Theory of computation from basics

Finite autometa and Regular language
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Theory of Computation - Computer Science Engineering 4th semester subject notes
Deterministic finite Autometa, Non Deterministic Finite Autometa, Epsilon NFA with examples, Acceptebility of a string by DFA, Conversion from DFA to NFA


  • Students should have computer science background


Deterministic Finite Autometa DFA with Definition, Representation with examples, Acceptability of a string and languages, Non Deterministic Finite Autometa NFA with examples, Epsilon NFA with Example, Conversion from Epsilon NFA to NFA, Conversion from NFA to DFA, Equivalence of DFA and NFA , Minimization of Deterministic Finite Autometa, Moore Machine, Mealey Machine etc.

Who this course is for:

  • Computer Science Engineering students
  • Btech comp science,bsc comp science, MCA students
  • Beginners of TOC


I am Computer Science Engineer with 8 years of IT exp.
Shaifali Gupta
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I am a Computer Science Engineer with 8 years of experience in IT and software.I have done my engineering from Govt. Eng College in 2009.I was campus recruited by WIPRO and since then I have been working  IT. I have worked in INFOSYS and IBM as well.

I am taking care of Data integration project using Oracle data integrator software.