Learn R for Business Analytics from Basics

Know basics of Business Analytics ?! Work-out those skills further on R-platform. Learn R for BA over a weekend !
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Know how R can be leveraged in Business Analytics
Download and Install R in your machine
Get familiar with R environment
Load important packages into R
Import Data in R and perform exploration and transformation activities
Perform bivariate analysis and plot charts in R to understand data distribution
Run Macros / write functions in R
Run correlation and regression in R and analyse model results


  • A decent quality laptop / desktop where R can be installed
  • Prior coding knowledge not mandatory
  • Knowledge of Business Analytics is not mandatory to learn R concepts but recommended if you want to infer analytical test results


Newly Launched Course!

R is the new and fastest growing Business Analytics platform. R shall become (if it hasn't already become) one of the most used Business Analytics tool. It is giving strong competition to giants like SAS, SPSS and other erstwhile business analytics packages.

This course is designed specifically for someone who knows basics of Business Analytics and wants to learn implementation of those skills on R platform.

The course is designed considering the busy schedule of learners. It has power pack content for about 90 mins. If you practice along with learning (which is highly recommended) then you shall take about 1-2 days to complete the course.

You will learn how to perform all the analytical tasks required to develop a "Losses prediction model in R" from scratch. This means that you will be working on:

  • Downloading and Installing R in your machine
  • Getting familiar with R environment
  • Loading important packages in R
  • Start writing your first code in R
  • Import Data in R and perform exploration and transformation activities
  • Do plots in R to understand data distribution
  • Write your own macro functions
  • Run correlation and regression in R and analyse model results

By the end of the course you shall be confident and equipped with all the knowledge required to perform analytical activities in R.

If you want to learn Business Analytics or SAS language, then our other course "Business Analytics for Beginners: Using SAS" shall be the best fit for you.

Who this course is for:

  • Specially designed for new comers in R, starting from very basics
  • MUST take course for existing professionals in Business Analytics
  • If you are an entrepreneur, and want to analyse your business data using the best open source analytical software, then this is the course for you
  • Students researching on any topic which requires data analysis will be highly benefitted by the course
  • Fundamentals for Business Analytics are not discussed in detail; for that please refer our other course on "Business Analytics for Beginners: Using SAS"


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We at Analytics17 are dedicated towards making the world easier to understand using Power of Data. We specialise in data science requirements for Banks. And have done hundreds of data science projects involving different machine learning techniques like linear regression, logistic regression, decision trees, clustering & neural networks. With experience on working on languages / tools like SAS, R, Python & SPSS.

A formal training for new comers & entrepreneurs has always been missing in Analytics, which gave us a thought to put together a course for beginners. We have finally got time and platform (Udemy) to share our learnings with everyone. Hopefully our course will help beginners quickly come up the learning curve of Analytics.

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