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How to Bring Joy Into Your Home With Feng Shui Inspired Design
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Reading Ingrid Fetell Lee’s Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness, I found myself nodding my head repeatedly. I felt like I had found my tribe as she told anecdotes about people who practiced the “aesthetics of joy.” Here were people who played with their environment with zeal and creativity, who sometimes took their passions to absurd extremes.


From my experiences in feng shui and design, I understood what they were trying to do and why these shifts in their environment could bring about such delight. The book got me thinking about how ordinary people could take these lessons and design joy into their homes. Fetell Lee starts to go there, but that is not her focus. I pick up where she leaves off to show you how you too can practice the “aesthetics of joy” and create a home that makes possible more joy in your life.


I show you how to

-bring more energy;

-create harmony;

-cultivate feelings of freedom;

-induce play;

-transcend the ordinary;

-create occasions for renewal and celebration

in your home and life.


This mini-course is free now and forever. Spread the joy and share with your friends and family!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners curious about how to improve their lives by rearranging their environment


LA-based feng shui and design consultant
Mina Yang
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Hello! I’m Mina, a certified feng shui and design consultant and coach.

A bit of my back story...

Perhaps because of my nomadic childhood, I’ve always felt driven by the vision and pursuit of a perfect home. But interior design as a profession seemed too far removed from most people’s lives, with styling and furniture that felt otherworldly (with price tags to match), in the same way that couture fashion has little to do with my everyday clothes.

It seemed like feng shui provided the missing link between interior design and the home of my dreams. I took classes, got certified and read everything I could get my hands on. But I wasn’t entirely satisfied. Traditional feng shui assumed my buy-in to Chinese superstitions that didn’t align with my contemporary world view. And Western "schools" exaggerated feng shui’s mysticism even as it simplified and distorted its teachings.

Over time, I ended up creating my own version of a feng shui-inspired design methodology, combining concepts and ideas from modern design theories with the feng shui principles of flow and harmony.

My feng shui-inspired design has worked so well for me and my clients that I realized I had an obligation to teach this method to others. And thus was born Hulum Feng Shui (hulum means “flow” in Korean, reflecting my multicultural background that also informs my design philosophy). Tapping into my decades-long experience teaching college students, I put together an e-class and book, Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life, and a 1-on-1 coaching program that takes students and clients through my step-by-step program to help them conquer their space.

I love creating e-courses and am adding to my library of courses. Please check back to see if there's anything of interest to you, and let me know if there are specific design challenges you'd like me to address. Thanks for visiting!

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