Transparent Glass Bead Triangles

Free Class on Triangle Dots
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This is a free class on how to make transparent triangles using dots of glass on a donut bead.
How to apply DOTS to a lampwork glass beads.
How to decorate a base bead with DOTS.
How to pull stringers for dot decoration.


  • The student should have a work area already prepared.
  • Fireproof workstation with their torch already set up and good ventilation.
  • All artists creating this bead should have basic knowledge of lampwork safety precautions. Torch safety, glass handling skills, proper ventilation and using proper eyewear are all requirements needed to safely make this bead. All the materials, supplies and tools are available through lampwork glass suppliers and distributors. I also highly recommend using a kiln to properly anneal your bead after it is complete to ensure durability and strength.
  • It would be helpful if the student has taken my Beginning Lampwork Glass Bead class 101 and the DOTS class 102. But not a requirement.


This class is designed for the beginning lampwork glass beadmaker. It is a basic class using melted dots of molten glass, applied to a base bead, and then heated to form little triangles of decoration. The class will begin with an introduction and presentation of the short class syllabus. We will then review the prerequisites including good workspace, some knowledge of glass safety practices, ventilation and a kiln is recommended to anneal the beads for strength and durability. I will then jump into the bead preparation which includes some short observations about glass rod diameters that you receive from your glass supplier. The students will then get a review of how to pull stringers from molten glass rods. Once the preparation is complete, we will begin making the bead by winding molten glass around a mandrel, making sure that the left and right sides are precisely lined up to form smooth puckered holes around the mandrel. Additional wraps of glass will be placed on the bead until the appropriate amount of material is applied to the base bead. We will then shape the molten glass into a donut shape using heat and gravity while spinning the bead to achieve the final configuration. Once the base bead is complete, I will show the students how to apply and melt various dot sizes to achieve a triangular decoration on the bead. Layers of dots will be applied of smaller and smaller volumes to get a stacked dot. The dots will all be melted down flat to achieve the final bead.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginning lampwork glass bead artists.

Course content

1 section6 lectures31m total length
  • Introduction
  • Class Prerequisites
  • Colored Glass and Pulling Stringers
  • Making the Bead
  • Wrap Up


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Hello, I'm Anna Maria.

I have always been a clumsy geek striving towards beauty and grace through art. After 28 years as an engineer in the corporate world, it's time to move on and do something I love for myself. I have been a polymer clay instructor and lampwork glass bead artist since 2002. I am thrilled to be here and I have a ton of ideas and projects to share with all of you. Art has always been an escape mechanism for me and I want to share the peace and joy that creation can bring to your soul.