Top 35 Formulas, Features and Functions in Excel

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Learn and practice the top most common Formulas and Features in Excel
Know how to insert Drop Lists in your worksheets
Find a more effective replacement to the lookup Formulas in Excel
Enhance your overall skill in Excel, jump a level just by knowing and practicing the Formulas from this course


  • To understand this course, you need to know how to open a sheet in Excel
  • You need to have Excel 2016 or above
  • Most importantly, the well to learn


Hello there,

Since you are reading this, I have to assume that you already know the importance of Excel and therefore, you are looking for a course that will help you learn Excel and who wants a boring slow teaching method to learn anything!! This course will teach you the most important functions, formulas and features in Excel, it is a great course that will teach Excel step by step in the right way.

This course is created to help you to cut to the point fast and learn what matters the most in Excel as a beginner. It covers 35 most important features, formulas and functions in Excel such as Index, Match, Data Validation, Conditional Formatting, Substitute, Trim, Proper, If, Nestedif, Or, And, Sumif(s), Countif(s), Find, Search, Transpose, and many others.

Those Excel features, formulas and functions are taught in this course using the same Example to help with the consistency, but of course, you will apply them in almost any worksheet you will develop.

The course is mostly none linear, meaning that you can jump right into the topic that interests you directly. However, I strongly recommend to go through the course from beginning to end as you might miss an important information discussed in one of the lectures.

Bottom line is, if you want to learn Excel and looking for a quick start, this is the right course for you!!

This course requires you to have Excel 2016 or more and the well to learn.

Don’t forget to download the material and to practice using the material available in the resources.

I also prepared a quick manual to help you know the main definitions of all the formulas, features & functions taught in the course which is also available in the resources.

See you inside!!

Stay Productive & Happy Learning!!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in Excel who wants to grasp and learn the most important formulas and functions quickly to enhance whatever career they have, Engineers, Managers, Accountants, lawyers, Business owners etc.


Civil Engineer / Online Instructor
Mohammad Barghouthi (ProXperties)
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Hello, I'm MOHAMMAD Barghouthi form ProXperties, I'm here to teach you skills and software to help you boost your career and reach the promotions you deserve. A variety of courses such as Excel, PowerPoint, Power BI, Data Visualization, Project Management, Communication, Negotiation will be taught here.

I have a bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering and a Master Degree in Environmental Science, I'm a GMICE and a PMP certified working in mega projects ranging between Railways, Reservoirs, Infrastructure , FIFA Projects, Resorts among others.

My only goal is to teach you what I learned during the past decades in the simplest and fastest ways possible.

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