How to Film your Videos: Official Udemy Course

Equipment tips and setup best practices for high quality videos
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Buy the equipment they need for filming
Set up their equipment
Get started filming their videos
Troubleshoot if they run into problems with audio or video quality


  • Instructors should take the course "Video Production Fundamentals" prior to watching this course
  • We will recommend some paid materials in this course. All of the materials are optional based on your preferences.


Are you looking to learn everything you need to know to film Udemy courses that pass the Quality Review Process? Want to learn exactly what video equipment is most popular with Udemy instructors? Feeling a bit rusty with video filming terminology and tactics and want to brush up on your skills? Are you hoping to take your Udemy course from good to great? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this course is for you. In this official, Udemy-produced course you will learn the ins and outs of filming your course videos.  You'll also have created your very own video, and gotten feedback on it from the Udemy Review Team.

We'll go over all of the topics that go into filming a video for your Udemy course:

  1. Finding the right equipment
  2. Setting up your "Studio"
  3. No-Shame filming hacks to save time and money
  4. Filming (and getting feedback!) on a test video

In addition, you'll also hear directly from a few of our expert instructors, who share their own tips and tricks for ensuring that your videos look and sound amazing.

This course is part of the "Filming" track of Udemy's Official Instructor Education Program. In each of our official courses we strive to deliver information-packed lectures that quickly give you the information you need to make your course creation process easy and your final product amazing. We include lots of examples, as well as practice activities to make sure you're practicing your new skills. 

By the end of this course you'll have learned filming techniques to make your course look professional and to keep your students engaged. You'll also have created your very first video, and have gotten feedback on it. Let's get started!

Who this course is for:

  • Instructors who are planning on creating a Udemy course
  • Instructors who have no experience with setting up a home studio
  • Instructors who have no experience with video production

Course content

5 sections21 lectures46m total length
  • Introduction


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