Building a Twitter Word of the Day Bot with Python for FREE

Learn the basics of the Twitter API and Python without any prior knowledge required!
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Build a Twitter Bot
Basic Use of the Twitter API
PyDictionary Library (Python)
RandomWords Library (Python)
Navigating Dictionary Types in Python 3


  • Basic Knowledge of Python 3


In this course I will be teaching you how to create a Twitter Bot using Python 3, RandomWords, Tweepy, PyDictionary, Random, and much much more!  The first four sections will teach you how to use each of the libraries separately, with the last combining everything to top off this sundae!  We will be programmatically posting these tweets instead of controlling the mouse and other methods of creating bots!  Therefore, the python file can be running while you are playing a video game!  I hope that you enjoy watching this course as much as I had making it!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner-Expert Python Programmers

Course content

5 sections16 lectures45m total length
  • Setting Up Your Twitter Developer Account
  • Installing Python 3 and Pip
  • Installing Your Code Editor
  • Practice Quiz
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16 Year Old Programmer
Carter Snook
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I am a 16 year old programmer who is currently a sophomore in High School.  I like programming with Rust, TypeScript, Dart, and JavaScript (if I'm livin' on the edge).

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Created by Coding Carter on 6/8/2020.  I am currently working on our website that will include all of our courses and our youtube videos.  Our goal is to make coding a universal skill for all ethnicities!  We are currently working on our website around the clock to get it published, so please be patient.  Thank you