the three S's that an help us do that

* how the acronym ESSENCE captures what we can do to bring lasting happiness into our lives

Dan Siegel Part 1 “The Power and Purpose of Relationships”
Dan Siegel Part 2 “The Power and Purpose of Relationships”
+ Family and Food
8 lectures 01:46:17

There is no-one better to talk with you about how mindfulness is affecting the United States than Ohio State Congressman and author, Tim Ryan. In this interview you will hear Tim and I discuss:

* what sectors mindfulness is influencing right now

* who the key players are and what they are up to

* how the food we eat is affecting our happiness, health and well-being

* how we can engage in a very simple practice to live life in a way that really matters

Tim Ryan Part 1 "The Real Food Revolution"
Tim Ryan Part 2 "The Real Food Revolution"

Any journey to Uncover Happiness needs to explore our relationship with food and in this interview with New York Times Best Selling author and psychologist Susan Albers we explore just that. You will hear Susan talk about:

* How to break bad habits and also build healthy habits using the 5x5x5x5x5 formula

* How the whole dieting idea is a myth

* How we get stuck in habitual relationships with food

* How we can rebuild healthier, more positive relationships with food

Susan Albers Part 1 “Breaking Bad Habits”
Susan Albers Part 2 “Breaking Bad Habits”

What a joy it was to interview Susan Stiffelman, author of Parenting with Presence. In you will hear a private story of how Susan helped me with my own child and also:

*What it really means to raise a happy child

* Practical Tips on how to work with difficult behaviors in children

* How to raise a conscious parent in the process

* The power of self-compassion in parenting

*The value of relationships in happiness

Susan Stiffelman Part 1 “Parenting with Presence”
Susan Stiffelman Part 2 “Parenting with Presence”

It was a great pleasure to interview Dr Bonnie Goldstein. Amongst other things, she is an expert in infant, child and adolescent development. In this interview we discuss:

* how we support children and adolescents in their own happiness

* how pursuing happiness as a goal can be a real problem

* how to help teens and adolescents find identity, purpose and meaning in their lives

* how to navigate the web of connections and disconnections while transitioning to adulthood

*practical ways of managing some of the challenges of this age

Bonnie Goldstein Part 1 "Finding Meaning and Purpose in Adolescence"
Bonnie Goldstein Part 2 "Finding Meaning and Purpose in Adolescence"
+ Elisha Goldstein Interview - Uncovering Happiness
2 lectures 18:36

This time it was my turn to be on the other side of the microphone when Kellie Edwards interviewed me and I described:

*my own definition of happiness and the best paths to get there

*my joy in putting this Uncovering Happiness Symposium together

*memorable moments from many of my conversations with these experts

*my recommendations for moving forward in your path after listening to the interviews

* a favourite practice that I lead you through in Part 2 of this interview

Preview 11:05