Tinkercad - Design & 3D Print A Custom Keyring

Create amazing custom 3D designs you can 3D print
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Learn how to use Tinkercad to design amazing 3D models and 3D print them
Learn how to convert any logo image to an SVG vector image using Adobe Illustrator
Create shapes from reference images using Tinkercad
You will learn how to create your own custom Keyring object using Tinkercad
Learn how to export your designs from Tinkercad to your favourite 3D printing slicer


  • Basic computer skills


Tinkercad - Design & 3D Print A Keyring From Any Logo or Design

In this exciting new course I will show you how to make a keyring or tag from any logo or design and then 3D print it on your 3D printer.

During this course we will make use of Adobe Illustrator for creating vector artwork!
You can download a free trial from the Adobe website.

You can also use one of the following free alternatives to Illustrator:
Inkscape or Gimp

The following topics will be discussed during this course:

1: Introduction
2: All about logos
3: Importing into Adobe Illustrator
4: Tracing your logo in Adobe Illustrator
5: Export vector logo as SVG
6: Create your first Tinkercad Project
7: Importing SVG files into Tinkercad
8: Create basic keyring shape
9: Create the ring geometry
10: Export STL file for 3D Printing
11: Slicing your STL
12: Conclusion
13: Bonus Lesson - Create a personalised signature keyring!

You Will Learn:

1: How to convert any logo image to SVG vector using Adobe Illustrator
2: How to import the SVG into Tinkercad
3: How to create a 3D object using the vector image
4: How to create your own custom keyring in Tinkercad
5: How to export your project as a STL for 3D Printing

I really hope that this course will enable you to come up with and create amazing 3D designs using the easy and free application Tinkercad! Let me know if you have any questions and I will gladly answer them.

Please upload your class project deliverable as JPG or PNG to the Skillshare project gallery for review! You can find the details regarding the project under Class Project.

All the best and happy 3D designing!
Ruan Lotter

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in 3D Printing or 3D Design


VFX Artist / Editor / Filmmaker
Ruan Lotter
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Ruan Lotter is a VFX & 3D Artist, Online Teacher, Music Producer and Author from Cape Town, South Africa. He has worked on many short films and TV commercials for brands such as Hasbro, Lipton, RB, Ryobi and HP doing mostly camera tracking, general 3D work and compositing.

It all started in 1994 when he discovered 3dsmax for DOS! Back then it was called "3D Studio" and that changed everything... A few years later, 3dsmax for Windows was released and the world of online tutorials was born. Ruan instantly started binge watching online tutorials on a website called "3D Buzz" and dove deep into the world of 3D. Over the years he used many different VFX related software such as Adobe After Effects, Maya, Cinema4d, Modo, PFTrack, Boujou and Nuke to name a few and he fell in love with the world of Visual Effects and YouTube became his university of choice.

At the beginning of 2020, after many years of using Maya, he found Blender which quickly became his go-to application for anything 3D or VFX related. In mid 2022 he published his first book "Taking Blender to the Next Level" which is available on Amazon.

He currently works as a VFX Artist & 3D Generalist at Accenture, doing mostly 3D and VFX work on TV and Web content for well known brands.

He also runs a YouTube channel called TunnelvizionTV where he teaches VFX and Motion Graphics using a variety of applications.

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