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Using Life Experiences As Catalysts To Transform The Mind - Transforming Suffering into Happiness
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Using Life Experiences To Transform the mind
How to transform the suffering states of the mind through life experiences


  • Know the Journey of Self-Transformation, the pre-requisite videos are in the course
  • A good level of english
  • Have taken at least a free meditation course from me


Catalysts are the things we can do in life to speed a progress.

In this course I am teaching the journey of Self-Transformation which is the journey of addressing our Suffering States of the mind so that we can release it at the deepest level of the consciousness. The goal is to develop greater happiness.

It is a challenging journey, to use life experiences to transform the mind. Because life in itself already is full of challenges waiting for us to stumble upon.

But just how much are we learning from each of the life experiences that we are going through?
Are we simply reacting to the negative life experiences, or are we learning from them?
So here are the catalysts which will help you to see the lessons through the life experiences.

If you read ready to use life experiences to accelerate self-growth, then this course will teach you the ways in which we can use life-experiences to transform our mind.

Pre Requisite
This is a course that will require one to have a balanced mind. So I suggest you try one of my free meditation courses before you come into this course, this will help you to understand more about what is happening in the mind when you go through life experiences!

The Power Of Life Experiences
Indeed it is true that life experiences can transform the mind. But instead of waiting for the "right" experiences to happen, this course will teach you that you can actually make every life-experience worthwhile to transform the suffering states of the mind that are waiting to be addressed from within.

This is a challenging journey that you are undertaking, so it is best to compliment such a journey with the practice of meditation. I have many free meditation courses that you can take if you click on my bio page.

And when you are ready for a Self-Transformative journey, then you may proceed to the course!

===Some Reviews===

"Wonderful course.Transforming will happen if practised properly. Sir has given useful catalysts as well as practice worksheet -SIRISHA J"

"I have been in a bad state of mind for the past couple of months, very depressed, negative, unhappy, crying everyday, it's not like me. Life threw me unfortunate curve balls that I am not handling well. Something drew me to this course for help. I am so glad I did. I already feel a shift in my attitude and a little less heavy in the heart. Just listening to his voice and the birds in the background have been giving me a sense of calm. I only just started the course and am excited to continue as I can already feel it will help me a great deal. You have a genuine caring way that you speak. You really grab my attention and interest in what you have to say and teach. Thank you so much for creating this course!!!!!"- D J. Rios

Because of the 2 hour limit of free courses, this is Part 3 Of The Self-Transformation Series

If you wish to access the other courses for free you can find them on my website!!

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4. Transform your mind - Creator Catalyst (Check bio should be released by Nov 2020)

Who this course is for:

  • This is a great course for people who want to improve their happiness
  • This is a great course for people who want to challenge their current beliefs so that they can transform and let go of negative beliefs into happiness


Teacher - Transforming Fears and Sufferings
Jonny John Liu
  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
  • 1,268 Reviews
  • 42,535 Students
  • 21 Courses

Jonny John Liu is the founder of CreationWithinCreation - a website where he teaches people how to address their Sufferings - Fears - Negativities - everything to do with addressing Unhappiness to create greater Happiness. There you will be able to find all of his written work and techniques.

Jonny has an unique way of teaching. Instead of feeding his students truth, he also instructs them to validate the truth from experience. Thus with all information in which he gives he provides the students a Path to actually experience it for themselves, because it is only through this way that one can achieve inner transformation at the deepest level.

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