Trigonometry notes -Part 1

Understanding Trigonometry :a foundation for Calculus
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You will learn Trigonometry at the high school level which prepares you for a solid foundation for Calculus.


  • You need a basic knowledge of the trigonometric functions
  • You need to be able to understand the definition of trigonometric functions using a right angled triangle.


  • This course gives you a basic introduction to Trigonometry . A sound knowledge of trigonometry is crucial to understanding Calculus. This course acts as a bridge course in your understanding of Calculus.

  • As an experienced Mathematics educator, teaching Math for close to three decades, I keep telling my students how crucial it is to know trigonometry while doing differentiation and Integration. This course is just a stepping stone for you. There is so much more to learn which I will gladly do so in case you would want to.

  • In this course, you will learn about degrees and radians and how to convert one form to the other. You will learn about the domain and range of the basic trigonometric functions and how to graph them. You will learn the famous principle of A S T C and how to evaluate trigonometric functions in different quadrants measuring from the vertical and horizontal axis. You are then introduced to Compound angles and how to calculate the sum or difference of these. A wide range of formulae are introduced which are immensely useful in Calculus.

A very useful course for mathematics students of class 11, especially the ISC and CBSE boards.I conclude the course with all the formulae learnt , put together for you to refer.

So jump in and start learning!

Who this course is for:

  • Students of Classes 11 and 12, college students.
  • A prerequisite for Calculus

Course content

7 sections7 lectures39m total length
  • Introduction


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