The Total Back Pain Solution
4.7 (31 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
241 students enrolled

The Total Back Pain Solution

How to Finally be Free from Back Pain (by a chiropractor who hurt his back & learnt the hard way)
4.7 (31 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
241 students enrolled
Created by Mike Cassidy-Hogg
Last updated 3/2020
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What you'll learn
  • EXACTLY what to do (and not do) so your back can finally get better.
  • The perfect companion if you're already having treatment for your back.
  • How to help yourself TODAY. Exercises, nutrition, do's & don'ts, and much more.
  • Professional knowledge PLUS 'advanced tips' most people don't know.
  • How different professionals can help you, and how to find a good one.
  • Basically everything I teach to my patients, but in your own home, in your own time.
  • You've had enough of back pain.
  • You're open to trying something new.

"This course was brilliant with loads of things to easily implement straight away. Mike is a great teacher clearly passionate and knowledgeable, also making the info easy to understand. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is struggling with back pain."

Rachael (5 stars!)

If you have back pain and want to feel better, then everything you need to know is right here.

I injured my own back, learned how to fix it, became a Chiropractor (and a Personal Trainer) and have helped 1000's of people get their life back.

This is what I teach them (and for less than the price of a consultation). It's all the practical things you can start doing today, to help your back recover.

Most people with back pain need to change something they are doing. It could be how they sit, sleep or move, or perhaps what they eat, or even how they manage stress. But how do you know what that is for you?

The simple answer is you don’t, yet.

But the quickest way to find out, is to use this information that has helped thousands of people to be free from back pain, and take one small step at a time. Just try one thing each day, and there will be something in here that helps you get the relief you want.


If you're done with back pain and want your quality of life back, I made this course for you. 

  • Maybe you don’t want to live on painkillers anymore.

  • Or you're stuck on a long waiting list for physio or to see a specialist (or perhaps you've been there already).

  • You could have tried different things like chiropractic or osteopathy, but the results didn't last, or you felt even worse.

  • You've probably heard conflicting advice from well-meaning family, friends and forums. 

And understandably, you might be getting frustrated.

I know this because I see it all the time.

As a doctor of chiropractic, most people who come to see me have tried all sorts of things. Some have nearly given up. A lot of the time I'm their 'last resort', or someone talked them into it.

And I've been there myself.

  • I injured my back doing karate when I was 16, got sciatica all down my left leg and couldn't walk properly for 6 months.

  • That's when I discovered chiropractic and physio. But I still had to learn for myself how to stay pain-free.

  • So I went to university to study the science of backs, graduating as a chiropractor in 2004.

If there's one thing I've learned, it's this:  The people who get better are open to doing something differently.

Getting over back pain isn't just about someone else 'fixing' you. Especially if it's been there a while.

But it's not complicated. It's often very simple, if you know what to do.

Like most things, it's often about making small changes, but doing them consistently.

So pretty much everything I teach my patients is in this course.

It's a piece by piece guide, with all the knowledge and tools you need, to finally be free from back pain.

And you can message me any time you want if you have questions.

I hope this course changes your life.


Mike Cassidy-Hogg DC

Doctor of Chiropractic & Personal Trainer

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who's done with back pain.
  • Already having treatment (doctor/physio/chiro/osteo...) and want the BEST results from it.
  • Stuck on a long waiting list.
  • Frustrated that different back pain treatments haven't worked.
  • IMPORTANT: This course is for mechanical low back pain. It is not for back pain related to a recent trauma (like a fall or impact injury), or a disease process like cancer for example.
Course content
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+ Introduction
4 lectures 16:20

This course will teach you everything you need to know to start feeling better quickly, and help you be free from pain.

Back pain can be frustrating and take away the pleasure in life. But armed with the right knowledge you can move past it. 

Preview 03:45

brief overview on how to use this course for best results.

How To Use This Course

Your safety and well-being is my biggest priority.

So although I recommend seeking medical advice before starting any self-help program, here are the times when you definitely should go and see your doctor.

IMPORTANT: When To See Your Doctor

Not a diagnosis, but a helpful indicator of which 'Type' of back pain you may have.

It helps you know what do to and avoid, so your back can get better. 

HELPFUL: What Is Your Back Pain 'Type'
+ RELIEVE: Feel Better Fast
5 lectures 22:39

The FIRST things I teach to all my patients with back pain.

Start doing these things 3 things TODAY, they can help you feel better quickly.

TRY THIS TODAY: Fast Natural Pain Relief

Learn when to take painkillers, and how to take them properly, to prevent nasty side-effects.

What About Painkillers?

Simple pain relieving exercises you can do at home. 

They help relax the muscles in your back and gently mobilize your spine.  Plus a great exercise for relieving muscle spasm. 

For all Types, but only do what's fairly comfortable.

1. Cat: all Types but especially A

2. Side Cat: all Types

3. Tennis ball:for muscle spasms

4. Child's Pose: especially Type B

Preview 06:31

Don't stretch your back! 

Stretch these 3 muscles instead: The glutes, hip flexors and hamstrings. 

Here's how to do it properly and safely.

Stretching Tight Muscles Safely

The correct way to perform McKenzie exercises that can help a bulging disc (for Type A). 

If it's right for you, it should relieve your back pain.

Disc Injury / Type A? Try The 'McKenzie' Exercise
+ STEP 2 - REMOVE THE OBSTACLES: Stop making it worse
6 lectures 20:45

Most people injure their back in the first hour of the day.

Here's how to avoid a lot of pain!

Preview 02:00

The Hip Hinge is how your body is designed to move when you bend, lift, sit down and get up.

It's very simple but very important. Practice it for a few seconds each day, and you'll start moving better.

This Movement Protects Your Back

How you sit and sleep can either help your back recover or keep you in pain

Here are some top tips you can implement today.

How To Sit & Sleep

How to set up your car seat the way your spine likes it. 

Especially important if you do a lot of driving.

Preview 01:38

The two types of back support belt (one I recommend, the other I don't). 

What they do, when and how to use them.

Back Support Belts (for Types A & C)

Changing the bed-sheets, vacuuming and ironing can all wreak havoc on your back. 

Some chores have to be done, but this is how to do them and protect your back at the same time.

(Includes rare footage  of me doing the vacuuming)

But What About The Housework?!
+ STEP 3 - REBUILD: Bulletproof Your Back
9 lectures 25:35

The best all-round core exercise there is!

It teaches your core muscles to support your spine correctly during body movements.

The No. 1 Exercise: BIRD-DOG

These strengthen your abdominal muscles, better and safer than sit-ups or crunches.

Core Exercise 2: CURL-UPS

This strengthens your oblique muscles, that wrap around your torso.

Plus it tightens and tones your midsection.

Preview 01:47

Lunges are great for improving your hip strength and mobility, plus balance and core control.

Bonus Exercise: LUNGES

Don't do these!

Some common mistakes, plus a silly video of what not to do at the gym.

NEVER Do These Exercises!

If any exercise you try makes just makes you worse, then start here.

This simple core muscle activation exercise helps lay the foundation, that makes every other exercise safer and more effective.

If Any Exercise Hurts: Start With This

The Downward Dog is a great full-over body yoga exercise, that's also excellent for improving posture.

Especially good if you sit at a desk all day.

Advanced: A Full-Body Stretch

The Kettlebell Deadlift is a strength exercise that builds your posterior chain: all the muscles you use when lifting.

It makes you stonger, makes lifting easier, and is the foundation for the Kettlebell Swing.

Try this only when you've improved at the core exercises, and if you can do it with no pain.

More Advanced: Kettlebell Deadlift

The Kettlebell Swing is a wonderful strength and stability exercise, that uses one simple piece of equipment.

It strengthens your gluteal muscles, the power-houses behind all lifting movements, teaches you to use your hips properly, and trains your core muscles to stay tight when they need to.

Most Advanced: Kettlebell Swing
+ ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE: Professional Tips & Tricks
4 lectures 29:58

Leg length difference (LLD) is a very common cause of back pain.

But there are two types, and they're corrected in completely different ways.

One Leg Longer Than The Other?

How to eat to reduce inflammation. Less inflammation means less pain.

Simple changes can make a huge difference to how you feel.

Foods That Harm & Heal: Inflammation

Stress increases pain and stops you healing properly.

It could be why you're still in pain.

So here are 3 super quick stress-busters, and 3 longer term strategies, to reduce the stress in your life and help you heal faster.

Stress & How To Beat It

How to do deep abdominal breathing which we talk about in the Stress lecture.

Many people do it wrong when they breathe deeply, so here is a good trick to help you.

Deep Abdominal Breathing: How To Do It
+ GETTING THE RIGHT HELP: Back Pain Professionals Explained
5 lectures 25:13

Imaging (x-rays, MRI, CT) can be helpful.

But they don't tell the whole story, because function is usually more important than condition.

Do I Need An X-ray / Scan?

What to do when you've finished this course.

Give it 6-12 weeks before deciding if it's worked, and by then you'll be in one of 4 places.

I explain each one, and where to go from there.

What Next?

Health professionals play different roles in your recovery (but you don't need to see them all).

Learn what their job is, what to expect, and how to find a good one.

Doctor (GP), Chiropractor or Osteopath, Consultant (Specialist), Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist.

Which Health Professionals Can Help You?

Here's a simple demonstration of the kind of tests and treatment a chiropractor might do. 

So you know what to expect if you're thinking of going to see one. 

* Obviously each professional is different, but this gives you a basic idea of what chiropractors do.

A Brief Chiropractic Demonstration

My last pieces of advice to you.

But remember, this course is yours to keep, so you can come back and review the information any time you like.

The Final Word