Theosophy in today's World

An introduction to the concepts and features of Theosophy, the ageless wisdom
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The background, basic features and teachings of Theosophy
The purpose of and the relationship between the seven planes of consciousness
The Theosophical perspective on life after death
The purpose and process of reincarnation
The purpose and operation of karma
An introduction to the power of thought
Practical Theosophy - ways that Theosophy can help you to tread the spiritual path


  • No specific prerequisites, but an open mind is a good start!


This course in Theosophy is offered in the hope of helping students to find meaning in the midst of life’s confusions. As this course is intended as an introductory overview, only basic information is presented here. Please keep in mind also that the explanations given are presented as hypotheses for consideration, not as ultimate pronouncements on any of the various subjects.

Because these ideas are metaphysical (or beyond the physical), they are not subject to laboratory proof and need not be accepted as irrefutable. If, however, they ring true and can be verified by your own experience, they will throw light on many otherwise insoluble problems and, in that way, can provide guidance to further progress on the path of life.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wishes to learn about the Theosophical worldview and the insights it can provide on the meaning, purpose and conduct of life.


Course content creator
Steve Moss
  • 4.9 Instructor Rating
  • 38 Reviews
  • 1,053 Students
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Steve has been involved in the Theosophical Society in New Zealand since 1998. He developed the material in this course in consultation with several experienced Theosophists at the Auckland centre.

He worked as a self-employed technical communicator from 1988 to 2015. In early 2015 he took up a full-time position as Education Content Creator with WorkflowMax, a Xero-owned job management software company, based in Auckland.

Steve originally trained as a mechanical engineer in the UK and has extensive experience in the computer industry in software support, development and training. In 2013, Steve completed an MA in technical communication at Sheffield Hallam University.

He is an Information Mapping certified instructor and is particularly interested in editing and the development of online learning material. Steve is a senior member of STC, a full member of ISTC, and was VP of TechCommNZ (TCANZ) from 2001-2011, and President from 2011-2014.

In 2018, Steve received the inaugural ITx award for excellence in technical communication.

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