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Chart Pattern Profits - Learn To Take High Probability, Low Risk Trades In Any Market And Any Time Frame
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A COMPLETE TRADING SYSTEM That Will Teach You How To Get Into High Probability High Profit and Low Risk Trades
A Clear Comprehensive Strategy for Trading Profits
The Same Systems I Used To Set Up My Hedge Fund
The Same Systems I Used To Win Stock Picking Competition in the Financial Times
The Same Systems I Used To Win 'Show Me The Money' Best Performer Award For My Stock Pick
The Same Systems I Used To Win Bloomberg TV Best Performing Stock Picker
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  • Students Should Have A Strong Desire To Learn How To Trade
  • Some Basic Chart Analysis Experience Preferred But Not Necessary


2023 Update: You are about to learn exactly WHICH trades to take, WHEN to take them, and HOW to Manage them for maximum profit...in ANY market and ANY time frame.

Many students cover the cost of my courses in a few trades. TRADING CHARTS FOR PROFITS is no different!


  • Power-Packed Lectures...No Padding

  • COMPLETE TRADING SYSTEMS That Teach You How To Set Up Low-Risk, High-Probability Trades

  • Setting Up One Profitable Trade After Another

  • The Same System Used To Win The FT Best FTSE Forecaster Award

  • Removing guesswork, removing stress, removing indecision and confusion.

I will show you how to trade like a Wall Street Pro, because I am! And make massive profits, no matter if the market goes up, down or sideways. Based on over 30,000 hours of trading experience, these are proven systems for making consistently profitable trades.

My proven strategy works for ANYONE regardless of experience or technical knowledge. Furthermore, it can be used on Stocks, Commodities, Indices, Forex. These simple, highly-profitable trading systems can generate great profits consistently, safely and reliably.

I take you step-by-step and show you how to trade like a pro. The accuracy and reliability of TRADING CHARTS FOR PROFITS means you will be:

  • Confident in your ability to decide when to trade, and when to stand aside

  • Relaxed because you know the maximum risk before making the trade

  • Avoiding bad trades

This is an ONGOING EDUCATIONAL COURSE which will be updated regularly with new lectures - giving traders tools and strategies to launch their own successful trading business.

TRADING CHARTS FOR PROFITS comes with a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Test it out, see how well it works for you. And enjoy all the benefits and profits that come with stress-free trading.

Based on 30 years of experience with real-world trading, I guarantee you will end up with the skills of an expert trader.

Even if you have already tried and failed with other courses and systems, I will show you exactly how to succeed now.

Get started on your path to creating a successful trading business by signing up for this course NOW!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Who Wants To Learn How To Trade Profitably
  • Existing Traders Who Want To Be More Consistent And Make More Money
  • Beginner, Intermediate And Professional Stock, Forex, Options Traders


Hedge Fund Manager, CEO trading-champions.com
Alpesh Patel
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Hedge fund manager, Alpesh started trading at the age of 12, with money borrowed from his aunt. He continued trading throughout school and University; finessing at Oxford University his trading strategies.

Whilst trading, he started teaching, first small groups, then audiences in the thousands around the world, from the UK to US to China to even Guatemala - made known as a global educator and trader through his training books - The Mind of a Trader and Trading Online.

Soon thereafter institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Barclays, American Express, Charles Schwab, E*Trade, TD Waterhouse, paid Alpesh to educate their customers.

Bloomberg TV offered him his own show after seeing him on a CNN interview talking with passion about education and trading; the Financial Times asked him to write a column in the paper teaching people to trade. Alpesh has written 200 columns for the Financial Times and 18 books to help people improve their trading. His books were so popular they are translated into 8 languages and one, Trading Online, even outsold Harry Potter on Amazon for a while!

Soon Alpesh won a competition in the Financial Times to predict the FTSE 100 over a 12 month period, coming within 0.5% of the final value.

Oxford University elected him a Visiting Fellow on Business and Industry and he lectured on trading.

Unsurprisingly Alpesh set up his own asset management company and hedge fund after friends and family asked him to manage their money for them. The company currently manages money for pension funds and high net individuals.

So it made sense for him, having launched his hedge fund, to launch a private equity fund - after all dealmaking and entrepreneurship were taking up more of his time and thanks to media appearances his networks expanding exponentially.

To this day Alpesh remains in more high demand than ever, appearing weekly on the BBC, Reuters, CNBC with his views on the markets, and being flown around the world to speak to audiences from India to Thailand, China, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Consequently, given the huge demand for his trading education and with a business to run, Alpesh set up online education courses to meet demand.

Reviews For Alpesh's Books:

‘Gets to the heart of the matter of trading by clearly elucidating the methodologies of successful trading strategies while capturing the ineffable ethos of singular, successful traders.’ Pat Arbor, Chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade (1998) (the World’s largest derivatives exchange)

"The Online Trading CourseBook is the best guide of its kind to personal investing and will satisfy both the beginner and the professional". Nathan Moss, Chief Operating Officer, Merrill Lynch HSBC

"Online trading is a battlefield, and Alpesh Patel has the battle scars to prove it. Let this veteran trading warrior show you how to survive and thrive with his latest Internet guide." Thom Calandra, Editor-in-chief, CBS MarketWatch

"The markets have an enormous impact on our lives. "The Online Trading Coursebook" gives you an insight into making them work for you." Bharat Masrani, Chairman, TD Group

"Insights into online trading from one of the leading authorities in the field."Craig Walling, Chief Executive, Charles Schwab Europe

"As a trader and a financial journalist himself, Alpesh Patel is uniquely qualified to give a behind-the-scene view of financial markets, and their interaction with the media. This book gives a very intelligent view of the art of investing, and debunks a lot of myths. I recommend it to anyone who is serious about investing." Bernard Oppetit, Founder, Centaurus Capital (a $2billion hedge fund)

''Alpesh’s proven track record speaks for itself. Learning from him will help ordinary people achieve results that match market professionals” Clive Cooke, CEO, City Index (part of ICAP)

'Investing Unplugged does a masterful job of blending the theoretical and the practical. Its an insight with many implications and it offers a set of useful tools to make better decisions and thereby create wealth.' Sonjoy Chatterjee, CEO ICICI Bank UK Limited

“Patel does it again - condenses and simplifies the world of investing into an easy-to-understand indispensable handbook." James Bateman, Head of Marketing, ODL Securities

“With the media playing an increasingly important role in investment decision-making, find out how one of the UK’s best known traders and broadcasters uses the wealth of information out there.” Michael Foulkes, President and Chief Executive, TD Europe

''Another excellent publication from Patel. His insight to the markets and trading are a must read for traders of all levels including beginners, there is something for everyone. '' Peter Cruddas, Chairman CMC Group Plc (Global Forex and Trading Specialists)

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