The Guitar Gym

Improve your speed, dexterity, stretching and finger independence on the guitar for FREE
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Do your hands ache when you play chords, bends or big stretches on your guitar?
Has your speed stopped developing on the instrument?
Do you let yourself down playing tricky passages at gigs, practising or playing to friends?
Would you like a guitar warm-up and exercise routine, covering a multitude of movements?
Could you improve your alternate picking, string-crossing, dexterity, stamina, stretching and finger independence?
Do you want a professional routine that you can use in the real world. Professionally or for fun?


  • Guitar, PC and a little dedication.


The Guitar Gym is a series of 16 'field-tested' exercises to perform on your guitar. It's designed to cover all the motions you will use to play almost anything and warm up your muscles. The aim being, to get your hands communicating and in sync. It's a FREE COURSE.

In the same way an Athlete performs a warm up before they give for their best performance, it's important for guitarists to do the same. We want to get blood in our muscles, get a few movements covered and simple stretches performed before we go fully at it.

Guitar playing is such a wonderful and unique experience. Why would you not enhance that by looking after yourself and your hands?  It's a fact that guitarists who perform these kind of routines play better, longer and later in life too.

By using these kind of exercise based guitar lessons, we can avoid, or certainly help with problems that can arise. From carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis to simple over use or muscle strains.

The course is relaxed and fun. All Tabs are shown on screen. You have HD video with close ups and myself "GuitarJoolz" at the wheel to guide you round any obstacles.

I challenge you to pick your guitar up, performs these routines and then measure your performance. I guarantee you will feel freer with enhanced performance.

Go for it!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to Advanced, all ages.

Course content

1 section8 lectures49m total length
  • Introduction
  • Exercises 1-3 using Chromatic movement, finger independence and alternate pickin
  • Exercises 4-6 Chromatic scale use, position shifts and "Spider Exercise"
  • Exercises 7-9 Stretches, string-skipping and sweep-picking
  • Exercises 10-11More sweep-picking, pick angle and Neo-classical work out
  • Exercises 12-14 Legato, picking and bends
  • Lecture 7 Bonus lesson with Chords and stretching
  • Thankyou video and access to


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GuitarJoolz is the brand name for British Guitarist Julian Cooper. A well respected teacher and artist with over 25 years experience in the music business.

Having taught literally 1000's of students (many now in their own working bands), toured and recorded with some great bands and performers GuitarJoolz takes the pressure and theory heavy boredom out of traditional approaches. Concentrating on making learning enjoyable, interactive and with playing time focused on the student, not the teacher

A truly passionate and dedicated teacher, GuitarJoolz will show you all you need to know and more.

Having rocked out with brit pop giants Echobelly, UK Superstar Gavin Rossdale, Blues/Rock favs Viking Skull and performed on the same bill as bands such as Foo Fighters and Prodigy, no one is more qualified or enthusiastic about helping you to ROCK!