3 Simple Animation Tricks in PowerPoint to Make an Impact

Modern and Impressive Animations Within Minutes, Simply Using PowerPoint!
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impressive and modern animation tricks simply using PowerPoint
effective animation tools to manipulate the viewer´s eye
basic picture editing skills, to boost boring stock photos, simply using PowerPoint (no Photoshop needed)


  • minimum PowerPoint 2016 but for some details you need the latest version of PowerPoint
  • 95% of the course you can manage with PPT 2016 but make sure that morph transition feature is included
  • surest way is to have Microsoft 365 subscription
  • basic PowerPoint knowledge is necessary but not a must


Moving objects and pictures (aka animations) are the real language in our digital era, reading and simply observing a static picture is the past. Learn three very basic, yet impressive animation tricks in PowerPoint and stand out with your content.

This course is designed in a way that you can save as much time as possible with learning, and gain skills as fast as possible. Each lesson can be used independently on its own, while there is a clear structure for the whole course. Obviously, you gain the most if you complete all lessons, however you can learn practical skills from a single lesson too, that you can implement in your project right away.

While you animate, you pick up necessary design basics, it improves your look and feel to a nice overall visual design. Simply by editing the brightness or transparency of a picture in the right way, we can make every cliche and boring stock photos unique and exciting. Knowing the tools and knowing how to use them are two different things; in this course you only learn practical knowledge, no pure theory.

You can sign up for free, there is no time to waste, enroll now.

Make others believe that you are a video editing pro - even if you are not ;) .

Who this course is for:

  • Influencers on social media (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, etc)
  • Teachers, Academic Professors, Digital Educators, Instructors
  • Marketing Professional
  • HR Professional
  • Sales Professional
  • Social Media addicts who tend to share and explain digitally their thoughts, opinions


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Bertalan Köles
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Hi there, my name is Bertalan Köles!
I´m an eLearning Designer, I design digital learning experiences daily, using multiple, very complex software programs but PowerPoint is still always on the list. I often share my knowledge about PowerPoint because this is a very underestimated, yet extremely powerful tool to create amazing stuff. It´s not a secret anymore, but I like to keep sharing this “secret”.

I help trainers, teachers, companies, institutions, corporate education professionals to take their eLearning to the next level.

My story in a nutshell:
Effective knowledge transfer has always excited me, already as a child, when I still didn´t even know what that is. Visualizing, structuring all kind of objects and trying to explain concepts, logical connections led me to become a Prezi software expert in 2014. Some years later it was inevitable that I transferred myself into an eLearning designer, trainer.

Technology has a lot to do with everything in my career. I started with analog trainings, analog tools as mind mapping, etc. Analog education has turned more and more into digital education, so today educational technology is my only focus in the Learning and Development industry. Should you be a person who is interested in eLearning in any fashion, I´m looking forward to welcoming you as my student.

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