Thevenin's and Norton's equivalent circuits

A problem solving approach
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a student can solve problems based on thevenin's equivalent and norton's equivalent and maximum power transfer theoram etc
can confidently solve problems on thevenin's theorem


  • Basic Electrical circuit knowledge i.e what is Node and what is Mesh or Loop
  • basic knowledge of circuit theorems


Thevenin's and Norton's equivalent circuits are one of the most important circuit analysis techniques but very often an average student faces difficulty in solving problems on thevenins and nortons equivalent circuits in this course we explain in a lucid manner how to solve these problems this course is planned to divide into 4 section

1.circuits having only independent energy sources

2.circuits having both independent and dependent energy sources

3.circuits having only dependent energy sources

4.application of thevenin's theorem in real life (ex: for maximum power transfer in real life circuits).

and we will update the course with bonus questions and quizzes regularly .

Who this course is for:

  • students who are studying or having the following courses in their academic curriculum
  • Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, basic electric circuit analysis , network analysis, network theoram etc
  • electrical engineering students

Course content

1 section10 lectures1h 20m total length
  • Using Thevenin’s theorem, find the equivalent circuit to the left of the terminal
  • Find the Thevenin equivalent circuit for the circuit shown in Figure
  • Find thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits for the two-terminal circuit shown
  • 32. Determine the Thévenin equivalent of the network shown in Fig. 5.74 as seen
  • Determine the Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits. Draw the equivalent circu
  • find the thevenin and norton equivalent circuits with respect to terminals a-b
  • find the thevenin and norton equivalent circuits with respect to terminals a-b
  • find the thevenin equivalent circuit for the following network looking from a-b
  • Find thevenin equivalent circuit across load resistance RL
  • For the circuit in fig 4.126 find the thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits ab


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