Ukraine: History, Culture and Identities

A short introductory course in the history, culture, and society of Ukraine from the Middle Ages to the present.
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Impact of the Scandinavian invaders on the Slavic people in Ukrainian lands.
The beginning, development, and end of Kyivan Rus`.
The development of Ukrainian lands under the reign of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the Early Modern time.
The effect of the Reformation on Ukrainian lands.
The Cossacks’ military organization, their role in European wars, and the creation of their own statehood.
Ukraine’s struggle to establish its own cultural and political movements under the reign of two empires during the XIX century.
Declaration of independence by Ukraine after World War I and its occupation by the Soviet Union.
Long way of the Ukrainian dissident movement to the declaration of independence in 1991.


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Ukraine. The largest country in Europe with its capital in Kyiv.

Ukraine has more than a thousand-year history associated with numerous stereotypes. Like most Eastern European countries, it is a rather young country. Ukraine declared its independence only in 1991. Nevertheless, since then, it managed to survive three revolutions struggling for the protection of democratic values ​​and human rights; radically change the vector of international politics; and advance significantly in the development of arts and culture.

What about the events and processes taking place before the independence was declared? What historical and cultural heritage was preserved by Ukraine when it entered the 21st century?

We offer you a short introductory course in the history, culture, and society of Ukraine from the Middle Ages to the present.

You will be guided by experienced researchers, experts in history and political science, and leading professors of the National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy".

The online course "Ukraine: History, Culture, and Identities" has been developed by the Ukrainian Institute, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, and online education studio EdEra.

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