The Groundwork | transforming your love life from within
5.0 (4 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
927 students enrolled

The Groundwork | transforming your love life from within

Change the record, feel more confident in your love life and make your next relationship really count
5.0 (4 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
927 students enrolled
Created by Gavin Bloom
Last updated 2/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Many people who have taken part in the Groundwork have gone on to meeting someone who is really right for them
  • People will notice a real shift in your confidence levels after taking part in the Groundwork
  • All that is required of you is that you're willing to put in the time and effort to make this work

The Groundwork is an alternative way, a roadmap to reset your love life and propel you towards a new chapter.

You get to see what’s been blocking you, understand the patterns underlying your past and present experience. See your unique relationship blueprint so that you can dismantle your old habits.

Transform the aspects of yourself that have been holding you back. Get tools and support to trust more fully and really move on. Make different decisions with more confidence and clarity.

Connect to yourself in new ways - your needs, your feelings, your potential. Open up to the relationship you want, get ready. Discover practical tools to create a new story and live it.

The Groundwork is for you if you want to...

  • Access your confidence, increase self-awareness and compassion, so you can truly trust yourself and other people

  • Move on fully and get unstuck even if you feel a lack of confidence when it comes to relationships

  • Create healthy new habits, see why you’ve attracted certain 'types' - and make choices that work better for you

  • Know your own strength, find emotional independence, better communication and less drama!

  • Meet someone who's right for you and discover that certain glow that comes with clearing out the old and feeling different in yourself

Who this course is for:
  • The course is for anyone who is ready to take a good look at themselves
  • You don't need to be single, many couples have done this course together and seen positive changes in their love lives
  • Whatever your gender and orientation, you are so welcome to join us
Course content
Expand all 30 lectures 01:36:25
+ Opening and commitment
2 lectures 04:39

If you follow through with this, fully, to the end then we know that this course will shift things in your love life, for good.

Preview 01:41

This is about goals, about knowing why you’re doing this course and what you want to get out of it.

Getting support and establishing your goals
+ Session one: Freedom from the past, changing the record
5 lectures 12:12

This session will help you to get some valuable insights about what’s been stuck in your love life so far - as well as laying strong foundations for the rest of the course.

The influence of your childhood

You’re going to draw a picture of what it would have looked like to have everything you needed as a child ... not just the material stuff, but all the love you needed, all the time.

By You, aged 6

Whatever our childhood experience was, we can take steps now towards having amazing and healthy relationships. When you dare to admit to your own weak points or challenges, you have the opportunity to change them.

How your past can impact your present

From a list of statements that you’re going to go through for each of your past relationships - ticking (or checking) the ones that applied for each one you’ve had.

Relationship blueprint

It makes sense that our childhood experiences and our relationship experiences are so connected. And when we really want to change things in our love life, but we end up falling back into an old trap instead - it’s often because of how deeply ingrained those childhood patterns are.

Preview 02:17
+ Session two: Shining light on the shadows
6 lectures 17:29

In this section you’ll have a chance to challenge the status quo and see how the patterns you highlighted in the previous session have actually been playing out in your relationships.

Inspire and annoy

We all have things about us that we would rather not acknowledge. But those things that we push away actually have a big impact on our relationships.

Why we edit ourselves

The ‘shadow’ characteristics can come out in a big way when we’re dating or in a relationship. We think that being ‘in love’ with someone, or having chemistry with them makes everything easy. We somehow expect that the closer we get to someone, the more effortless that connection should be... You might have noticed that real life is a little bit different. For most of us, getting really close to someone means that our ‘worst’ sides come to the surface just as much as our best sides do!

Preview 03:40

In your Workbook for this session you’ll see a list of stuff that generally gets on people's nerves. Circle the ones that annoy you the most… and add some of your own too!

Pet hates

We’re going straight into another exercise - a way of seeing your triggers differently and learning more from them. And this is the beauty of doing the Groundwork - you don’t have to wait until your next relationship to practice doing things differently.

Turning these triggers around

The next step we’re moving on to is more reflective. This is where we switch things around: and it’s a way for you to use the trigger you’ve experienced to learn more about yourself.

The Switch
+ Session three: Archetypal wisdom
3 lectures 09:08

Have you ever noticed that the same kind of characters and storylines seem to show up again and again in books and films? For example, you can probably see at least a few similarities in the life stories of Luke Skywalker, Katniss Everdeen and Harry Potter. They all represent that almost universal “hero” or “heroine” character, which could also be known as an “archetype”.

Preview 03:30

Turn to the Archetypes section of your Workbook and you’ll find a list of statements - place a tick or a check after each statement that applies to you.

Quiz and questions

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with any archetypes, they’re like different clothes or costumes we try on in different situations depending on the life experience we’ve had and what we’re looking for. It just gets to be an issue when a particular archetype gets out of balance in our life - if there’s too much emphasis on one of them, it can feel like we’re not in control anymore.

Archetypes in your love life
+ Session four: Emotional awareness and embodiment
5 lectures 20:22

We begin this session by fast-forwarding into your future. You’ve just met someone new, it’s exciting, you feel that there could be something more to this one. But how do you know this? What are you actually feeling in your body?

Turning down the volume on life

As you start to change your habits a bit and focus on what you’re feeling, you’ll be able to put emotions in perspective that might have previously seemed like more than you can handle. With a bit of practice, the tools we’re going to share with you will also help you feel your emotions as sensations in your body. You’ll be able to feel them without necessarily judging them as good or bad, or obsessing about what they "mean".

If you want more, then feel more

How does your body react in different situations? For example, if something stressful is happening, what physical sensations do you feel?

Your connection to your body and your emotions

We’re going to be guiding you through some breathing and movements, and if this is new to you then just give it a go - nobody’s watching right now, so don’t hold back! The more you fully you go for it the more you’ll feel the benefits.

Getting into your body

Try to do this exercise as often as you can - it’s a great antidote to any disconnection or numbness that tends to build up in this hectic world we live in. And, when you don’t have the time to do a longer meditation like this, you can also calm yourself and focus on your body by simply taking three deep breaths.

Your takeaway: keep doing this
+ Session five: Clarity and communication
4 lectures 15:34

In this section, we’ll be sharing tools and ways of thinking that will support you as you meet new people, and help you keep your relationship strong and healthy - long-term - when you do get together with someone. We’ll be inviting you to challenge some of your beliefs and assumptions about relationships so that you can write a new story for your love life.

If it’s not working, let’s fix it

What can often happen when we’re triggered is that emotions run high and - from that emotional, triggered place we start jumping to conclusions about the other person. At the time, we feel like the judgement calls that we make about them are true. It’s hard for us to recognise that (a lot of the time) as they’re simply “stories” that we’ve made up to protect ourselves from getting hurt.

Changing the story

So many of us believe (deep down) that we’re not allowed to say how we really feel. It’s crazy, but it’s true. We avoid saying what we really want in case we get rejected or judged. We sometimes hide things about ourselves, trying to seem more confident or ‘sorted’ than we really feel. Doing the Groundwork means getting used to being really honest and upfront - with ourselves and other people!

I tell you what I want, what I really, really want

In this exercise, you’re going to keep going with the example you used in the previous one about stories. You’ve done some work with it already, which makes it easier to see the deeper - perhaps more vulnerable - truth of how you feel and what you want.

Say it loud, say it clear
+ Session six: Open to love
5 lectures 17:01

Now we’ll be focusing on the most important relationship you’ll ever have in your life… It’s possibly the hardest to commit to, the hardest to run away from... and yet it’s the one with the most potential to complete you.

The most important person in your life

Find a quiet place - somewhere where you’re not going to be disturbed. You’ll need a mirror and your Workbook to hand - and lighting a candle is a nice addition for this exercise too. Don’t skip this one, we know it sounds a bit weird with mirrors and candles and all that… but it’ll all be worth it!

The mirror

Take a look at the things you wrote down in response to those last questions. Your take away exercise today is to use those notes and the experience you’ve just had, to decide on some self-loving actions. Things that you can do, every day - or as often as possible - to take care of you.

True responsibility for your life

When you create, for yourself, the life you love - you also create the space to welcome someone new into your life. Because as you begin to enjoy your life - just as it is, right now - your thoughts and your feelings about yourself will completely shift.

Feeling your reality

Now you have your clear intention, read it to yourself as often as you can - in a clear, loud voice. You could read it out to someone else too - if you’re feeling brave! And this evening - and every evening for the remainder of the week - as you get into bed, lie on your back and take a few minutes of deep and slow breathing - and imagine that you're with your new partner.

Bring your intention to life