The Ultimate Guide To Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind

Increase Your Vibrational Awareness & Emotional Intelligence
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1hr 56min of on-demand video

Learn Basic Meditation
Increase Emotional Intelligence
Learn How To Create Affirmations (For Powerful Transformation)
Learn The Power Of Thought
Learn Basic Yoga For Everyday
Learn Basic Law Of Attraction!
Learn How To Create A Powerful Routine!
Learn how to balance your emotions
Learn the power of intention & how to use it for anything you desire
Learn the base foundation to many holistic modalities


  • Must be able to watch & listen to lectures.
  • Must have patience
  • Must be ready to apply in daily life!


Now is your chance to learn all the tricks to reprogramming your mind!

This course will teach you everything you need to know about harnessing mindfulness tools & creating a personalized ritual to help unlock your hidden superpowers (Intuition, Awareness, Inner Healer).

It's tough figuring out how to reprogram your mind on your own! It's like being stuck in a vicious circle. Don't get caught in that trap. Use this unique course material provided by Curandero Gabriel & Finally Detached to help break through your own barriers! Now is the time '11:11'

'The Ultimate Guide To Reprogramming Your Mind' includes the following:

  • Downloadable Videos To Help With Learning Different Approaches To Meditation

  • Downloadable Videos To Help Increase Emotional Your Intelligence

  • Downloadable Video To Help You Create Affirmations (For Powerful Transformation & Anything You Desire!)

  • Downloadable Video To Help You Learn The Power Of Thought!

  • Downloadable Video To Help You Learn Basic Yoga For Everyday Practical Use!

  • Learn Basic Law Of Attraction!

  • Learn How To Create A Powerful Ritual!

  • Tons Of Free Resources To Help You Along Your Journey To Becoming A Master Of Your Mind

We highly recommend that you approach this course with patience and integrity! It is important that you watch the course content more than once if you really want to gain a deeper understanding of the lectures given & the weaving of modalities for your personal and energetic benefit.

Your Journey Awaits!

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate & Advanced Mindfulness Practitioners
  • Those Who Seek More Knowledge
  • Those who are on the journey to become a medicine man or medicine women
  • Anyone interested in Law Of Attraction
  • Anyone interested in reprogramming their mind
  • Anyone interested in learning the connection between holistic modalities & deep healing
  • Anyone interested in self improvement!
  • Anyone who is ready to increase their emotional intelligence
  • Those who are new to understanding thought as 'energy'
  • Anyone who wants more happiness in their lives!
  • Anyone interested in awakening their inner healer
  • Anyone interested in learning how to break the limits of the subconscious mind


Initiated Curandero, Clinical Psychedelic Guide, Author,
Gabriel Castillo
  • 4.2 Instructor Rating
  • 24 Reviews
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We invite you to join our courses by Curandero Rev. Gabriel Castillo who was initiated by a Taino elder who goes by Don Hongo (author of 'The Mushroom Speaks')

During his journey, the universe had very particular plans that led him to remote areas of the world where he immersed himself deeply in the power of the mind. This voyage of inner discovery is how he gained his formal education as a:

Certified Facilitator in Mindfulness/Meditation, Law Of Attraction Coach, Yoga Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Sound Healing Practitioner, Psychedelic Guide, & A Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapist was gained.

Unintentionally, his Inner being grew increasingly aware of the mental prisons we keep ourselves in due to attachments we choose to have, perspectives we take, and subconscious thought processes we are constantly running on a daily basis.

He realized... 'If we are our own healers, then we are in turn our own destroyers'.

He then found it a responsibility, duty, and obligation to Finally Detach himself from the dogma that was not his own.

This was, and continues to be a deep cleansing process and is why he has decided to create these courses! You deserve all the tools without the middlemen & so-called 'gurus'.

You are the medicine, & taking Gabriel's courses will help you awaken to your superpowers within.

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