Effective Time Management Skills For Busy Entrepreneurs
4.3 (26 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
4,954 students enrolled

Effective Time Management Skills For Busy Entrepreneurs

Effective Time Management Productivity Skills For Entrepreneurs : Time Management Skills - Professionals : Tips & Hacks
4.3 (26 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
4,954 students enrolled
Created by Dan Romer
Last updated 9/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Time Management Techniques
  • Time Management Techniques for Busy Entrepreneurs to 10x their Productivity
  • Time Management Skills - Learn Productivity Habits and Achieve Maximum Results
  • Strong willingness to develop new habits
  • Be ready to be challenged in mindset and develop new habits
  • Have a Positive Attitude and Teachable Mind

A Modern, Fresh and Practical Time Management Course that will radically change the way you lead your life.

This course starts with essential mindset, values and vision groundwork that helps you sharpen the focus and purpose of your life work. This is invaluable for your personal preparation and development - an absolute 'must' for your success.

Then the course moves on to very distinct practices you can learn to adopt for effective time use and the tangible and executable realisation of your goals. These are Time Management PRACTICAL TIPS that busy Entrepreneurs can easily do to reach big goals, become highly productive, eliminate distractions and manage their time.

Some key takeaways in this course include the following . . .

Time Management Skills must be learned and then practiced. They can then be tested and measured for the student to gain maximum effectiveness as they govern their life resources. Time is one of those indispensable resources that must be managed with skill - and there are true methodologies for how to do this as proven by effective people throughout history. Learn to be one of these winners!

Time Management for Professionals is a required lifelong undertaking and an essential component in achieving success in life. The busy professional will always want to budget their time and make the very most effective use of time as an available resource. They will follow a very definite method in the planning of their work. They will carry this substantial confidence into their work life and they will have great courage as it leads to the sure and anticipated attainment of their goal.

Effective Time Management for Busy Entrepreneurs is all a part of the formula the entrepreneur will utilise when creating the business they envision. Entrepreneurship is making all your resources work for you. It is about styling your business around your life. When working "on your business" and not just "in your business" you will grow and experience personal transformation as an entrepreneur.

Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs should always be part of the time manager's arsenal. These hacks then become part of the collection of tools that entrepreneurs use to get ahead, beat the competition, and avoid common pitfalls that most people fall into as time is wasted.

Insider Secrets on the Use of Time. There is also a section on world-renown thought leaders and the insider secrets they share on managing their time. Plus there is a bonus section at the end of some additional tools and resources that the top leaders in their field utilise to manage their time.

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Who this course is for:
  • Busy creatives and entrepreneurs
  • Creatives and Entrepreneurs who wish to upscale their productivity and achieve more with great success
  • Anyone who wants to invest in their own personal development
Course content
Expand all 43 lectures 02:06:20
+ Introduction to Time Management For Entrepreneurs
7 lectures 20:55

In this section you will learn how your ability to manage your time will determine either your success or your failure. Learn how this is a fundamental life issue. Learn how all winners in life use their time well and all poor performers in life use their time poorly.

Preview 04:00

Learn about the essential practice of working on your mindset. Your inner life will change outward behaviour. All winners understand this principle.

Preview 03:40

Here you will learn a technique to start viewing yourself as an effective time manager and will take control of your thinking.

Preview 02:48

Learn how to determine what you value the most and then reshape your use of time around your values. Don't ever allow your life to merely build someone else's dreams and upon someone else's values.

Determine Your Own Life Values

Learn how most people make the mistake of just re-doubling their efforts in a vain attempt to increase their wealth and productivity. Define your own life mission and implement a clear focused use of your time upon your own vision.

Learn Your Life Mission

In this final introductory lesson you will reverse engineer your life. That way as you begin to implement these time management techniques they will apply to creating your life in the right direction that it should go.

Use Reverse Engineering To Create The Perfect Road Map
+ Time Management Practices
14 lectures 58:05

Learn how every minute spent in writing down your plans actually saves you time during execution. Understand how writing every detail and the way it is structured is an essential skill for professionals.

Writing Plans To Reduce Wasted Time

Learn how to map out your tasks into 'mini sprints' that are like micro projects that all fit neatly into the one macro project.

Start To Use Visual Mapping For The Perfect Plan That Works

Learn to never do anything that is not on your "To Do List" and only add items that "qualify".

Start To Use A Winning Daily To-Do List

Discover which of your 3 most valuable items are the ones that contribute to more than 80% of your output.

Discover 3 Most Valuable Contributors To Your Output

Reshape your neurological pathways to focus upon the the right task at the right time. Learn to assign your tasks into the right quadrant to always know what is the right thing to focus on at that moment.

Always Know Whats Valuable Right Now

Learn the 3 qualities to discovering what is essential and always know what your essential results are.

Preview 04:08

Acquire the ability to focus on only the one thing that is essential to your life success.

Start Doing "Your One Big Thing"

Learn how professionals use the 'Salami Slice' method to crush their goals, while using the human tendency toward procrastination as your helper.

Learn What It Means To Be Crushing Procrastination

Discover a morning routine for creating your most highly productive and creative blocks of time.

Discover How To Create Blocks of Time

Learn how busy executives utilise 'task batching' to drastically cut down wasted time, check email only 1-3 times daily, and massively reduce the length of their work day.

Learn The Art of Task Batching

Avoid 'death by meeting' and recover short and effective meetings that you lead with excellence.

Learn To Only Ever Have Effective Meetings

Take this 4-step exercise to dramatically increase your reading speed by 200%.

Preview 03:38

This daily practice will help you invest in your greatest asset - YOURSELF - to grow your value and effectiveness.

Learn To Be A Learner
+ Break The Rules of Convention
7 lectures 15:31

Learn to challenge the conventional methods where most people waste their time and never see outside societal norms. You will learn to adopt your own new rules and no longer be trapped in the mundane and average status of the crowd. You will begin the habits of the wealthy, successful and the exceptional.

Preview 04:18

Change your work habits to do less meaningless work and focus on the vital.

Discover How Less is Not Laziness

If you understand that the timing never seems quite right to make vital life changes then you can progress with greater ease and a sense of control in life.

Know How The Timing is Never Right

Most people are only good at a few things, but they waste time trying to get better in the weaker areas. Break out of the pack and play to your strengths where you will get way ahead in life.

How to Live Life Playing to Your Strengths

Here you will learn how the good things can become dangerous when there is an excess of them. Rather than fall into the trap of getting more of any good thing, you will learn the balance of a harmonious and productive life plan.

Beware of Good Things in Excess

Learn how leaders actively discover their fears without running away from them.

How To Escape Fear Pt. 1

Smart people learn to recognise fear. They actively define those fears so they can name them. They see how they can be in the disguise of optimism. Then seeing with true clarity they can take massive action.

How To Escape Fear Pt. 2
+ Learn About Some Great Thinkers Who Hack Time
4 lectures 14:17

How did the focus and time management of the world famous martial arts expert, Bruce Lee, become so refined and effective? It was forged by the incredible practice of 'Elimination'. Particularly in today's world of distraction and attention deficit, you can learn from Bruce Lee's practice to take leaps and bounds forward in your use of time.

Preview 01:42

Learn a whole new and higher level of specificity and a new procedure for complete control of your life wins and goal completion. This is the only way that people create an exceptional outcome in their life, with 100% satisfaction and accomplishment.

Use The Practice of Dreamlining For Complete Control of Your Life Outcomes

This lecture will teach you how to accomplish what a normal person produces in an 8-hour day in a fraction of that time. It will help you avoid the curse of how all work tragically fills the 9-5 norm. Then you will free your vital activities to take far less time and get so much more done in much less time.

Learn About Parkinson's Law and how to escape the 9-5 Illusion

Tim Ferriss went from feeling overwhelmed and burnt out to building a 7-figure business. He went from 15 hour days to 4 hours per week. His new time management practice revolutionised his life. Amazingly his net worth soared. He's also influenced millions of people. Learn his unconventional technique for your own dramatic changes.

Preview 04:44
+ Learn the Insider Secrets of Successful People
6 lectures 10:22

Learn about this reality: "if you're not busy working on your own goals, you'll be chasing somebody else's goals". Here you will go through a case study of learning to identify your 'One Thing' and how great leaders use this principle for achieving their life mission.

Preview 01:59

Here students will learn what successful time managers do first thing in the morning. One of the saddest mistakes in time management is the propensity of people to spend the two most productive hours of their day on things that don't require high cognitive capacity (like social media). If we could salvage those precious hours, most of us would be much more successful in accomplishing what we truly want.

Preview 01:56

Here you will see how successful people budget their time into the future to take control of their goals and tasks. They live their life from their calendar and achieve precisely the vital events that need to occur for their life goals.

Learn How Jordan Harbinger Lives Life From His Calendar

Learn how Richard Branson founded the Virgin Group, now at a net worth of $5BN, from his indispensable pocket notebook. The one time he was without his notebook, he managed to capture his thoughts in his passport to avoid losing the priceless worth of his ideas.

Preview 02:18

It may surprise you that Mark Cuban will never attend a meeting unless someone is writing him a cheque. Do your meetings bring huge value into your life? Learn to invest your valuable time only in meetings that bring you a calculable return on investment and raise your game to a new level.

Learn The Secret of Mark Cuban's Meeting Rule

Learn about the secret weapon A-player entrepreneurs use in their meetings for advanced progress. They keep everyone on their own timeframe and on their own schedule.

Learn What Jake Knapp Does In Meetings and about The Google Clock
+ Bonus Section On Powerful Time Management Techniques
5 lectures 07:10

In 10 minutes you will learn to do four exercises that will radically increase your reading speed by 200%. This is an impressive and invaluable technique that busy entrepreneurs learn. Invest some effort in learning this and you will forever read faster, absorb a great quantity of information and secure a life-long practice of greater personal development.

Preview 01:50

Evernote is a free tool used by productive and effective people to capture all the valuable information, ideas and documents they need to run their successful lives. It will retrieve all and any information and keep it at your fingertips so you no longer waste valuable time trying to find what you need at any moment.

Learn How To Eliminate Paper & Capture Everything With Evernote

Never before have busy entrepreneurs had these kinds of helpful technologies to focus the important phone calls around vital conversations with key relationships and eliminate wasteful calls.

Learn How To Screen Phone Calls and Save Massive Amounts of Time

Batching Tasks is an indispensable means of multiplying our current efforts many times over. Apply the technique of batching tasks to email and 10x your results.

Learn To Use a Powerful Email Batching tool

Learn to commit to your personal development and the growth of your mindset by doing an exercise like this to help you take control of your day.

The Powerful and Hilarious Practice Saying "No" Like a 2yr Old