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Simplify the fretboard with the root note system.
Improve your vocal articulation with this string bending exercise.
Move away from generic arpeggios with a method to give them a more interesting colour.
Grow your sound with the Harmonic Minor scale.
A method to improvising over modulation


  • Must be approaching intermediate level to grasp some of the concepts. But hey! the course is free so give it a try regardless of level
  • An understanding of tablature and fretboard diagrams.


Here are five tips that are so easy to pick up but a lot of players seem to miss, and thus, end up sounding like everyone else. The majority of players will find something in here to add to their trick bag.

We will be looking at:-

The Root Note System - Why it will get you mapping your fretboard faster so you can focus on musically instead of shapes.

Articulation - Quickly add a vocal element to your playing with this simple technique.

Arpeggios - Move away from muddy boring Arpeggios and give them another colour.

Harmonic Minor - How it can be used to give your playing another sound and help you play over more interesting chords.

Modulation - A quick tip to improvising over modulating chord changes.

This is the tip of the iceberg with these concepts but will act as an introduction to them, a way to quickly incorporate them without having to fully go down the rabbit hole to utilise them in your playing.

Use the course as a quick tip guide and a way to get to know me as an instructor. More content is already in development to expand these ideas and a whole lot more into full courses.

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Who this course is for:

  • Guitarist with a working understanding of tablature, and theory looking to get more out of their lead playing.


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I have spent the last twenty-five years Studying music, lecturing music, privately teaching guitar, working as a session guitarist, composing for film and game and preforming. Music is literally all I do!

I graduated from the University of Southampton focusing on theory and composition, which I have passed on to others as a lecturer at the Academy of Music in Southampton,  as a private tutor and as a composer.

I have 25 year experience as a guitarist graduating from the guitar institute in London and since then have preformed, tutored and recorded for a living.

Music in some for or another has been at the forefront of my life so to adapt to an ever changing world, I have been grateful to find yet another way to share knowledge and communicate with others about what I love right here on Udemy.

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